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Remote Sensing of Clouds and the Atmosphere XIV
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Volume Number: 7475
Date Published: 5 October 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7475
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
CLIM: A cloud imager to provide sounders with agile sighting
Author(s): Thierry L. Trémas; Sarah Guibert; Bruno Lafrance
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Three-dimensional effects and shortwave cloud radiative forcing associated with shallow cumuli over the central North America
Author(s): Larry K. Berg; David Mills Jr.; Evgueni I. Kassianov; Charles N. Long
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A preliminary classification of cirrus clouds over São Paulo city by systematic lidar observations and comparison with CALIPSO and AERONET data
Author(s): Eduardo Landulfo; Eliane G. Larroza; Fábio J. S. Lopes; Christophe Hoareau
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Evaluation of the height assignment of semi-transparent clouds using simulated Meteosat spectral radiances
Author(s): Régis Borde; Philippe Dubuisson
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Development of a geomagnetic storm correction to the international reference ionosphere model E-region electron densities using TIMED/SABER observations
Author(s): C. J. Mertens; X. Xu; J. Fernandez; D. Bilitza; J. M. Russell III; M. G. Mlynczak
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Auroral radiance modeling with SAMM2
Author(s): H. Dothe; J. W. Duff; J. H. Gruninger; R. Panfili; R. Kennett; J. H. Brown
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Temperature and aerosol soundings in the middle atmosphere at different mid and high-latitude lidar stations during day and night
Author(s): Michael Gerding; Gerd Baumgarten; Josef Höffner; Jens Fiedler; Ronald Eixmann; Franz-Josef Lübken
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Top of atmosphere thermal flux retrieval for the EarthCARE Mission: a preview
Author(s): Carlos Domenech; Tobias Wehr; Kotska Wallace
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CERES (FM2) field campaigns of 2008
Author(s): Z. Peter Szewczyk; Kory J. Priestley
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Infrared radiative transfer model for aerosol clouds: implications to remote sensing by ground-based and airborne sensors
Author(s): Avishai Ben-David; Charles E. Davidson
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Full spectrum broken cloud scene simulation
Author(s): Steven Richtsmeier; Robert Sundberg
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The 3D radiative effects of clouds in aerosol retrieval: Can we remove them?
Author(s): Evgueni Kassianov; Mikhail Ovchinnikov; Larry K. Berg; Sally A. McFarlane; Connor Flynn; Richard Ferrare; Chris Hostetler
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Fourier decomposition of sharply peaked phase functions: Legendre expansions versus trapezoidal rule
Author(s): Alain Sei
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Sensitivity of atmospheric circulation models to upper tropospheric relative humidity derived from satellite observed radiances
Author(s): J. R. Dim; H. Murakami; T. Y. Nakajima; T. Takamura; M. Hori
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Three-dimensional observations of atmospheric humidity with a scanning differential absorption Lidar
Author(s): Andreas Behrendt; Volker Wulfmeyer; Andrea Riede; Gerd Wagner; Sandip Pal; Heinz Bauer; Marcus Radlach; Florian Späth
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Determination of mixing layer heights by ceilometer and influences upon air quality at Mexico City airport
Author(s): Klaus Schäfer; Edgar Flores-Jardines; Stefan Emeis; Michel Grutter; Ralf Kurtenbach; Peter Wiesen; Christoph Münkel
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Evaluation of continuous ceilometer-based mixing layer heights and correlations with PM[sub]2.5[/sub] concentrations in Beijing
Author(s): Klaus Schäfer; Yuesi Wang; Christoph Münkel; Stefan Emeis; Jinyuan Xin; Guiqian Tang; Stefan Norra; Nina Schleicher; Joachim Vogt; Peter Suppan
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Improved near-range performance of a low-cost one lens lidar scanning the boundary layer
Author(s): Christoph Münkel; Stefan Emeis; Klaus Schäfer; Burghard Brümmer
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Aerosol stratification characterization of an astronomical site by means of a backscatter lidar at the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory
Author(s): M. Sicard; S. Tomás; M. N. Md Reba; A. Comerón; O. Batet; C. Muñoz-Porcar; A. Rodriguez; F. Rocadenbosch; C. Muñoz-Tunon; J. J. Fuensalida
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Microphysical properties and distribution retrieval with a variable base point algorithm
Author(s): Lukas Osterloh; Christine Böckmann
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On mathematical relationships between lidae integrated backscattered light and integrated depolarization ratios for linear and circular polarization for water droplets
Author(s): Xiaoying Cao; Gilles Roy; Nathalie Roy; Robert Bernier
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URMS/AMSSP (Universal Radiation Measurement System/Airborne Multi-Spectral Sunphoto- and Polarimeter)
Author(s): Thomas Ruhtz; René Preusker; Andre Hollstein; Jonas v. Bismarck; Marco Starace; Jürgen Fischer
