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Astronomical and Space Optical Systems
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Volume Number: 7439
Date Published: 20 August 2009

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Improving radiation tolerance in e2v CCD sensors
Author(s): D. Burt; J. Endicott; P. Jerram; P. Pool; D. Morris; A. Hussain; P. Ezra
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CCD radiation damage in ESA Cosmic Visions missions: assessment and mitigation
Author(s): David H. Lumb
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Modelling electron distributions within ESA's Gaia satellite CCD pixels to mitigate radiation damage
Author(s): G. M. Seabroke; A. D. Holland; D. Burt; M. S. Robbins
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Fundamental performance differences between CMOS and CCD imagers: part III
Author(s): James Janesick; Jeff Pinter; Robert Potter; Tom Elliott; James Andrews; John Tower; John Cheng; Jeanne Bishop
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Advanced staring Si PIN visible sensor chip assembly for Bepi-Colombo mission to Mercury
Author(s): R. E. Mills; J. J. Drab; A. Gin
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Wide Field Camera 3 CCD quantum efficiency hysteresis: characterization and mitigation
Author(s): Nicholas R. Collins; Nicholas Boehm; Gregory Delo; Roger D. Foltz; Robert J. Hill; Emily Kan; Randy A. Kimble; Eliot Malumuth; Robert Rosenberry; Augustyn Waczynski; Yiting Wen; Sylvia Baggett; Howard Bushouse; Susana Deustua; Jessica Kim-Quijano; John MacKenty; Andre Martel; Elena Sabbi
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Telescope guiding with a HyViSI H2RG used in guide mode
Author(s): Lance M. Simms; Donald F. Figer; Brandon J. Hanold; Steven M. Kahn; D. Kirk Gilmore
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Initial laboratory and sky testing results for the second generation H4RG-10 4k x 4k, 10 micron visible CMOS-Hybrid detector
Author(s): Bryan N. Dorland; Rachel P. Dudik; Dan Veillette; Ryan Swindle; Augustyn Waczynski; Emily Kan
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Gaia: operational aspects and tests of Gaia Flight Model CCDs
Author(s): R. Kohley; F. Raison; J. M. Martin-Fleitas
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NFIRAOS: the optical design of an adaptive optics system for the Thirty Meter Telescope
Author(s): Jenny Atwood; Peter Byrnes; Glen Herriot
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Status of the PALM-3000 high-order adaptive optics system
Author(s): Antonin H. Bouchez; Richard G. Dekany; John R. Angione; Christoph Baranec; Khanh Bui; Rick S. Burruss; Justin R. Crepp; Ernest E. Croner; John L. Cromer; Stephen R. Guiwits; David D. S. Hale; John R. Henning; Dean Palmer; Jennifer E. Roberts; Mitchell Troy; Tuan N. Truong; Jeffry Zolkower
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The plenoptic camera as a wavefront sensor for the European Solar Telescope (EST)
Author(s): Luis F. Rodríguez-Ramos; Yolanda Martín; José J. Díaz; J. Piqueras; J. M. Rodríguez-Ramos
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EAGLE: an MOAO fed multi-IFU working in the NIR on the E-ELT
Author(s): Jean-Gabriel Cuby; Simon Morris; Philip Parr-Burman; Matthew Lehnert; Chris Evans; Thierry Fusco; Pascal Jagourel; David Le Mignant; Richard Myers; Gérard Rousset; Hermine Schnetler; Jean-Philippe Amans; Francois Assemat; Stephen Beard; Mathieu Cohen; Nigel Dipper; Marc Ferrari; Eric Gendron; Jean-Luc Gimenez; Peter Hastings; Zoltan Hubert; Emmanuel Hugot; Philippe Laporte; Brice Leroux; Fabrice Madec; Helen McGregor; Tim Morris; Benoit Neichel; Mathieu Puech; Clelia Robert; Stephen Rolt; Mark Swinbank; Gordon Talbot; William Taylor; Francois Vidal; Sébastien Vivès; Pascal Vola; Martyn Wells
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Performance of a modal zone wavefront recovery algorithm (Hudgin) implemented on FPGAs for its use in ELTs
Author(s): José Javier Díaz-García; Alberto Dávila-González; Luis-Fernando Rodríguez-Ramos; José-Manuel Rodríguez-Ramos; Yolanda Martín-Hernando; Juan-José Piqueras-Meseguer
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LGS adaptive optics and integral field spectroscopy
Author(s): Katharine J. Jones
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Development of hot slumping technique and last optical performances obtained on a 500mm diameter slumped segment prototype for adaptive optics
Author(s): M. Ghigo; S. Basso; R. Canestrari; L. Proserpio
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Control of deformable mirrors in MOAO using H∞ optimization
Author(s): Andrés Guesalaga; Dani Guzman; Richard Myers; Tim Morris; Nigel Dipper; Alastair Basden
