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Solar Physics and Space Weather Instrumentation III
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Volume Number: 7438
Date Published: 20 August 2009

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Front Matter : Volume 7438
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Next generation x-ray sensor (XRS) for the NOAA GOES-R satellite series
Author(s): Phillip C. Chamberlin; Thomas N. Woods; Francis G. Eparvier; Andrew R. Jones
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EUVS-C: the measurement of the magnesium II index for GOES-R EXIS
Author(s): Martin Snow; William E. McClintock; David Crotser; Francis G. Eparvier
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The Extreme Ultraviolet Sensor (EUVS) for GOES-R
Author(s): Francis G. Eparvier; David Crotser; Andrew R. Jones; William E. McClintock; Martin Snow; Thomas N. Woods
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Demonstration and science experiment (DSX) space weather experiment (SWx)
Author(s): J. A. Fennelly
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Calibration of the High Energy Proton Spectrometer (HEPS) for the demonstration and science experiments (DSX) satellite space weather mission
Author(s): Bronislaw K. Dichter; John O. McGarity; E. G. Mullen; Donald Brautigam; Gary E Galica
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Calibration of the Compact Environmental Anomaly Sensor (CEASE) for the DSX space weather mission
Author(s): Bronislaw K. Dichter; John McGarity; E. G. Mullen; Donald Brautigam; Gary E. Galica; Michael J. Golightly
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Overview of the loss cone imager fixed sensor head instrument
Author(s): David L. Voss; Avi Gunda; Doug Carssow; Theodore Fritz; Anton Mavretic; James Sullivan
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Loss cone imager digital system design
Author(s): Douglas B. Carssow; James D. Sullivan; David L. Voss; Chad W. Parker; Anton Mavretic; Theodore A. Fritz; Allyn E. Hubbard
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DSX loss cone imager differential response functions
Author(s): James D. Sullivan
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AFRL's Demonstration and Science Experiments (DSX) mission
Author(s): Mark Scherbarth; Durand Smith; Aaron Adler; Janet Stuart; Greg Ginet
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8446-Angstrom observations of neutral oxygen with the Spatial Heterodyne Spectrometer at Millstone Hill
Author(s): S. Watchorn; J. Noto; L. S. Waldrop
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A high sensitivity telescope for measurements of energetic particles in the Earth's radiation belts
Author(s): Charles W. Parker; James D. Sullivan; Joseph Coombs; David L. Voss; Douglas B. Carssow; Anton Mavretic; Theodore A. Fritz
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SDO-AIA mirror performance
Author(s): William A. Podgorski; Peter N. Cheimets; Paul Boerner; Paul Glenn
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SDO-AIA telescope design
Author(s): Peter Cheimets; David C. Caldwell; Cathy Chou; Richard Gates; James Lemen; William A. Podgorski; C. Jacob Wolfson; Jean-Pierre Wuelser
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SCORE CCD visible camera calibration for the HERSCHEL suborbital mission
Author(s): M. Pancrazzi; M. Focardi; F. Landini; M. Romoli; S. Fineschi; A. Gherardi; G. Massone; E. Pace; D. Paganini; G. Rossi
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Imaging coronal mass ejections and other heliospheric phenomena: six years of observations and implications for future capabilities
Author(s): Janet C. Johnston; David F. Webb; Donald C. Norquist; Thomas A. Kuchar
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Fabrication and test of a diamond-turned mirror suitable for a spaceborne photometric heliospheric imager
Author(s): Andrew Buffington; Kirk G. Bach; Bernhard W. Bach; Erich K. Bach; Mario M. Bisi; P. Paul Hick; Bernard V. Jackson; Peter D. Klupar
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A portable solar adaptive optics system