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Assessment of the effectiveness of atmospheric correction methods using standard calibration targets, ground measurements and aster images
Author(s): Diofantos G. Hadjimitsis; Kyriacos Themistocleous
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Determining aerosol radiative properties using the integrating nephelometer
Author(s): Laura Mihai; Sabina Stefan; Ioana Ungureanu
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Enhanced monitoring of sulfur dioxide sources with hyperspectral UV sensors
Author(s): Arlin Krueger; Kai Yang; Nickolay Krotkov
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Field-portable imaging remote sensing system for automatic identification and imaging of hazardous gases
Author(s): R. Harig; P. Rusch; H. Peters; J. Gerhard; R, Braun; S. Sabbah; J. Beecken
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New method for estimating greenhouse gas emissions from livestock buildings using open-path FTIR spectroscopy
Author(s): Susana Briz; José Barrancos; Dácil Nolasco; Gladys Melián; Eleazar Padrón; Nemesio Pérez
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Application of open-path spectroscopic measurement techniques (FTIR) for the up-scaling of greenhouse gas emissions from soils
Author(s): Klaus Schäfer; Carsten Jahn; Michael Wiwiorra; Anja Schleichardt; Stefan Emeis; Armin Raabe; Jürgen Böttcher; Nils-Demian Landmeyer; Christoph Bonecke; Marcus Deurer; Carolin von der Heide; Daniel Weymann
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Comparison of cloud height and depth from atmospheric modelling and ceilometer measurements
Author(s): D. Santos; M. J. Costa; A. M. Silva; R. Salgado; D. Bortoli
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Nonparametric segmentation of clouds from multispectral MSG-SEVIRI imagery
Author(s): Albano González; Juan C. Pérez; Montserrat Armas
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Cloud detection and classification from multi-spectral satellite data
Author(s): Maria João Costa; Daniele Bortoli
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Sea fog characteristics based on MODIS data and streamer model
Author(s): Zengzhou Hao; Delu Pan; Fang Gong; Jianyu Chen
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An object-oriented based daytime over land fog detection approach using EOS/MODIS data
Author(s): Xiongfei Wen; Liangming Liu; Wei Li; Pei Dong
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Estimation of optical thickness of volcanic ash clouds using satellite data
Author(s): Bringfried Pflug
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Spectral surface albedo derived from GOME-2/Metop measurements
Author(s): Bringfried Pflug; Diego Loyola
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Defining the shape of particles based on the polarisation state of the scattered optical radiation
Author(s): Vladimir P. Budak; Sergey V. Korkin; Konstantin N. Korolev
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A Monte Carlo simulation of radiative transfer in the atmosphere applied to ToTaL-DOAS
Author(s): M. Premuda; S. Masieri; D. Bortoli; F. Margelli; F. Ravegnani; A. Petritoli; I. Kostadinov; G. Giovanelli; E. Cupini
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Global simulation of tropospheric water vapor measurements through the Normalized Differential Spectral Attenuation (NDSA) approach: setup, scintillation model and performance evaluation
Author(s): L. Facheris; F. Cuccoli; E. Martini; G. Kirchengast; S. Schweitzer
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Estimation algorithm for aerosol properties from CAI on GOSAT
Author(s): I. Sano; S. Mukai; M. Mukai; B. Holben; I. Slutsker
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Evaluation of seasonal change of aerosol properties from satellite and simulations
Author(s): Makiko Mukai; Itaru Sano
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Synthetic monitoring of Asian dust from space, ground and/or simulations
Author(s): Sonoyo Mukai; Takuma Yokomae; Makiko Mukai; Itaru Sano
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Precipitable water vapour content above the Roque de los Muchachos Observatory from GPS estimations
Author(s): B. García-Lorenzo; J. A. Castro-Almazán; A. Eff-Darwich; C. Muñoz-Tuñón; N. Pinilla-Alonso; J. M. Rodriguez-Espinosa; I. Romero
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Ozone and nitrogen dioxide total columns and vertical distributions at the Italian Antarctic station during 1996-2008
Author(s): D. Bortoli; F. Ravegnani; G. Giovanelli; Iv. Kostadinov; A. Petritoli; S. Masieri; M. Premuda; H. T. Martins; A. M. Silva
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Observations of tropospheric compounds at Evora station with multi-axis hyperspectral measurements
Author(s): D. Bortoli; S. Masieri; A. F. Domingues; M. J. Costa; A. M. Silva; M. Anton; E. Palazzi
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Ozone, nitrogen dioxide, and BrO total columns over Évora-Portugal during 2007-2008
Author(s): Ana F. Domingues; Daniele Bortoli; Manuel Antón; Ana M. Silva
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The radar simulator: deriving the radar signal using the cloud model output
Author(s): Aleksandra E. Kardas; Sally McFarlane; Hugh Morrison; Jennifer Comstock; Wojciech W. Grabowski; Szymon P. Malinowski
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Standardisation work on ground-based remote-sensing techniques in Germany
Author(s): Christoph Münkel; Dirk A. Engelbart; Ljuba Woppowa
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