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UV/Optical/IR Space Telescopes: Innovative Technologies and Concepts IV
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Volume Number: 7436
Date Published: 25 August 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7436
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Preliminary cost model for space telescopes
Author(s): H. Philip Stahl; Frank A. Prince; Christian Smart; Kyle Stephens; Todd Henrichs
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Observatory conceptual development for the Joint Dark Energy Mission
Author(s): Michael J. Sholl; Gary M. Bernstein; David A. Content; Michael G. Dittman; Joseph M. Howard; Michael L. Lampton; John P. Lehan; J. Eric Mentzell; Robert A. Woodruff
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Euclid Mission: assessment study
Author(s): David Lumb; Ludovic Duvet; Renee Laurijs; Maurice Te Plate; Isabel Escudero Sanz; Gonzalo Saavedra Criado
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Assessment study of the SPICA telescope assembly
Author(s): N. Rando; O. Brunner; D. Doyle; B. Fransen; A. Heras; J. M. Lautier; M. Linder; L. Popken; T. Nakagawa
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The New Worlds Observer: the astrophysics strategic mission concept study
Author(s): Webster Cash; Stephen Kendrick; Charley Noecker; John Bally; Julia DeMarines; James Green; Phillip Oakley; Ann Shipley; Scott Benson; Steve Oleson; David Content; Dave Folta; Sharon Garrison; Keith Gendreau; Kate Hartman; Joseph Howard; Tupper Hyde; Darryl Lakins; Jesse Leitner; Douglas Leviton; Rich Luquette; Bill Oegerley; Karen Richon; Aki Roberge; Steve Tompkins; June Tveekrem; Bruce Woodgate; Margaret Turnbull; Dean Dailey; Kent Decker; Reza Dehmohseni; Brian Gaugh; Tiffany Glassman; Mickey Haney; Reem Hejal; Charles Lillie; Amy Lo; David O'Conner; Gina Oleas; Ronald Polidan; Rocco Samuele; Stephen Shields; James Shirvanian; David SooHoo; Giovanna Tinetti; Bryan Dorland; Rachel Dudik; Ralph Gaume; Brian Mason
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Potential astrophysics science missions enabled by NASA's planned Ares V
Author(s): H. Philip Stahl; Harley Thronson; Stephanie Langhoff; Marc Postman; Daniel Lester; Charles F. Lillie; Roger J. Brissenden
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Large segmented UV-optical space telescope using a Hybrid Sensor Active Control (HSAC) architecture
Author(s): Lee D. Feinberg; Bruce Dean; Tupper Hyde; Bill Oegerle; Matthew R. Bolcar; J. Scott Smith
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Design for an 8-meter monolithic UV/OIR space telescope
Author(s): H. Philip Stahl; Marc Postman; William R. Arnold Sr.; Randall Hopkins; Linda Hornsby; Gary E. Mosier; Bert A. Pasquale
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Stellar imager (SI): enhancements to the mission enabled by the constellation architecture (Ares I/Ares V)
Author(s): Kenneth G. Carpenter; Margarita Karovska; Richard G Lyon; D. Mozurkewich; Carolus Schrijver
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Lightweight optical barrel assembly structures for large deployable space telescopes
Author(s): Peter A. Warren; Mark J. Silver; Benjamin J. Dobson
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Optical modeling activities for NASA's James Webb Space Telescope (JWST): VI. secondary mirror figure compensation using primary mirror segment motions
Author(s): Joseph M. Howard; Lee D. Feinberg
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Phase retrieval on broadband and under-sampled images for the JWST testbed telescope
Author(s): J. Scott Smith; David L. Aronstein; Bruce H. Dean; D. Scott Acton
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Non-invasive optical end-to-end test of a large TMA telescope (JWST) from the intermediate focus
Author(s): Tony Whitman; J. Scott Knight; Mark Waldman; Paul Lightsey
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Propellantless precision formation flying with photonic laser thrusters for large space telescopes
Author(s): Young K. Bae
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Optical pathlength stabilization between formation-flying air-bearing robots
Author(s): Edward A. LeMaster
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Working model of a gossamer membrane spectrographic space telescope
Author(s): Thomas D. Ditto; Joe Ritter; John Valliant
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The lunar radio array (LRA)
Author(s): Joseph Lazio; C. Carilli; J. Hewitt; S. Furlanetto; Jack Burns
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Vibroacoustic analysis and optimization of lightweight silicon carbide mirrors
Author(s): Lucy E. Cohan; David W. Miller
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Minimizing high spatial frequency residual error in active space telescope mirrors
Author(s): Thomas L. Gray; Matthew W. Smith; Lucy E. Cohan; David W. Miller
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Photonic muscle active optics for space telescopes (active optics with 10[sup]23[/sup] actuators)
Author(s): Joe Ritter
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DMD multi-object spectroscopy in space: the EUCLID study
Author(s): P. Spanò; F. Zamkotsian; R. Content; R. Grange; M. Robberto; L. Valenziano; F. M. Zerbi; R. M. Sharples; F. Bortoletto; V. De Caprio; L. Martin; A. De Rosa; P. Franzetti; E. Diolaiti; B. Garilli; L. Guzzo; P. Leutenegger; M. Scodeggio; R. Vink; G. Zamorani; A. Cimatti
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Low dispersion ghost-controlled optical window/combiner component
Author(s): Paul Atcheson
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Measurement of vibration environment of 6m-diameter radiometer thermal vacuum chamber in JAXA
Author(s): Haruyoshi Katayama; Yasuji Yamamoto; Masashi Miyamoto; Hideki Saruwatari; Hidehiro Kaneda; Yoshio Tange
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Optical testing of the Kepler Photometer in a thermal vacuum environment at Ball Aerospace
Author(s): Mark A. Martella; Don A. Byrd; Stew Willis; Peter Spuhler; Noah Siegel; Chris Stewart
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Semiconductor laser tracking frequency distance gauge
Author(s): James D. Phillips; Robert D. Reasenberg
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