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Free-Space Laser Communications IX
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Volume Number: 7464
Date Published: 14 August 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7464
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
An underwater optical wireless communication network
Author(s): Shlomi Arnon
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Optical communications in atmospheric turbulence
Author(s): Larry B. Stotts; Brian Stadler; David Hughes; Paul Kolodzy; Alan Pike; David W. Young; Joseph Sluz; Juan Juarez; Buzz Graves; Dave Dougherty; Jeff Douglass; Todd Martin
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Architecture overview and data summary of a 5.4 km free-space laser communication experiment
Author(s): John D. Moores; Frederick G. Walther; Joseph A. Greco; Steven Michael; William E. Wilcox Jr.; Alicia M. Volpicelli; Richard J. Magliocco; Scott R. Henion
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Adaptive optics and ESA's optical ground station
Author(s): Zoran Sodnik; Josep Perdigues Armengol; Reinhard H. Czichy; Rolf Meyer
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Power spectra of a free space optical link in a maritime environment
Author(s): Rita Mahon; Christopher I. Moore; Harris R. Burris; William S. Rabinovich; Michele R. Suite; Linda M. Thomas
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Free-space optical data link to a small robot using modulating retroreflectors
Author(s): William S. Rabinovich; James L. Murphy; Michele Suite; Mike Ferraro; Rita Mahon; Peter Goetz; Kurt Hacker; Wade Freeman; Eric Saint Georges; Stan Uecke; John Sender
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Design of the high-speed framing, FEC, and interleaving hardware used in a 5.4km free-space optical communication experiment
Author(s): Joseph A. Greco
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Analysis of fog attenuation events at 850 nm measured on an 853 m path
Author(s): V. Kvicera; M. Grabner; O. Fiser
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Indoor optical wireless communications: recent developments and future challenges
Author(s): Dominic O'Brien
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Indoor optical wireless communication: a GigaEthernet network prototype at 60 dB link margin
Author(s): Olivier Bouchet D.D.S.; Gilles Launay; Pascal Besnard
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Indoor optical wireless communication by ultraviolet and visible light
Author(s): Kaiyun Cui; Gang Chen; Qunfeng He; Zhengyuan Xu
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Free-space optical data transmission using wavelength-division-multiplexing with a dedicated CMOS image sensor for indoor optical wireless LAN
Author(s): K. Kagawa; J. Tanida
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Free space optical sensor network for fixed infrastructure sensing
Author(s): Navik Agrawal; Stuart D. Milner; Christopher C. Davis
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Channel modeling for FSO communications and sensor networking inside structures
Author(s): Christopher C. Davis; Mohammed Eslami; Navik Agrawal
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Modulation and coding tradeoffs for non-line-of-sight ultraviolet communications
Author(s): Qunfeng He; Brian M. Sadler; Zhengyuan Xu
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Non-line-of-sight ultraviolet communication channel characterization: modeling and validation
Author(s): Haipeng Ding; Gang Chen; Arun K. Majumdar; Brian M. Sadler; Zhengyuan Xu
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Optical communication through the turbulent atmosphere with transmitter and receiver diversity, wavefront control, and coherent detection
Author(s): Andrew L. Puryear; Vincent W. S. Chan
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Chase combining for on-off-keying FSO communications
Author(s): Kamran Kiasaleh
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Design of acousto-optic chaos based secure free-space optical communication links
Author(s): A. K. Ghosh; P. Verma; S. Cheng; R. C. Huck; M. R. Chatterjee; M. Al-Saedi
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Efficient channel coding for multipulse pulse position modulation in terrestrial FSO systems
Author(s): Fang Xu; Mohammad-Ali Khalighi; Salah Bourennane
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Performance of a FSO augmented RF mesh network
Author(s): Robert Peach; Geoff Burdge; Jerry Sonnenberg; Mike Oyler; David Wayne; Larry Andrews; Ron Phillips
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The use of statistical channel models, full-field propagation codes, and field data to predict link availability
Author(s): Steven Michael; Ronald R. Parenti; John D. Moores; William Wilcox Jr.; Timothy M. Yarnall; Alicia M. Volpicelli; John A. Taylor
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A conical scan free space optical tracking system for fading channels
Author(s): Robert J. Murphy; Alicia M. Volpicelli; William Wilcox Jr.; David A. Crucioli; Timothy H. Williams
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A novel spatial tracking for FSO communications through turbulent atmosphere
Author(s): Kamran Kiasaleh
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Effects of atmospheric compensation techniques on the performance of synchronous receivers
Author(s): Aniceto Belmonte; Joseph M. Kahn
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Level crossings and turbulence in free-space laser communications
Author(s): Haris J. Catrakis; Adam J. Wachtor; Jennifer Shockro; Aaron P. Freeman; Ryan C. Sokolowski
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Wave optics simulation of partially coherent and partially polarized beam propagation in turbulence
Author(s): Xifeng Xiao; David Voelz
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Modeling channel interference in an orbital angular momentum-multiplexed laser link
Author(s): Jaime A. Anguita; Mark A. Neifeld; Bane V. Vasic
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A process for free-space laser communications system design
Author(s): Frederick G. Walther; John D. Moores; Robert J. Murphy; Steven Michael; George A. Nowak
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A free-space optical terminal for fading channels
Author(s): T. Williams; R. J. Murphy; F. Walther; A. Volpicelli; B. Wilcox; D. Crucioli
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Measurement of beam wander using cone modulation in an optical free-space retro-reflective link
Author(s): Eric Saint Georges; Stanley Uecke
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Evaluation of a cone tracking algorithm for free-space optical communication in direct mode
Author(s): Eric Saint Georges
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Optical birefringent 90° hybrid for coherent receiver in free-space optical communication system
Author(s): Ya'nan Zhi; Yu Zhou; Jianfeng Sun; Aimin Yan; Zhu Luan; Lijuan Wang; Liren Liu
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