Author(s): Deqing Ren; Matt Penn; Haimin Wang; Gary Chapman; Claude Plymate
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Advanced characterization and simulation of SONNE: a fast neutron spectrometer for Solar Probe Plus
Author(s): Richard S. Woolf; James M. Ryan; Peter F. Bloser; Ulisse Bravar; Erwin O. Flückiger; Jason S Legere; Alexander MacKinnon; Procheta C. Mallik; Mark L. McConnell; Benoît Pirard
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The Gamma Astrometric Measurement Experiment (GAME)
Author(s): Mario Gai; Alberto Vecchiato; Sebastiano Ligori; Silvano Fineschi; Mario G. Lattanzi
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Spectral calibration of the MSFC Solar Ultraviolet Magnetograph
Author(s): Edward West; Ken Kobayashi; Jonathan Cirtain; Allen Gary; John Davis; Joseph Reader
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The tandem Fabry-Perot filter imaging spectro-polarimeter for the Solar Magnetic Activity Research Telescope (SMART)
Author(s): Shin'ichi Nagata; Kenichi Otsuji; Takako T. Ishii; Kiyoshi Ichimoto; Satoru Ueno; Reizaburo Kitai; Goichi Kimura; Kazunari Shibata; Yoshikazu Nakatani; Satoshi Morita
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Calibration of the EKPol K-corona imaging polarimeter
Author(s): Luca Zangrilli; Silvano Fineschi; Gerardo Capobianco
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The Remote Atmospheric and Ionospheric Detection System experiment on the ISS: mission overview
Author(s): Scott A. Budzien; Rebecca L. Bishop; Andrew W. Stephan; Paul R. Straus; Andrew B. Christensen; James H. Hecht
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The Remote Atmospheric and Ionospheric Detection System on the ISS: sensor performance and space weather applications from the extreme to the near ultraviolet
Author(s): Andrew W. Stephan; Scott A. Budzien; Rebecca L. Bishop; Paul R. Straus; Andrew B. Christensen; James H. Hecht; Zachary Van Epps
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The Remote Atmospheric and Ionospheric Detection System on the ISS: sensor performance and space weather applications from the visible to the near infrared
Author(s): R. L. Bishop; S. A. Budzien; J. H. Hecht; A. W. Stephan; A. B. Christensen; P. R. Straus; Z. Van Epps
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Zone plate EUV solar irradiance monitor
Author(s): James C. Bremer; John F. Seely; Glenn E. Holland; Yan Feng
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Calibration of a zone plate for an EUV solar irradiance monitor
Author(s): John Seely; Glenn Holland; Michael Kowalski; Benjawan Kjornrattanawanich; James C. Bremer; Yan Feng
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Prototype CMOS SSPM solar particle dosimeter with tissue-equivalent sensor
Author(s): C. J. Stapels; E. B. Johnson; S. Mukhopadhyay; E. C. Chapman; J. F. Christian; Eric Benton
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Tiny Ionospheric Photometers on FORMOSAT-3/COSMIC: on-orbit performance
Author(s): Scott Budzien; Kenneth Dymond; Clayton Coker; Damien Chua
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On-orbit calibration of the Tiny Ionospheric Photometer on the COSMIC/FORMOSAT-3 satellites
Author(s): Kenneth F. Dymond; Scott A. Budzien; Clayton Coker; Damien H. Chua
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Overview of GSE as a multifunctional GUI
Author(s): Boyan Kurtovich; Fabio Malangone; David L. Voss; Douglas B. Carssow; Theodore A. Fritz; Anton Mavretic
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A low-noise ASIC electrometer for precision low-current measurements
Author(s): Dean D. Aalami; Andrew R. Jones
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Design of the mechanical housing for the LCI energetic particle instrumentation package in a medium Earth orbit
Author(s): Joseph M. Coombs; David L. Voss; Charles W. Parker; Theodore A. Fritz; Anton Mavretic; James D. Sullivan; Judy A. Fennelly
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An IFU for diffraction-limited 3D spectroscopic imaging: laboratory and on-site tests
Author(s): Deqing Ren; Christoph Keller; Claude Plymate
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