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2009 International Conference on Optical Instruments and Technology: MEMS/NEMS Technology and Applications
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Volume Number: 7510
Date Published: 20 November 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7510
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Tunable RF MEMS capacitor for wireless communication
Author(s): Xiuhan Li; Yu Xia; Jian Liu; Li Yin; Yu Liu; Dongming Fang; Haixia Zhang
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Mechanical design and system-lever analysis of a novel micromirror array
Author(s): Quan Sun; Ming Cai; Ningyuan Wang; Edmond Cretu
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Out-of-plane vibration measuring technique based on dynamic AFM
Author(s): Lin-yan Xu; Long Ma; Xing Fu; Xiao-tang Hu
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A simulation of dielectrophoresis force actuated liquid lens
Author(s): Xiaoyin Yao; Jun Xia
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Detection system of capillary array electrophoresis microchip based on optical fiber
Author(s): Xiaobo Yang; Haiming Bai; Weiping Yan
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A novel evaluating method for the MEMS-based uncooled IR system
Author(s): Bingqing Fan; Yuejin Zhao; Liquan Dong
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Optimal algorithm to improve the calculation accuracy of energy deposition for betavoltaic MEMS batteries design
Author(s): Sui-xian Li; Min Sun
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Analysis of cylindrical subwavelength diffractive optical elements by an approximate vectorial diffraction method
Author(s): Jia-sheng Ye; Yan Zhang
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Study on electroforming Ni-Fe alloy microstructure
Author(s): Xiaohu Zheng; Yuanwei Liu
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Study of SiNx thin film character with gas flow rate in PECVD
Author(s): Zhe Kang; Weizhi Li; Yadong Jiang
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The real-time infrared image denoising method of double buffering for microcantilever-based infrared imaging system
Author(s): Cheng Gong; Mei Hui; Liquan Dong; Yuejin Zhao
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Reactive Ion Etching of Al-1%Cu alloy thin films
Author(s): Jun Gou; Zhi-ming Wu; Hui-ling Tai; Kai Yuan
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Design and simulation of tunable micromirror for two-color microbolometer
Author(s): Yuguang Gong; Wei Li; Haihong Cai; Zhi Li; Chao Chen; Yadong Jiang
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Simulation and optimal design for deformable mirror supporting structure
Author(s): Fu Zhao; Ping Wang; Yanjue Gong; Jianlong Lin; Huiyu Xiang
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Influence of PECVD process parameters on the etching Rate of SiN[sub]x[/sub] films
Author(s): Jun Gou; Zhi-ming Wu; Hui-ling Tai; Kai Yuan
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An analysis on the urban spatial expansion of Hangzhou based on remote sensing
Author(s): Qianhu Chen; Chudong Huang
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Effect of different support structures on the characteristic of the grating light modulators
Author(s): Wei Wei; Weiming Chen; Yong Zhu; Ning Wang; Yi Qin; Jie Zhang
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Kernel regression image processing method for optical readout MEMS based uncooled IRFPA
Author(s): Liquan Dong; Xiaohua Liu; Yuejin Zhao; Mei Hui; Xiaoxiao Zhou
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1-dimension nano-material-based flexible device
Author(s): Xing Yang; Zhaoying Zhou
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Analysis and modeling of thermal failure based on a MEMS thermally driven structure
Author(s): Xiuhan Li; Quan Yuan; Leijie Lang; Jian Liu; Yu Liu; Dongming Fang; Haixia Zhang
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Design and characterization of a gas actuated pump for µTAS
Author(s): Xiuhan Li; Xiaomei Yu
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