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Color Imaging XV: Displaying, Processing, Hardcopy, and Applications
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Volume Number: 7528
Date Published: 17 January 2010

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Front Matter: Volume 7528
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Artist's colour rendering of HDR scenes in 3D Mondrian colour-constancy experiments
Author(s): Carinna E. Parraman; John J. McCann; Alessandro Rizzi
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Pixel and spatial mechanisms of color constancy
Author(s): John J. McCann; Carinna E. Parraman; Alessandro Rizzi
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Investigation and analysis of color terms in modern Japanese
Author(s): Shoji Tominaga; Ayaji Ono; Takahiko Horiuchi
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Color Universal Design: analysis of color category dependency on color vision type
Author(s): Yasuyo G. Ichihara; Natsuki Kojima; Kei Ito
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An efficient perceived contrast evaluation model for natural images
Author(s): Qiao Song Chen; Choon-Woo Kim
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Age, colors, and ISO standards
Author(s): Floris Leonard van Nes
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Modelling memory colour region for preference colour reproduction
Author(s): Huanzhao Zeng; Ronnier Luo
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Real-time color measurement using active illuminant
Author(s): Shoji Tominaga; Takahiko Horiuchi; Akihiko Yoshimura
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Font rendering on a GPU-based raster image processor
Author(s): John L. Recker; Giordano B. Beretta; I-Jong Lin
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The development of artists' novel colour palettes for inkjet printing
Author(s): Carinna Parraman
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A joint color trapping strategy for raster images
Author(s): Haiyin Wang; Mireille Boutin; Jeffery Trask; Jan P. Allebach
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Descreening of scanned images
Author(s): Ilya V. Kurilin; Ilia V. Safonov; HoKeun Lee; Sang Ho Kim
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Spectral matching imager with three-phase quadrature detection
Author(s): Akira Kimachi; Shigeru Ando; Motonori Doi; Shogo Nishi
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Automatic white balance method for cellular phone
Author(s): Seul Ki Jang; Kyoung Tae Kim; Choon-Woo Kim
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Spectrophotometric and colorimetric analysis of wine for nuances reproduction
Author(s): Bertrand Boisier; Alamin Mansouri; Pierre Gouton; Philippe Trollat
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The use of spatially based complexity measures toward color gamut mapping and image resizing
Author(s): Vishal Monga; Raja Bala; Claude Fillion
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Filter methods to preserve local contrast and to avoid artifacts in gamut mapping
Author(s): Marcel Meili; Dennis Küpper; Zofia Barańczuk; Ursina Caluori; Klaus Simon
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Aspects of computational geometry in gamut mapping implementations
Author(s): Dennis Küpper; Klaus Simon
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Supplementary dataset for color difference evaluation
Author(s): Alain Trémeau; Christoph Godau; Damien Muselet
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LabRGB: evaluation of the weighting factors
Author(s): Fumio Nakaya; Noboru Ohta
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Evaluation and compensation of fluorescence for spectral imaging of art materials and historical documents
Author(s): William A. Christens-Barry; Kenneth Boydston; Roger L. Easton Jr.
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Display color synthesis in the space-time continuum
Author(s): Louis D. Silverstein
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Design principles of wide gamut YCC color encoding space for effective signal sub-sampling
Author(s): Youngshin Kwak
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Investigating color dependent depth, shape, and motion perception using 3D rendering on monoscopic displays
Author(s): Fritz Lebowsky
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Adaptive color reproduction method to various users' monitor environment in color printer
Author(s): Dae-Chul Kim; In-Su Jang; Chang-Hwan Son; Kyung-Man Kim; Yeong-Ho Ha
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Color naming: color scientists do it between Munsell sheets of color
Author(s): Giordano B. Beretta; Nathan M. Moroney
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Memory efficient hierarchical error diffusion
Author(s): Zhen He; Zhigang Fan
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Clustered-dot color halftone watermarks using spatial frequency and color separability
Author(s): Basak Oztan; Gaurav Sharma
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Moire-based autostereoscopic images by duplex printing on transparencies
Author(s): Shen-Ge Wang
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Electro-photographic-model-based halftoning
Author(s): Puneet Goyal; Madhur Gupta; Doron Shaked; Carl Staelin; Mani Fischer; Omri Shacham; Rodolfo Jodra; Jan Allebach
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Halftone moiré due to imager distortion
Author(s): Orhan Bulan; Robert Loce; Beilei Xu
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Clustered-dot halftoning with direct binary search
Author(s): Madhur Gupta; Carl Staelin; Mani Fischer; Omri Shacham; Rodolfo Jodra; Jan Allebach
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Design of transducer structure parameters and materials characteristics analyses for electrical capacitance tomography system
Author(s): Mei Qin
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Color schemes for encoding information in digital maps
Author(s): Ruzhu Zeng; Huanzhao Zeng
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