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Optical Inspection and Metrology for Non-Optics Industries
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Volume Number: 7432
Date Published: 10 September 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7432
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optimal checkerboard selection for structured light system calibration
Author(s): William Lohry; Ying Xu; Song Zhang
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Measurement accuracy of fringe projection depending on surface normal direction
Author(s): Peter Kühmstedt; Christian Bräuer-Burchardt; Gunther Notni
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High precision calibration method of intrinsic parameters for fish-eye cameras
Author(s): Hideki Komagata; Ikuo Ishii; Hideo Makino; Akira Takahashi; Daisuke Wakatsuki
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New calibration technique for a novel stereo camera
Author(s): Xue Tu; Muralidhara Subbarao
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3D cutting tool inspection system and its key technologies
Author(s): X. M. Du; T. Chen; X. J. Zou; K. G. Harding
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3D measurement method based on wavelet transform by using SEM
Author(s): Yasuhiko Arai; M. Ando; S. Yokozeki
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A fringe period unwrapping technique for digital fringe profilometry based on spatial shift estimation
Author(s): Pu Cao; Jiangtao Xi; Joe F. Chicharo; Yanguang Yu
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Shift-variant image deblurring for machine vision: one-dimensional blur
Author(s): Muralidhara Subbarao; Youn-sik Kang; Xue Tu
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Automatic inspection of textured surfaces by support vector machines
Author(s): Sina Jahanbin; Alan C. Bovik; Eduardo Pérez; Dinesh Nair
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Stokes parameters of reflected and scattered light by a rough surface
Author(s): Lianhua Jin; Kuniharu Takizawa
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Data processing and parameter extraction for cutting tool inspection
Author(s): T. Chen; X. M. Du; J. M. Zheng; K. G. Harding
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In-process inspection of internal threads of machined automotive parts
Author(s): Hongwei Zhang; Reuven Katz; John S. Agapiou
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Measure of roughness of paper using speckle
Author(s): Abdiel Pino; Josep Pladellorens
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A novel method for overlay measurement by scatterometry
Author(s): Wei-Te Hsu; Yi-Sha Ku; Deh-Ming Shyu
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In-situ analysis of fruit anthocyanins by means of total internal reflectance, continuous wave and time-resolved spectroscopy
Author(s): Manuela Zude; Lorenzo Spinelli; Carsten Dosche; Alessandro Torricelli
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Inner surface profile measurement of a hydrodynamic bearing by an oblique incidence and two-wavelength interferometer
Author(s): Osami Sasaki; Ryota Yamamura; Kazushi Yokoyama; Takamasa Suzuki
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Digital processing of an interferometric velocimeter for ballistic shock measurement
Author(s): Pankaj Kumar; Akhil Thomas; R. Stephen Weis; Tristan J. Tayag
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In-plane and out-of-plane deformation and vibration measurement using an optomechanical image derotator
Author(s): Maik Rahlves; Sahar Mirzaei; Thomas Fahlbusch; Eduard Reithmeier
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Digital multiple wavelength phase shifting algorithm
Author(s): Song Zhang
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Continuous scanning phase measurement for high immunity to vibration
Author(s): Jungjae Park D.D.S.; Joonho You; Seung-Woo Kim
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Three-dimensional profilometry system incorporating a MEMS scanner
Author(s): Toru Yoshizawa; Toshitaka Wakayama
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Comparison of projection means for structured light systems
Author(s): Kevin Harding
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Microscopic TV sherography for microsystems characterization
Author(s): U. Paul Kumar; N. Krishna Mohan; M. P. Kothiyal
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3D inspection microscope using holographic primary objective
Author(s): Thomas D. Ditto; Jim Knapp; Shoshana Biro
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Dual mode interferometer for measuring dynamic displacement of specular and diffuse components
Author(s): Michael North Morris; Tim Horner; Markar Naradikian; Joe Shiefman
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Combined stereovision and phase shifting method: use of a color visibility-modulated fringe pattern
Author(s): Xu Han; Peisen Huang; Zhicheng Deng; Leon Xu
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Pixel synchronous measurement of object shape and colour
Author(s): Jens Siepmann; Matthias Heinze; Peter Kühmstedt; Gunther Notni
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Chromatic confocal spectral interferometry for technical surface characterization
Author(s): W. Lyda; D. Fleischle; T. Haist; W. Osten
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Three-dimensional profilometry based on focus method by projecting LC grating pattern
Author(s): Yukitoshi Otani; Fumio Kobayashi; Yasuhiro Mizutani; Toru Yoshizawa
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A portable 3D shape measurement system based on the combined stereovision and phase shifting method
Author(s): Xu Han; Peisen Huang; Zhicheng Deng; Leon Xu
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Real-time 3D part metrology using polarization rotation
Author(s): Gil Abramovich; Kevin Harding; Vijay Paruchuru; Swaminathan Manickam; Christopher Nafis; Joseph Czechowski; Arun Vemury
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Laser Doppler distance sensors using phase and frequency evaluation
Author(s): Jürgen W. Czarske; Thorsten Pfister; Philipp Günther; Lars Büttner
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Research of the chromaticity coordinates and color spectrum calibration using tristimulus sensors and eigenspectrum method
Author(s): Ou-Yang Mang; Ting-Wei Huang; Yao-Fang Hsieh; Yi-Ting Kuob
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Iterative estimation of the topography by means of structured light
Author(s): Amalia Martínez García; Juan Antonio Rayas-Alvarez; Héctor José Puga Soberanes; Katia Genovese
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Multi-channel liquid crystal cell parameter measurement technique
Author(s): Chih-Shang Liu; Kai-Ping Chuang; Yeo-Sung Lin; Ming-Yin Zhuang; Chih-Jung Chiang
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Method to measure frequency change of tunable laser based on Jamin shearing interferometer
Author(s): Lijuan Wang; Liren Liu; Jianfeng Sun; Yu Zhou; Zhu Luan; De'an Liu
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Measurement of frequency swept linearly with Fabry-Perot fiber interferometer
Author(s): Zhu Luan; Nan Xu; De'an Liu; Yu Zhou; Liren Liu
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Computation of crack tip elastic strain intensity factor in mode I by electronic speckle pattern interferometry
Author(s): Jorge Parra Michel; Amalia Martínez; J. A. Rayas
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Three-dimensional embedded defect detection and localization in a semi-transparent medium
Author(s): Gil Abramovich; Christopher Nafis; Yana Williams; Kevin Harding; Eric Tkaczyk
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