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Techniques and Instrumentation for Detection of Exoplanets IV
Editor(s): Stuart B. Shaklan
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Volume Number: 7440
Date Published: 20 August 2009

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In Memoriam: Russ Makidon
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Terrestrial Planet Finder: coda to 10 years of technology development
Author(s): Peter R. Lawson
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Starlight suppression from the starshade testbed at NGAS
Author(s): Rocco Samuele; Tiffany Glassman; Adam M. J. Johnson; Rupal Varshneya; Ann Shipley
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Occulter design for THEIA
Author(s): N. Jeremy Kasdin; Eric J. Cady; Philip J. Dumont; P. Douglas Lisman; Stuart B. Shaklan; Remi Soummer; David N. Spergel; Robert J. Vanderbei
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Progress on the occulter experiment at Princeton
Author(s): Eric Cady; Kunjithapatham Balasubramanian; Michael Carr; Matthew Dickie; Pierre Echternach; Tyler Groff; Jeremy Kasdin; Christian Laftchiev; Michael McElwain; Dan Sirbu; Robert Vanderbei; Victor White
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A method for modifying occulter shapes
Author(s): Eric Cady; Stuart B. Shaklan; N. Jeremy Kasdin; David Spergel
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Analysis of external occulters in the presence of defects
Author(s): Philip Dumont; Stuart Shaklan; Eric Cady; Jeremy Kasdin; Robert Vanderbei
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Results from the automated Design Reference Mission constructor for exoplanet imagers
Author(s): Dmitry Savransky; N. Jeremy Kasdin; David N. Spergel
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A starshade for JWST: science goals and optimization
Author(s): Rémi Soummer; Webster Cash; Robert A. Brown; Ian Jordan; Aki Roberge; Tiffany Glassman; Amy Lo; Sara Seager; Laurent Pueyo
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The utility of astrometry as a precursor to direct detection
Author(s): Dmitry Savransky; N. Jeremy D. Kasdin; Brandt A. Belson
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Two-camera wavefront estimation with a Gercheberg-Saxton based scheme
Author(s): Jason Kay; Tyler D. Groff; N. Jeremy Kasdin
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A unified formailism for high contrast imaging correction algorithms
Author(s): Amir Give'on
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Numerical propagator through PIAA optics
Author(s): Laurent Pueyo; Stuart Shaklan; Amir Give'on; John Krist
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Detecting and characterizing exoplanets with a 1.4-m space telescope: the Pupil mapping Exoplanet Coronagraphic Observer (PECO)
Author(s): Olivier Guyon; James R. P. Angel; Ruslan Belikov; Robert Egerman; Donald Gavel; Amir Give'on; Thomas Greene; Kerri Cahoy; Brian Kern; Marie Levine; Stephen Ridgway; Stuart Shaklan; Domenick Tenerelli; Robert Vanderbei; Robert A. Woodruff
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Science performance of the Pupil-mapping Exoplanet Coronagraphic Observer (PECO)
Author(s): Kerri Cahoy; Olivier Guyon; Glenn Schneider; Mark Marley; Ruslan Belikov; Michael Meyer; Stephen Ridgway; Wesley Traub; Neville Woolf
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Phase-induced amplitude apodization (PIAA) coronagraph testing at the High Contrast Imaging Testbed
Author(s): Brian Kern; Ruslan Belikov; Amir Give'on; Olivier Guyon; Andreas Kuhnert; Marie B. Levine-West; Ian C. McMichael; Dwight C. Moody; Albert F. Niessner; Laurent Pueyo; Stuart B. Shaklan; Wesley A. Traub; John T. Trauger
