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UV, X-Ray, and Gamma-Ray Space Instrumentation for Astronomy XVI
Editor(s): Oswald H. Siegmund
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Volume Number: 7435
Date Published: 20 August 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7435
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
CCD detectors for spectroscopy and imaging of x-rays with the eROSITA space telescope
Author(s): N. Meidinger; R. Andritschke; S. Ebermayer; J. Elbs; O. Hälker; R. Hartmann; S. Herrmann; N. Kimmel; P. Predehl; G. Schächner; H. Soltau; L. Strüder; L. Tiedemann
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Development of focal plane detectors for the Nuclear Spectroscopic Telescope Array (NuSTAR) mission
Author(s): Vikram R. Rana; Walter R. Cook III; Fiona A. Harrison; Peter H. Mao; Hiromasa Miyasaka
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Performance of an analog ASIC developed for the front-end electronics of the soft x-ray imager onboard ASTRO-H
Author(s): H. Nakajima; T. Idehara; D. Matsuura; N. Anabuki; H. Tsunemi; J. P. Doty; H. Ikeda
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The wide field imager for the International X-ray Observatory
Author(s): J. Treis; L. Bombelli; C. Fiorini; S. Herrmann; T. Lauf; P. Lechner; G. Lutz; P. Majewski; M. Porro; R. H. Richter; A. Stefanescu; L. Strüder; G. de Vita
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The JANUS X-Ray Flash Monitor
Author(s): A. D. Falcone; D. N. Burrows; S. Barthelmy; W. Chang; J. Fredley; M. Kelly; R. Klar; D. Palmer; S. Persyn; K. Reichard; P. Roming; E. Seifert; R. W. M. Smith; P. Wood; M. Zugger
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The high energy telescope on EXIST
Author(s): J. Hong; J. E. Grindlay; B. Allen; S. D. Barthelmy; G. K. Skinner; N. Gehrels
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Imaging and burst location with the EXIST high-energy telescope
Author(s): Gerald K. Skinner; Scott Barthelmy; Mark H. Finger; Jae Sub Hong; Garrett Jernigan; Steven J. Sturner; Branden T. Allen; Jonathan E. Grindlay
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The SXI telescope on board EXIST: scientific performances
Author(s): L. Natalucci; A. Bazzano; S. Campana; P. Caraveo; R. Della Ceca; J. E. Grindlay; F. Panessa; G. Pareschi; B. Ramsey; G. Tagliaferri; P. Ubertini; G. Villa
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Measurements of Si hybrid CMOS x-ray detector characteristics
Author(s): Stephen D. Bongiorno; Abe D. Falcone; David N. Burrows; Robert Cook; Yibin Bai; Mark Farris
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A comparative study of proton radiation damage in p- and n-channel CCDs
Author(s): J. Gow; N. J. Murray; A. D. Holland; D. Burt; P. Pool
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Development of an EUV polarimeter with a transmission multilayer
Author(s): S. Kitamoto; H. Murakami; Y. Shishido; K. Saito; T. Watanabe; J. Kanai; E. Takenaka; K. Nagasaki; D. Takei; M. Morii
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A new low-background Compton telescope using LaBr[sub]3[/sub] scintillator
Author(s): Peter F. Bloser; James M. Ryan; Jason S. Legere; Manuel Julien; Christopher M. Bancroft; Mark L. McConnell; Mark Wallace; R. Marc Kippen; Shawn Tornga
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GRAPE: a balloon-borne gamma-ray polarimeter
Author(s): Mark L. McConnell; Christopher Bancroft; Peter F. Bloser; Taylor Connor; Jason Legere; James M. Ryan
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Development of cross strip MCP detectors for UV and optical instruments
Author(s): Oswald H. W. Siegmund; Anton S. Tremsin; John V. Vallerga
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Development of an ultraviolet proportional counter with potential for faint FUV line emission observations
Author(s): Kasandra K. J. O'Malia; Matthew N. Beasley; James C. Green
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Design of an innovative gamma ray spectroscopy image-based telescope by assigning reciprocal vision color to each gamma photon depending on the energy of gamma photons
Author(s): Akbar Rahmani Nejad; M. A. Olia
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Development of a cadmium telluride pixel detector for astrophysical applications
Author(s): Hiromasa Miyasaka; Fiona A. Harrison; Walter R. Cook; Peter H. Mao; Vikram R. Rana; Shin-nosuke Ishikawa; Masayoshi Ushio; Hiroyuki Aono; Shin Watanabe; Goro Sato; Motohide Kokubun; Tadayuki Takahashi
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Proton radiation damage study of the next generation of swept charge devices
Author(s): J. Gow; A. D. Holland; P. Pool
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Planetary extreme ultraviolet spectrometer boarded on Japan's small satellite
Author(s): Kazuo Yoshioka; Go Murakami; Gentaro Ogawa; Ichiro Yoshikawa; Munetaka Ueno; Atsushi Yamazaki; Kazunori Uemizu; Masato Kagitani; Fuminori Tsuchiya
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CCD readout for the IXO off-plane grating spectrometer
Author(s): Andrew D. Holland; Neil Murray; James Tutt; Randall McEntaffer; Peter Pool; James Endicott
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