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Infrared Spaceborne Remote Sensing and Instrumentation XVII
Editor(s): Marija Strojnik
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Volume Number: 7453
Date Published: 21 August 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7453
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy (SOFIA)
Author(s): E. E. Becklin; R. D. Gehrz
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On sky testing of the SOFIA telescope in preparation for the first science observations
Author(s): Franziska Harms; Jürgen Wolf; Patrick Waddell; Edward Dunham; Andreas Reinacher; Ulrich Lampater; Holger Jakob; Lisa Bjarke; Sybil Adams; Randy Grashuis; Allan Meyer; Kenneth Bower; Keith Schweikhard; Thomas Keilig
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The EXIST optical and infra-red telescope (IRT) and imager-spectrometer
Author(s): A. S. Kutyrev; S. H. Moseley; C. Golisano; Q. Gong; B. T. Allen; N. Gehrels; J. E. Grindlay; J. S. Hong; B. E. Woodgate
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Thermal infrared imaging of Mercury - MERTIS - a new remote sensing technology
Author(s): Gabriele E. Arnold; Harald Hiesinger; Jörn Helbert; Carsten Paproth; Thomas Säuberlich; Gisbert Peter; Ingo Walter
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MERTIS: background signal removal and signal simulation
Author(s): Thomas Säuberlich; Carsten Paproth; Jörn Helbert; Harald Hiesinger
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MISTIGRI instrumental concept for high-resolution thermal infrared imaging
Author(s): F. Tintó Garcia-Moreno; G. Fargant; F. Guerin; C. Israbian; J. C. Mathieu; J. Michaud; A. Bardoux; O. Hagolle; J. P. Lagouarde
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Performances of the SAC-D NIRST flight model radiometer
Author(s): Mélanie R. Leclerc; Linda Marchese; Patrice Côté; François Châteauneuf; Claude Chevalier; Hugo Marraco; Linh Ngo Phong
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Meteosat Third Generation: mission and system concepts
Author(s): Antonio Rodriguez; Rolf Stuhlmann; Stephen Tjemkes; Donny M. Aminou; Hendrik Stark; Paul Blythe
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The evolution of the performance of the AVHRR, HIRS, and AMSU-A instruments onboard MetOp-A after over two years in orbit
Author(s): Douglas Battles; Abelardo Pérez Albiñana; Robert W. Lambeck; Francois Montagner; Helmut Bauch; Roberto Alemán; Conrad Jackson
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Improved determination of surface and atmospheric temperatures using only shortwave AIRS channels
Author(s): Joel Susskind; John Blaisdell; Lena Iredell
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Improving forecast skill by assimilation of quality controlled AIRS Version 5 temperature soundings
Author(s): Joel Susskind; Oreste Reale
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The broadband radiometer on the EarthCARE spacecraft
Author(s): Kotska Wallace; Nigel Wright; David Spilling; Kim Ward; Martin Caldwell
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Efficient characterization of imaging spectrometers: application in the LWIR and MWIR
Author(s): Timothy J. Valle; Thomas U. Kampe; Paula R. Wamsley; Holden Chase; Glenn E. Taudien; Peter T. Spuhler; Peter B. Johnson; Gary L. Mills
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Photoconductive response of PbSnTe(In) in the terahertz spectral range
Author(s): Dmitry Khokhlov; Aleksandra Galeeva; Dmitry Dolzhenko; Ludmila Ryabova; Andrey Nicorici; Sergey Ganichev; Sergey Danilov; Vasily Bel'kov
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A proposed global atmospheric monitoring network based on standard stars
Author(s): John T. McGraw; Peter C. Zimmer; Steven W. Brown; Gerald T. Fraser; Keith R. Lykke; Allan W. Smith; Christopher W. Stubbs; John T. Woodward
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Spectral irradiance responsivity calibration of InSb radiometers using the improved IR-SIRCUS at NIST
Author(s): Jinan Zeng; Howard W. Yoon; George P. Eppeldauer; Leonard M. Hanssen; Joseph P. Rice
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Comparison of several surfaces for use as a MWIR BRDF standard
Author(s): Bradley L. Balling; Michael A. Marciniak
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Development of an infrared optical scattering instrument from 1 μm to 5 μm
Author(s): Jinan Zeng; Leonard Hanssen
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IV-VI mid-IR tunable lasers and detectors with external resonant cavities
Author(s): H. Zogg; M. Rahim; A. Khiar; M. Fill; F. Felder; N. Quack; S. Blunier; J. Dual
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The EarthCARE broadband radiometer detectors
Author(s): Christian Proulx; Fraser Williamson; Martin Allard; Georges Baldenberger; David Gay; Sonia Garcia-Blanco; Patrice Côté; Louis Martin; Carl Larouche; Samir Ilias; Tim Pope; Martin Caldwell; Kim Ward; John Delderfield
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Numerical and experimental evaluation of road infrastructure perception in fog and/or night conditions using infrared and photometric vision systems
Author(s): Jean Dumoulin; Vincent Boucher; Florian Greffier
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A stitching method to test the segments of a large primary
Author(s): Enoch Gutierrez-Herrera; Marija Strojnik; Gonzalo Paez; Paul Shore; Paul Morantz
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Transillumination waveform simulator for pulse oximetry
Author(s): Camille Vazquez-Jaccaud; Gonzalo Paez; Marija Strojnik
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Noise reduction technique for IR-to-visible radiation conversion based on EuTTA fluorescence properties
Author(s): M. Alfaro; G. Paez; M. Strojnik
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Analysis of some rotational shearing interferometers to detect extrasolar planets
Author(s): Maximiliano Galan; Marija Strojnik; Gonzalo Paez
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Tissue characterization with ballistic photons
Author(s): Marija Strojnik; Gonzalo Paez
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Point-spread function for multiple Bracewell interferometric configurations
Author(s): Marija Strojnik
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Power emitted by a nearby solar system and intercepted by a system of apertures near Earth
Author(s): Marija Strojnik
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