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25th European Mask and Lithography Conference
Editor(s): Uwe F. W. Behringer
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Volume Number: 7470
Date Published: 22 May 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7470
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Lithography development and research challenges for the ≤22nm half-pitch
Author(s): Stefan Wurm
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Mask industry assessment trend analysis
Author(s): Greg Hughes; Henry Yun
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Mask salvage in the age of capital contraction
Author(s): Kurt R. Kimmel
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SEMATECH mask program
Author(s): Henry Yun; Abbas Rastegar; Patrick Kearney; Kevin Orvek
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Mask parameter variation in the context of the overall variation budget of an advanced logic wafer Fab
Author(s): Rolf Seltmann; Gert Burbach; Anne Parge; Jens Busch; Tino Hertzsch; Andre Poock; Francois Weisbuch; Andre Holfeld
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Extended Abbe approach for fast and accurate lithography imaging simulations
Author(s): P. Evanschitzky; A. Erdmann; T. Fühner
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Decomposition algorithm for double patterning of contacts and via layers
Author(s): A. El-Gamal; M. Al-lmam
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Mask contribution on CD and OVL errors budgets for double patterning lithography
Author(s): I. Servin; C. Lapeyre; S. Barnola; B. Connolly; R. Ploss; K. Nakagawa; P. Buck; M. McCallum
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New methods and processes based on advanced vacuum technology for photomask decontamination
Author(s): J. M. Foray; B. Bellet; S. HadjRabah; J. Palisson; E. Veran; M. Davenet; A. Favre; P. Sergent; M. Tissier; V. Baudiquez; P. Nesladek; E. Foca; S. Gopalakrishnan; I. Hollein; F. Dufaye; S. Gough
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Particle transport and reattachment on a mask surface
Author(s): Pavel Nesladek; Steve Osborne; Christian Kohl
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Contamination control for ArF photo masks
Author(s): Joseph S. Gordon; Marianna Silova; Brid Connolly; Jeroen Huijbregtse; Nicolae Maxim; Larry Frisa; Christian Chovino; Colleen Weins
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Lithography light source challenges for double patterning and EUVL
Author(s): Nigel R. Farrar; Ivan Lalovic; David Brandt; Daniel Brown
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The task of EUV reflectometry for HVM of EUV masks: first steps
Author(s): Azadeh Farahzadi; Christian Wies; Rainer Lebert
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EUV and DUV scatterometry for CD and edge profile metrology on EUV masks
Author(s): Bernd Bodermann; Matthias Wurm; Alexander Diener; Frank Scholze; Hermann Groß
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EUV imaging performance: moving towards production
Author(s): Eelco van Setten; Sjoerd Lok; Joep van Dijk; Cemil Kaya; Koen van Ingen Schenau; Kees Feenstra; Hans Meiling; Christian Wagner
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Resolution capability of EBM-6000 and EBM-7000 for nano-imprint template
Author(s): S. Yoshitake; T. Kamikubo
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Electron beam inspection methods for imprint lithography at 32 nm
Author(s): Kosta Selinidis; Ecron Thompson; S. V. Sreenivasan; Douglas J. Resnick
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UV NIL template making and imprint evaluation
Author(s): Shiho Sasaki; Takaaki Hiraka; Jun Mizuochi; Yuko Sakai; Satoshi Yusa; Yasutaka Morikawa; Hiroshi Mohri; Naoya Hayashi
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Residual-free imprint for sensor definition
Author(s): A. Mayer; N. Bogdanski; S. Möllenbeck; H.-C. Scheer
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Monte Carlo simulations of image analysis for flexible and high-resolution registration metrology
Author(s): M. Arnz; G. Klose; G. Troll; D. Beyer; A. Mueller
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SEM image contrast modeling for mask and wafer metrology
Author(s): C. G. Frase; D. Gnieser; K.-P. Johnsen; W. Häßler-Grohne; R. Tutsch; H. Bosse
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Registration metrology on double patterning reticles
Author(s): Karl-Heinrich Schmidt; Klaus-Dieter Röth; Frank Laske; Jochen Bender; Dieter Adam; Oliver Ache
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Reduced pellicle impact on overlay using high order intrafield grid corrections
