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PIAGENG 2009: Remote Sensing and Geoscience for Agricultural Engineering
Editor(s): Honghua Tan; Qi Luo
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Volume Number: 7491
Date Published: 10 July 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7491
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
GIS-based fine spatial climate ecological regionalization of sweet orange in the Three Gorges reservoir area
Author(s): Yanghua Gao; Zhijun Chen; Hui Ju; Shiqi Yang; Yunhui Tang
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Agricultural environment information monitoring instruments based on integrated intelligent sensors
Author(s): Guoqing Yu Sr.; Zhanyou Sha; Mingwei Cai
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Study on strain sensing of asymmetric Mach-Zehnder fiber filter
Author(s): Chunyu Liu; Hongan Ye
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Discussion of GPS/RTK in fighting drought
Author(s): Qinglin Wang; Liwei Fang; Kezhao Li
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Numerical modeling and analysis of the environment in a mechanically ventilated greenhouse
Author(s): Fei-qing Wu; Li-bin Zhang; Fang Xu; Qing-lin Ai; Jiao-liao Chen
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Research on the relationship between soil erosion and landscape pattern in the Wuyuer River basin based on GIS
Author(s): Wenjuan Wang
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Algorithm research showing high-dynamic GPS software receiver
Author(s): Na Wei
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Interpolation and fitting algorithms for GPS satellite orbit
Author(s): Hui Hu; Lian Fang
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Discrete Hadamard transformation algorithm's parallelism analysis and achievement
Author(s): Hui Hu
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Temporal and spatial changes analysis of arable land in Zhongshan city based on GIS and RS
Author(s): Yuan Fang
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Land use conversion and gravity center analysis in the coastal area of the Pearl River Estuary based on GIS and RS
Author(s): Hui Zhang
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Analysis of construction land expansion during the urbanization process in Dongguan city
Author(s): Ding-xue Wu
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Asynchronous web geological map tag system based on Ajax
Author(s): Linfu Xue
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The application of ESDA and GIS in analysis of regional rural economic
Author(s): Wei-hua Liao
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GIS-based quality analysis on the cultivated land resources in poor areas of China
Author(s): Ying Jie Wang
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GIS-based poverty and population distribution analysis in China
Author(s): Jing Cui; Yingjie Wang
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The principle and main structure design on national database of poverty, environment, and development in China
Author(s): Yingjie Wang; Xiangfeng Feng
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The design and research of poverty alleviation monitoring and evaluation system: a case study in the Jiangxi province
Author(s): Hong-yuan Mo; Ying-jie Wang; Zhuo-yuan Yu
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Development of a distributed agricultural drought prediction model based on TOPMODEL and GIS
Author(s): Jingwen Xu; Wanchang Zhang; Changquan Wang; Xuemei Zhu; Jiongfeng Chen
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Development of a soil moisture prediction model based on Xinanjiang model and GIS
Author(s): Jingwen Xu; Wanchang Zhang; Changquan Wang; Ziyan Zheng; Jiongfeng Chen
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Study on temporal variation and spatial distribution for rural poverty in China based on GIS
Author(s): Xianfeng Feng; Xiuli Xu; Yingjie Wang; Jing Cui; Hongyuan Mo; Ling Liu; Hong Yan; Yan Zhang; Jiafu Han
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Study on the shelterbelt effects on crop condition using RS and GIS
Author(s): Rongxin Deng; Shuwen Zhang; Ying Li; Wenjuan Wang
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The choice of adjustment programmes of China's existing coal mine safety supervision system
Author(s): Yong-Liang Liu; A-Hong He
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A CMOS low-power voltage control oscillator applied in the GPS RF receiver
Author(s): Zhi-min Cai; Xiao-fang Chen
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Gray-Markov-model-based prediction and analysis on urban water use
Author(s): Yuanbiao Zhang; Jianwen Xie
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Evaluation of heavy metal accumulation in greenhouse soils in Shenyang, Northeast China
Author(s): Jun Wang; Xin Chen; Yi Shi; Muqiu Zhao; Fanxiang Meng
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Driving force analysis of LUCC and forecast method based on remote sensing in coal mining area
Author(s): Hong-quan Xie; Xiang-wei Gao; Xia Lu
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A multivariable approach for land cover mapping with MODIS data: an assessment of Sanjiang Plain, China
Author(s): Hongyan Cai; Shuwen Zhang
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The spatial-temporal change and forecast of farmland landscape in Shenyang city based on GIS and RS
Author(s): Rui Zhou; Yue-hui Li; Yuan-man Hu; Xiao-qing Wu
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Estimation methods for GPS kinematic data processing
Author(s): Gang Chen; Xiong Pan
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Research on agricultural ecology and environment analysis and modeling based on RS and GIS
Author(s): Wensheng Zhang; Hongfu Chen; Mingsheng Wang
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Land use/cover change and its driving forces analysis during the last 50 years in the Three Gorges Reservoir area: a case study in the Wanzhou District
Author(s): Wei Xian; Huaiyong Shao; Wancun Zhou; Jieming Zhou
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A study on eco-environmental vulnerability of mining cities: a case study of Panzhihua city of Sichuan province in China
Author(s): Huaiyong Shao; Wei Xian; Wunian Yang
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A GIS-based model for estimating regional potential evapotranspiration in complex terrains
Author(s): Xin-yao Zhou; Yong-hui Yang; Xiao-hua Hao
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A novel dual module remote video monitoring system based on TD-SCDMA and CDMA2000 1X
Author(s): Zengshan Tian; Qin Zhang; Wei He; Qianjie Li
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Ecological landscape classification and dynamic change mapping in the Taoer River basin, Northeast China
Author(s): Jiuchun Yang; Shuwen Zhang
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Effects of tillage on the Fe oxides activation in soil
Author(s): Guangyu Chi; Xin Chen; Yi Shi; Jun Wang; Taihui Zheng
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Analysis on the rural house reconstruction agreement in earthquake disaster rural areas
Author(s): Wenwu Zhao; Haiyan Xu; Yinhui Zhang; Chunying Xie
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Land resources and sustainable utilization in China
Author(s): Wenwu Zhao; Haiyan Xu; Guanghui Jiang; Yinhui Zhang
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Assessment of ecological footprint of land use in Chongqing, China
Author(s): Ming Li; Baizhan Li
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