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Performance sensitivity studies on the PIAA implementation of the High Contrast Imaging Testbed
Author(s): Erkin Sidick; John Z. Lou; Stuart Shaklan; Marie Levine
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First results on a new PIAA coronagraph testbed at NASA Ames
Author(s): Ruslan Belikov; Eugene Pluzhnik; Michael S. Connelley; Fred C. Witteborn; Dana H. Lynch; Kerri L. Cahoy; Olivier Guyon; Thomas P. Greene; Mark E. McKelvey
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A new generation multi-object Doppler instrument for the SDSS-III Multi-object APO Radial Velocity Exoplanet Large-area Survey
Author(s): Jian Ge; Brian Lee; Nathan De Lee; Xiaoke Wan; John Groot; Bo Zhao; Frank Varosi; Kevin Hanna; Suvrath Mahadevan; Fred Hearty; Liang Chang; Jian Liu; Julian van Eyken; Ji Wang; Rohan Pais; Zhiping Chen; Alaina Shelden; Erin Costello
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Calibration of high accuracy radial velocity spectrographs: beyond the Th-Ar lamps
Author(s): Francois Wildi; Francesco Pepe; Christophe Lovis; Bruno Chazelas; Tobias Wilken; Antonio Manescau; Luca Pasquini; Ronald Holzwarth; Tilo Stenimetz; Thomas Udem; Theodor Hänsch; Gaspare Lo Curto
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The Subaru Coronagraphic Extreme-AO Project
Author(s): Frantz Martinache; Olivier Guyon
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SPHERE: the VLT planet imager in the post FDR phase
Author(s): Francois Wildi; Jean-Luc Beuzit; Markus Feldt; David Mouillet; Kjetil Dohlen; Pascal Puget; Andrea Baruffolo; Julien Charton; Pierre Baudoz; Anthony Boccaletti; Lyu Abe; Riccardo Claudi; Philippe Feautrier; Thierry Fusco; Raffaele Gratton; Norbert Hubin; Markus Kasper; Maud Langlois; Rainer Lenzen; Alexey Pavlov; Cyril Petit; Johan Pragt; Patrick Rabou; Ronald Roelfsema; Michel Saisse; Hans Martin Schmid; Eric Stadler; Claire Moutou; Massimo Turatto; Stephane Udry; Rens Waters; Thomas Henning; Anne-Marie Lagrange; Farrokh Vakili
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Calibrating SPHERE, the exo-planet imager for the VLT
Author(s): Francois Wildi; David Mouillet; Jean-Luc Beuzit; Markus Feldt; Kjetil Dohlen; Thierry Fusco; Cyril Petit; Silvano Desidera; Raffaele Gratton; Hans-Martin Schmid; Maud Langlois; A. Vigan; Julien Charton; Riccardo Claudi; Ronald Roelfsema; Andrea Baruffolo; Pascal Puget
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The Gemini Planet Imager coronagraph testbed
Author(s): Rémi Soummer; Anand Sivaramakrishnan; Ben R. Oppenheimer; Robin Roberts; Douglas Brenner; Alexis Carlotti; Laurent Pueyo; Bruce Macintosh; Brian Bauman; Les Saddlemyer; David Palmer; Darren Erickson; Christophe Dorrer; Kris Caputa; Christian Marois; Kent Wallace; Emily Griffiths; Jacob Mey
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The Gemini Planet Imager calibration testbed
Author(s): J. Kent Wallace; Rick Burruss; Laurent Pueyo; Remi Soummer; Chris Shelton; Randall Bartos; Felipe Fregoso; Bijan Nemati; Paul Best; John Angione
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Stellar coronagraph performance impact due to particulate contamination and scatter
Author(s): Kunjithapatham Balasubramanian; Stuart Shaklan; Amir Give'on
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Thermo/opto/mechanical analysis of large apertures for exoplanet detection using Cielo
Author(s): Elizabeth O. Jordan; Mike Chainyk; Feras Habbal; Claus Hoff; Marie Levine; Greg Moore
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A general tool for evaluating high-contrast coronagraphic telescope performance error budgets
Author(s): Luis F. Marchen; Stuart B. Shaklan
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The JWST/NIRCam coronagraph: mask design and fabrication
