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Novel Optical Systems Design and Optimization XII
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Volume Number: 7429
Date Published: 21 August 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7429
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Low-complexity digital filter geometry for spherical coded imaging systems
Author(s): Guotong Feng; Mohammed Shoaib; M. Dirk Robinson
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Optimality of pupil-phase profiles for increasing the defocus tolerance of hybrid digital-optical imaging systems
Author(s): Tom Vettenburg; Andrew Wood; Nicholas Bustin; Andrew R. Harvey
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Depth of field extension in a low power microscope objective
Author(s): Pantazis Mouroulis; Byron E. van Gorp; Holly A. Bender; Eric E. Bloemhof; Julia Nichols; Susanne Douglas
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Depth perception with a rotationally symmetric coded camera
Author(s): Chuan-Chung Chang; Yung-Lin Chen; Chir-Weei Chang; Cheng-Chung Lee
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Infrared image guidance for ground vehicle based on fast wavelet image focusing and tracking
Author(s): Akira Akiyama; Nobuaki Kobayashi; Eiichiro Mutoh; Hideo Kumagai; Hirofumi Yamada; Hiromitsu Ishii
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Chromatic perception of non-invasive lighting of cave paintings
Author(s): Jesús Zoido; Daniel Vazquez; Antonio Álvarez; Eusebio Bernabeu; Ángel García; Juán Antonio Herraez; Marian del Egido
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Efficient measurement of large light source near-field color and luminance distributions for optical design and simulation
Author(s): Hubert Kostal; Douglas Kreysar; Ronald Rykowski
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A beam splitter of natural light guiding system based on dichroic prism for ecological illumination
Author(s): Yu-Chi Li; Yi-Yung Chen; Allen Jong-Woei Whang
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Design and optimization of dot pattern in illumination lightpipe of natural light guiding system
Author(s): Zong-Yi Lee; Yi-Yung Chen; Allen Jong-Woei Whang
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Overview of the SMS design method applied to imaging optics
Author(s): Juan C. Miñano; Pablo Benítez; Wang Lin; Fernando Muñoz; José Infante; Asunción Santamaría
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Raytrace assisted analytical formulation of Fresnel lens transmission efficiency
Author(s): Arthur Davis
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Design, analysis, and fabrication of a really bad lens
Author(s): Alan W. Greynolds
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Optimization of optics with micro diffractive optical element via a hybrid Taguchi genetic algorithm
Author(s): Tung-Kuan Liu; Yi-Chin Fang; Bo-Wen Wu; John MacDonald; Jyh-Horng Chou; Cheng-Mu Tsai; Han-Ching Lin; Wei Teng Lin
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Flight miniature Risley prism mechanism
Author(s): Charles S. Clark; Stephen Gentile
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Collection optics for imaging spectroscopy of an electric arc shock tube
Author(s): Reid B. Greenberg; Brett A. Cruden; Jay H Grinstead; Dickson Yeung
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Laser despeckled image
Author(s): Michael Tilleman
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Speckle interferometric sensor to measure low-amplitude high frequency ocular microtremor (OMT)
Author(s): James P. Ryle; Mohammed Al-Kalbani; Unnikrishnan Gopinathan; Gerard Boyle; Davis Coakley; John T. Sheridan
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Analysis of required shape of flexible sensor for different lens focus
Author(s): Dein Shaw; Shy-Pin Cuo; C. W. Lin
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Ray tracing, wavefronts, and caustics: use of Shack-Hartmann wavefront sensor for analyzing light propagation
Author(s): Salvador Bosch; Santiago Vallmitjana; Carme Ferran
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Spherical coded imagers: improving lens speed, depth-of-field, and manufacturing yield through enhanced spherical aberration and compensating image processing
Author(s): M. Dirk Robinson; Guotong Feng; David G. Stork
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A technique to remove image artefacts in optical systems with wavefront coding
Author(s): Mads Demenikov; Andrew R. Harvey
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Case study findings of PHOTON problem-based learning (PBL) with high school photonics outreach programs
Author(s): Joyce Hilliard-Clark; Pamela Gilchrist; Sherri Allgood
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Restarting a high school photonics program
Author(s): Brian K. Belcher; Judith Donnelly
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Teaching photonics technology students to think: methods
Author(s): Gary B. Beasley; Jamie Yeatman
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An optics first year experience course for community college students
Author(s): Judith Donnelly
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A spherical catadioptric telescope system based on Cooke corrector group
Author(s): Jian Zhang; Yusi Kang; Weiqi Liu
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Depth of field estimation: theory, experiment, and application
Author(s): Rania H. Abd El-Maksoud; Lirong Wang; José M. Sasian; Valorie S. Valencia
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Optical design of endoscopic shape-tracker using quantum dots embedded in fiber bundles
Author(s): Jessica Eisenstein; Robb Gavalis; Peter Y. Wong; Caroline G. L. Cao
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Development of tissue multi-slice laser reflectance imaging system
Author(s): J. Indumathi; Megha Singh
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Structural design of optically compensated zoom lenses using genetic algorithm
Author(s): S. Pal; L. N. Hazra
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Illumination scheme for high-contrast contactless fingerprint images
Author(s): Lirong Wang; Rania H. Abd El-Maksoud; José M. Sasian; Valorie S. Valencia
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PDV and shock physics: application to nitro methane shock-detonation transition and particles ejection
Author(s): P. A. Frugier; P. Mercier; J. Bénier; J. Veaux; M. Debruyne; C. Rion; E. Dubreuil
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Study on the reversibility of the diffraction light path
Author(s): Weiping Zhang; Lingyu Wan; Yun Liu; Jianjie Dong; Xiaoming Shen
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A novel contactless aliveness-testing (CAT) fingerprint sensor
Author(s): Lirong Wang; Rania H. Abd El-Maksoud; Jose M. Sasian; William P. Kuhn; Kathleen Gee; Valorie S. Valencia
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Optical-fiber vortex-shedding flowmeter based on white-light interference
Author(s): Dong Zhao; Hongyan Wu; Bo Jia; Ya'nan Zhi
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