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Image Quality and System Performance VII
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Volume Number: 7529
Date Published: 17 January 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7529
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Comparison of subjective assessment protocols for digital cinema applications
Author(s): M.-C. Larabi
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Comparing subjective image quality measurement methods for the creation of public databases
Author(s): Judith Redi; Hantao Liu; Hani Alers; Rodolfo Zunino; Ingrid Heynderickx
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Validating a texture metric for camera phone images using a texture-based softcopy attribute ruler
Author(s): Jonathan B. Phillips; Douglas Christoffel
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Evaluation of the visual performance of image processing pipes: information value of subjective image attributes
Author(s): G. Nyman; J. Häkkinen; E.-M. Koivisto; T. Leisti; P. Lindroos; O. Orenius; T. Virtanen; T. Vuori
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Videospace: classification of video through shooting context information
Author(s): T. Säämänen; T. Virtanen; G. Nyman
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Studying the effect of optimizing the image quality in saliency regions at the expense of background content
Author(s): Hani Alers; Hantao Liu; Judith Redi; Ingrid Heynderickx
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Scene classification with respect to image quality measurements
Author(s): Kyung Hoon Oh; Sophie Triantaphillidou; Ralph E. Jacobson
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Development and measurement of the goodness of test images for visual print quality evaluation
Author(s): Raisa Halonen; Mikko Nuutinen; Reijo Asikainen; Pirkko Oittinen
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Multidimensional image selection and classification system based on visual feature extraction and scaling
Author(s): Francesco Mancusi; Sophie Triantaphillidou; Elizabeth Allen
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Comparison of image quality assessment algorithms on compressed images
Author(s): Christophe Charrier; Kenneth Knoblauch; Anush K. Moorthy; Alan C. Bovik; Laurence T. Maloney
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No-reference metrics for JPEG: analysis and refinement using wavelets
Author(s): Fabrizio Marini; Claudio Cusano; Raimondo Schettini
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Perceptually optimal compression for heterogeneous image content in the context of medical networked applications
Author(s): Geert Braeckman; Cédric Marchessoux; Quentin Besnehard; Joeri Barbarien; Peter Schelkens
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The use of vision-based image quality metrics to predict low-light performance of camera phones
Author(s): B. Hultgren; D. Hertel
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Development of ISO/IEC 29112: test charts and methods for measuring monochrome printer resolution
Author(s): Eric K. Zeise; Sang Ho Kim; Franz Sigg
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Relating electrophotographic printing model and ISO13660 standard attributes
Author(s): Elisa H. Barney Smith
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New measurement method of banding using spatial features for laser printers
Author(s): Ki-Youn Lee; Yousun Bang; Heui-Keun Choh
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Reduced-reference quality metrics for measuring the image quality of digitally printed natural images
Author(s): Mikko Nuutinen; Raisa Halonen; Tuomas Leisti; Pirkko Oittinen
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The uncertainty of scanner illumination
Author(s): Chengwu Cui
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Evaluating the quality of EDOF in camera phones
Author(s): Kalin Atanassov; Sergio Goma
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Differences of digital camera resolution metrology to describe noise reduction artifacts
Author(s): Uwe Artmann; Dietmar Wueller
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Estimating the noise influence on recovering reflectances
Author(s): Mikiya Hironaga; Noriyuki Shimano
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Objective measures for quality assessment of automatic skin enhancement algorithms
Author(s): Mihai Ciuc; Adrian Capata; Corneliu Florea
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Remote sensing image enhancement integrating its local statistical characteristics
Author(s): Qiang He; Chee-Hung Henry Chu
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A wavelet-based quality measure for evaluating the degradation of pan-sharpened images due to local contrast inversion
Author(s): Vladimir Buntilov
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Quantifying performance of overlapped displays
Author(s): Robert Ulichney; Ali Ghajarnia; Niranjan Damera-Venkata
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Influence of color and details in image content on flicker visibility in a scanning-backlight LCD
Author(s): Lili Wang; Yan Tu; Li Chen; Lin Xia; Xuefei Zhong
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HVS-based image quality assessment for digital cinema
Author(s): Junyong You; Fitri N. Rahayu; Ulrich Reiter; Andrew Perkis
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Automatic quality verification of the TV sets
Author(s): Dusica Marijan; Vladimir Zlokolica; Nikola Teslic; Vukota Pekovic; Miodrag Temerinac
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Maximizing inpainting efficiency without sacrificing quality
Author(s): Paul A. Ardis; Christopher M. Brown
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Loss of interpretability due to compression effects as measured by the new video NIIRS
Author(s): Darrell Young; Tariq Bakir; Robert Butto Jr.; Charles Duffield; Fred Petitti
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Characteristic of color gamut related with MPEG2 compression
Author(s): Tae-Hyoung Lee; Yeong-Ho Ha
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Evaluation of AL-FEC performance for IP television services QoS
Author(s): E. Mammi; G. Russo; A. Neri
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A fast method for video deblurring based on a combination of gradient methods and denoising algorithms in Matlab and C environments
Author(s): Zeynab Mirzadeh; Razieh Mehri; Hossein Rabbani
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Camera characterization for face recognition under active near-infrared illumination
Author(s): Thorsten Gernoth; Rolf-Rainer Grigat
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Image quality assessment using singular vectors
Author(s): Chin-Ann Yang; Mostafa Kaveh
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No-reference metrics for demosaicing
Author(s): Francesca Gasparini; Mirko Guarnera; Fabrizio Marini; Raimondo Schettini
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Visually lossless compression of digital hologram sequences
Author(s): Emmanouil Darakis; Marcin Kowiel; Risto Näsänen; Thomas J. Naughton
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