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Optical Materials and Structures Technologies IV
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Volume Number: 7425
Date Published: 20 August 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7425
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optical system material selection using performance indices in a simultaneous optimization approach
Author(s): Trent Newswander; Blake Crowther
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CTE measurements of Cesic®: a low-CTE ceramic composite
Author(s): Matthias R. Krödel; Tsuyoshi Ozaki
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CTE characterization of ZERODUR® for the ELT century
Author(s): Ralf Jedamzik; Thorsten Döhring; Thoralf Johansson; Peter Hartmann; Thomas Westerhoff
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Cryogenic refractometer for high accuracy measurements of the refractive index of materials
Author(s): P. Spanò; A. Bianco; G. Toso; G. Pariani
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A general overview of some nondestructive evaluation (NDE) techniques for materials characterization
Author(s): S. Kenderian; O. Esquivel; K. R. Olson; E. C Johnson
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NDE methods for determining the materials properties of silicon carbide plates
Author(s): Shant Kenderian; Yong Kim; Eric Johnson; Iwona A. Palusinski
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High frequency ultrasound phased array characterization of SiC mirror blanks
Author(s): Richard A. Haber; Andrew Portune
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Material testing of silicon carbide mirrors
Author(s): David B. Witkin; Iwona A. Palusinski
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Proof load testing of lightweight silicon carbide mirror substrates
Author(s): Michael J. O'Brien; Aldrich De La Cruz; Ching-Yao Tang; Iwona A. Palusinski
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Recent achievements using chemical vapor composite silicon carbide (CVC SiC)
Author(s): William A. Goodman; Clifford Tanaka
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Silicon cladding for mirror substrates
Author(s): Christopher J. Duston; Nilesh Gunda; Jay R. Schwartz; Joseph L. Robichaud
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Production of mirrors made of HB-Cesic for an airborne reconnaissance telescope system
Author(s): Matthias R. Krödel; Peter Hofbauer; Georg Luichtel; J. Katzer; M. Tausendfreund; Gerhard Derst
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Why silicon for telescope mirrors and structures?
Author(s): Roger A. Paquin; Douglas R. McCarter
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SPIRALE: the first all-Cesic® telescopes orbiting earth
Author(s): Matthias R. Krödel; Christophe Devilliers
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An all-beryllium-aluminum optical system for reconnaissance applications
Author(s): Michael J. Russo
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Cryogenic adhesive testing for the NIRCam optical bench assembly
Author(s): Michael Jacoby; Alison Nordt; Bryan Hurlbut
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NIRCam optical bench assembly qualification vibration testing
Author(s): Michael Jacoby; Alison Nordt
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Heritage of ZERODUR® glass ceramic for space applications
Author(s): Thorsten Döhring; Peter Hartmann; Frank-Thomas Lentes; Ralf Jedamzik; Mark J. Davis
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ZERODUR® glass ceramics for high stress applications
Author(s): Peter Hartmann; Kurt Nattermann; Thorsten Döhring; Ralf Jedamzik; Markus Kuhr; Peter Thomas; Guenther Kling; Stefano Lucarelli
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A bonded precision optical assembly using potassium hydroxide
Author(s): Paul V. Mammini
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A century of sapphire crystal growth: origin of the EFG method
Author(s): Daniel C. Harris
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Silicon nitride for lightweight stiff structures for optical instruments
Author(s): Karl Berroth; Christophe Devilliers; Georg Luichtel
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Structural design considerations for an 8-m space telescope
Author(s): William r. Arnold Sr.; H. Philip Stahl
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Replication of lightweight mirrors
Author(s): Ming Y. Chen; Lawrence E. Matson; Heedong Lee; Chenggang Chen
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Space radiation testing of thin film and multilayer optical coatings
Author(s): Gayle E. Thayer; Ethan L. Blansett; Bianca E. N. Keeler
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Fabrication and characterization of cerium oxide thin films for ultraviolet sensing applications
Author(s): Kai Wang; Alla Reznik; Karim S. Karim
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Characterization of silver and aluminum custom mirror coatings for the MRO interferometric telescopes
Author(s): Krista M. McCord; Daniel A. Klinglesmith; Colby A. Jurgenson; Eric J. Bakker; Reed A. Schmell; Rodney A. Schmell; Darren Gartner; Anthony Jaramillo; Kelly Romero; Andres Rael; Jeff Lewis
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Synchrotron radiation x-ray absorption fine-structure and raman scattering studies on 6H-SiC materials
Author(s): Yi-Li Tu; Zhe Chuan Feng; Ling-Yun Jang; Weijie Lu
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Fabrication of microlens arrays on a glass substrate by roll-to-roll process with PDMS mold
Author(s): Chia-Nying Hu; Guo-Dung John Su
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