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Polarization Science and Remote Sensing IV
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Volume Number: 7461
Date Published: 11 August 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7461
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
VIIRS polarization sensitivity testing and analysis
Author(s): Eric C. Fest
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CIV polarization measurements using a vacuum ultraviolet Fabry-Pérot Interferometer
Author(s): Edward West; G. Allen Gary; Jonathan Cirtain; John Davis; Ken Kobayashi; Chris Pietraszewski
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Design and development of the PolZero Time Domain Polarization Scrambler
Author(s): Rainer M. E. Illing
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Measured performance for proposed depolarizer for the ocean radiometer for carbon assessment
Author(s): Manuel A. Quijada; Eugene Waluschka; Mark Wilson; Charles R McClain
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Aerosol parameter estimation through atmospheric polarization observation with the different observation angles
Author(s): K. Arai; Yui Nishimura
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All-sky imaging polarimeter measurements of visible and NIR skylight at Mauna Loa, Hawaii
Author(s): Andrew R. Dahlberg; Nathan J. Pust; Joseph A. Shaw
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Reflectance based vicarious calibration of ASTER/VNIR with aerosol refractive index and size distribution estimation using measured atmospheric polarization irradiance
Author(s): K. Arai
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Inferring the orientation of texture from polarization parameters
Author(s): Hannah Noble; Wai-Sze Lam; Russell A. Chipman
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Measured comparison of the inversion periods for polarimetric and conventional thermal long-wave IR (LWIR) imagery
Author(s): M. Felton; K. P. Gurton; L. E. Roth; J. L. Pezzaniti; D. B. Chenault
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How good is a single-scattering model of visible-NIR atmospheric skylight polarization?
Author(s): Nathan J. Pust; Joseph A. Shaw
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Polarization signals in mantis shrimps
Author(s): Thomas W. Cronin; Tsyr-Huei Chiou; Roy L. Caldwell; Nicholas Roberts; Justin Marshall
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Depolarization properties of the normal human fovea measured by the GDx-MM
Author(s): Wai-Sze T. Lam; Russell A. Chipman; Karen M. Twietmeyer; Yanming Zhou; Kurt R. Denninghoff; A. E. Elsner; S. A. Burns
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Initial results and field applications of a polarization imaging camera
Author(s): R. Chris Olsen; Michael Eyler; Angela M. Puetz; Chelsea Esterline
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High-speed imaging acquisition of Stokes linearly polarized components using a single ferroelectric liquid crystal modulator
Author(s): L. Gendre; A. Foulonneau; L. Bigué
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Examining IFOV error and demodulation strategies for infrared microgrid polarimeter imagery
Author(s): Bradley M. Ratliff; J. Scott Tyo; Charles F. LaCasse; Wiley T. Black
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First high-resolution passive polarimetric images of boosting rocket exhaust plumes
Author(s): David W. Tyler; Adam M. Phenis; Alan B. Tietjen; Miguel Virgen; Jason D. Mudge; John S. Stryjewski; Jeff A. Dank
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Exploiting motion-based redundancy to enhance microgrid polarimeter imagery
Author(s): Bradley M. Ratliff; J. Scott Tyo; Wiley T. Black; Charles F. LaCasse
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Near-infrared simultaneous Stokes imaging polarimeter
Author(s): Jason Mudge; Miguel Virgen; Peter Dean
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Axisymmetrical Mueller matrix polarimeter
Author(s): Toshitaka Wakayama; Yukitoshi Otani; Toru Yoshizawa
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Polarization and fold mirrors in application of the Leica Absolute Distance Meter
Author(s): Derek Sabatke; Robert von Handorf; Joseph Sullivan
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Spectroscopic Stokes polarimeter with dual rotating retarder and analyzer for optical rotation measurement
Author(s): Masanosuke Tanaka; Yoshinori Nakashima; Hideyuki Amamiya; Makoto Chujo; Yukitoshi Otani
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Confocal scanning Mueller polarimeter
Author(s): Arthur Lompado
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Spectroscopic Mueller matrix polarimeter by double liquid crystal phase modulators
Author(s): Yukitoshi Otani; Makoto Chujo
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PEPPER: polarization-encoding differential photometer and polarimeter
Author(s): Catarina C. Ubach; R. A. Chipman; Dan E. Potter
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Retardance in three-dimensional polarization ray tracing
Author(s): Garam Yun; Russell A. Chipman
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Spectro-polarimetric BRDF determination of objects using in-scene calibration materials for polarimetric imagers
Author(s): Brent Bartlett; Chabitha Devaraj; Michael Gartley; Carl Salvaggio; John R. Schott
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Designing partial Mueller matrix polarimeters
Author(s): J. Scott Tyo; Sergio J. Johnson; Zhipeng Wang; Brian G. Hoover
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The development and assessment of a flexible inversion algorithm for aerosol property retrieval combining passive multiangle multispectral intensity and polarization measurements
Author(s): Alexandra Tsekeri; Barry Gross; Fred Moshary; Samir Ahmed
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Concurrent polarimetric measurements of painted metal and illuminating skylight compared with a microfacet model
Author(s): Nathan J. Pust; Joseph A. Shaw; Andrew R. Dahlberg
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Basic optical properties of the photoelastic modulator part II: residual birefringence in the optical element
Author(s): Baoliang Wang; Emily Hinds; Erica Krivoy
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Features of inverse problem arise from structure of a general pure Mueller matrix
Author(s): Sergey N. Savenkov; Yevgen A. Oberemok; Vladimir N. Nikonov
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Evaluation of the polarization properties of a Philips-type prism for the construction of imaging polarimeters
Author(s): R. Fernandez-Borda; E. Waluschka; S. Pellicori; J. V. Martins; L. Ramos-Izquierdo; J. D. Cieslak; Patrick L. Thompson
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Detection of disturbed earth using passive LWIR polarimetric imaging
Author(s): Kristan P. Gurton; Melvin Felton
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