Author(s): Robert de Kruif; Tasja van Rhee; Eddy van der Heijden
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High resolution cell projection
Author(s): U. Weidenmueller; P. Hahmann; M. Lemke; B. Schnabel; L. Pain; S. Manakli
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Mapper: high throughput maskless lithography
Author(s): V. Kuiper; B. J. Kampherbeek; M. J. Wieland; G. de Boer; G. F. ten Berge; J. Boers; R. Jager; T. van de Peut; J. J. M. Peijster; E. Slot; S. W. H. K. Steenbrink; T. F. Teepen; A. H. V. van Veen
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New writing strategy in electron beam direct write lithography to improve critical dense lines patterning for sub-45nm nodes
Author(s): L. Martin; S. Manakli; B. Icard; J. Pradelles; R. Orobtchouk; A. Poncet; L. Pain
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A solution to meet new challenges on EBDW data prep
Author(s): R. Galler; D. Melzer; J. Nowotny; K. Kroenert; M. Krueger; M. Suelzle; B. Papenfuss; C. Wagner; U. Baetz; B. Buerger; J. Gramss; M. Lemke
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Improving yield and cycle time at the inspection process by means of a new defects disposition technique
Author(s): Ernesto Villa; Luca Sartelli; Hiroyuki Miyashita; Frank Sundermann; Stuart Gough; Felix Dufaye; Astrid Sippel
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Nuisance event reduction using sensitivity control layers (SCL) for advanced photomask inspection
Author(s): Shad Hedges; Chin Le; Mark Eickhoff; Mark Wylie; Tim Simmons; Venugopal Vellanki; Jeff McMurran
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Increasing inspection equipment productivity by utilizing factory automation SW on TeraScan 5XX systems
Author(s): Thomas Jakubski; Michal Piechoncinski; Raphael Moses; Bharathi Bugata; Heiko Schmalfuss; Ines Köhler; Jan Lisowski; Jens Klobes; Robert Fenske
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Error-budget paradigms and laser mask pattern generator evolution
Author(s): H. Christopher Hamaker; Matthew J. Jolley; Andrew D. Berwick
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Ion beam deposition for defect-free EUVL mask blanks
Author(s): Patrick Kearney; C. C. Lin; Takashi Sugiyama; Henry Yun; Rajul Randive; Ira Reiss; Alan Hayes; Paul Mirkarimi; Eberhard Spiller
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EUV actinic defect inspection and defect printability at the sub-32-nm half-pitch
Author(s): Sungmin Huh; Patrick Kearney; Stefan Wurm; Frank Goodwin; Hakseung Han; Kenneth Goldberg; Iacopo Mochi; Eric Gullikson
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Sub-30-nm defect removal on EUV substrates
Author(s): Abbas Rastegar; Sean Eichenlaub; Arun John Kadaksham; Matt House; Brian Cha; Henry Yun
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Innovative processes investigation for photomask pod conditioning and drying
Author(s): J. M. Foray; C. Rude; J. Palisson; M. Davenet; A. Favre; D. Cheung; F. Dufaye; S. Gough; P. Richteiger; V. Baudiquez; E. Foca; P. Nesladek; S. Gopalakrishnan; K. Avary; I. Höllein
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High speed (>100 Gbps) key components for a scalable optical data link to be implemented in future maskless lithography applications
Author(s): A. Paraskevopoulos; S.-H. Voss; M. Talmi; G. Walf
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Molecular dynamics study on mold fracture by nanoscale defects in nanoimprint lithography
Author(s): K. Tada; M. Yasuda; N. Fujii; H. Kawata; Y. Hirai
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Advanced proximity matching with pattern matcher
Author(s): Alexander Serebryakov; Lionel Brige; Emmanuel Boisseau; Eric Peloquin; Vincent Coutellier; Jonathan Planchot
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Mounting methodologies to measure EUV reticle nonflatness
Author(s): Venkata Siva Battula; Jacob R. Zeuske; Roxann L. Engelstad; Pradeep Vukkadala; Andrew R. Mikkelson; Chris K. Van Peski
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CDP: application of focus drilling
Author(s): S. Geisler; J. Bauer; U. Haak; K. Schulz; G. Old; E. Matthus
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MeRiT repair verification using in-die phase metrology Phame
Author(s): Ute Buttgereit; Robert Birkner; Robert Stelzner
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Design verification for sub-70-nm DRAM nodes via metal fix using E-beam direct write
Author(s): K. Keil; P. Jaschinsky; C. Hohle; K.-H. Choi; R. Schneider; M. Tesauro; F. Thrum; R. Zimmermann; J. Kretz
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