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Improvement of science throughput of 1m class telescopes thanks to COTS adaptive optics
Author(s): F. Rooms; J. Charton; L. Jocou; S. Cetre; T. Fusco
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Advances in solar adaptive optics system at the domeless solar telescope of the Hida Observatory
Author(s): Noriaki Miura; Yuuki Noto; Shuusuke Kato; Fumihito Yokoyama; Susumu Kuwamura; Naoshi Baba; Yoichiro Hanaoka; Shin'ichi Nagata; Satoru Ueno; Reizaburo Kitai; Kiyoshi Ichimoto; Hideki Takami
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Wave-front sensing and correction for 4-meter LAMOST
Author(s): Xi Zhang; Deqing Ren; Yongtian Zhu; Jiangpei Dou
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Image reconstruction of Io from the bispectrum using building block method
Author(s): Yuuki Yoshinoya; Susumu Kuwamura; Noriaki Miura; Fumiaki Tsumuraya; Makoto Sakamoto; Naoshi Baba
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Testbed for the multi-conjugate adaptive optics system of the solar telescope GREGOR
Author(s): Dirk Schmidt; T. Berkefeld; F. Heidecke; O. von der Lühe; D. Soltau
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Enabling technologies for visible adaptive optics: the Magellan adaptive secondary VisAO camera
Author(s): Derek Kopon; Jared Males; Laird M. Close; Victor Gasho
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Cryogenic piezoelectric actuators
Author(s): Xiaoning Jiang; William B. Cook; Wesley S. Hackenberger
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Cryogenic bonding for lens mounts
Author(s): Craig L. Hom; Howard C. Holmes; Dennis N. Lapicz; Ira V. Chapman; E. Todd Kvamme; David M. Stubbs
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Athermalized embedding of actuators in cryogenic mirrors
Author(s): Craig Hom; Gopal Vasudevan; Mark T. Sullivan; B. Martin Levine
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Low emittance, semi-transparent coating for cryogenic window applications
Author(s): James B. Heaney; Maria Nowak; Manuel Quijada; Felix Threat; Joseph Stock
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Cryogenic stray light testing of the James Webb Space Telescope: an easy approach
Author(s): Till W. Liepmann
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Wavefront sensor for the ESA-GAIA mission
Author(s): L. L. A. Vosteen; F. Draaisma; W. P. van Werkhoven; L. J. M. van Riel; M. H. Mol; G. den Ouden
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Picometer metrology for the GAIA Mission
Author(s): E. A. Meijer; J. N. Nijenhuis; R. J. P. Vink; F. Kamphues; W. Gielesen; C. Coatantiec
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Cryogenic radius of curvature matching for the JWST primary mirror segments
Author(s): David M Chaney; James B. Hadaway; Jackson A. Lewis
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Wide-field Infrared Survey Explorer cryogenic support system status and thermal test results
Author(s): Scott Schick; Brett Lloyd
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Application of infrared optical projection systems in the cryogenic test environment using AEDC's 7V and 10V space sensor test chambers
Author(s): H. S. Lowry; R. A. Nicholson; S. L. Steely; W. R. Simpson; J. M. Labello; K. D. Bynum; A. M. Wojcik
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A low-cost, low-temperature radiometer for thermal measurements
Author(s): Michael DiPirro; Thomas Hait; James Tuttle; Edgar Canavan
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NIRCam mechanical support structure: from concept to qualification
Author(s): Paul V. Mammini
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NIRCam pupil imaging lens actuator assembly
Author(s): Charles S. Clark
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Cryogenic spectral performance of bandpass filters for the NIRCam instrument
Author(s): Yalan Mao; David Harrison; Todd Richardson; Bailey Schulz; Dale Taylor; Lynn W. Huff; Scott Horner; Douglas Kelly; Marcia J. Rieke
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NIRCam filter wheel optic mount design
Author(s): Béla I. Privári; Craig Hom; Michael Jacoby
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Results of environmental testing of the focus and alignment mechanism of the near-infrared camera on the James Webb Space Telescope
Author(s): Bear Witherspoon; Lynn Huff; Michael Jacoby; Paul Mammini
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Cold alignment prediction of the NIRCam instrument components
Author(s): Alison Nordt; Michael Jacoby
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