Author(s): John E. Krist; Kunjithapatham Balasubramanian; Charles A. Beichman; Pierre M. Echternach; Joseph J. Green; Kurt M. Liewer; Richard E. Muller; Eugene Serabyn; Stuart B. Shaklan; John T. Trauger; Daniel W. Wilson; Scott D. Horner; Yalan Mao; Stephen F. Somerstein; Gopal Vasudevan; Douglas M. Kelly; Marcia J. Rieke
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Vector vortex coronagraph: first results in the visible
Author(s): Dimitri Mawet; John T. Trauger; Eugene Serabyn; Dwight C. Moody; Kurt M. Liewer; John E. Krist; David M. Shemo; Nada A. O'Brien
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Planetary system and star formation science with non-redundant masking on JWST
Author(s): Anand Sivaramakrishnan; Peter G. Tuthill; Michael J. Ireland; James P. Lloyd; Frantz Martinache; Rémi Soummer; Russell B. Makidon; René Doyon; Mathilde Beaulieu; Charles A. Beichman
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Current status of the assessment of the ESA Cosmic Vision mission candidate PLATO
Author(s): R. Lindberg; A. Stankov; M. Fridlund; N. Rando
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Visible nulling coronagraph testbed results
Author(s): Richard G. Lyon; Mark Clampin; Robert A. Woodruff; Gopal Vasudevan; Patrick Thompson; Peter Petrone; Timothy Madison; Maxime Rizzo; Gary Melnick; Volker Tolls
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Starshade scaling relations
Author(s): Tiffany Glassman; Amy S. Lo; Jonathan Arenberg; Webster Cash; Charley Noecker
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An evaluation of the effects of non-uniform exo-zodiacal dust distributions on planetary observations
Author(s): Dmitry Savransky; N. Jeremy Kasdin; Robert J. Vanderbei
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End-to-end simulations of different coronagraphic techniques
Author(s): John E. Krist; Dwight C. Moody; Dimitri Mawet; John T. Trauger; Ruslan Belikov; Stuart B. Shaklan; Olivier Guyon; Robert J. Vanderbei
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FIB machining of occulting masks for imaging of extrasolar planets
Author(s): Shilpa N. Raja; Michael J. Aziz; James W. Foley; Volker Tolls
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Laboratory experiment of a high-contrast imaging coronagraph with new step-transmission filters
Author(s): Jiangpei Dou; Deqing Ren; Yongtian Zhu; Xi Zhang
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Balloon exoplanet nulling interferometer (BENI)
Author(s): Richard G. Lyon; Mark Clampin; Robert A. Woodruff; Gopal Vasudevan; Holland Ford; Larry Petro; Jay Herman; Stephen Rinehart; Kenneth Carpenter; Joe Marzouk
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The Monolithic Achromatic Nulling Interference Coronagraph (MANIC) testbed
Author(s): Brian A. Hicks; Timothy A. Cook; Benjamin F. Lane; Christopher B. Mendillo; Paul Jung; Supriya Chakrabarti
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Calibrating IR optical densities for the Gemini Planet Imager extreme adaptive optics coronagraph apodizers
Author(s): Anand Sivaramakrishnan; Rémi Soummer; G. Lawrence Carr; Christophe Dorrer; Allen Bolognesi; Neil Zimmerman; Ben R. Oppenheimer; Robin Roberts; Alexandra Greenbaum
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The optical design of MARVELS spectrograph
Author(s): Bo Zhao; Jian Ge; John Groot
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Optical design of a double pass cross-dispersed echelle spectrograph for extremely high precision extrasolar planet trackers
Author(s): Bo Zhao; Jian Ge; John Groot; Liang Chang
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Modeling the image distortion of echelle spectrographs with T&P changes
Author(s): Frank Grupp; ShaoMing Hu; Liang Wang
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