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Advances in Optomechanics
Editor(s): Alson E. Hatheway
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Volume Number: 7424
Date Published: 10 September 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7424
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optomechanical engineering education at University of Arizona
Author(s): James H. Burge; Robert Parks
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Optimizing the frequency response of a steering mirror mount for interferometry applications
Author(s): F. Ernesto Penado; James H. Clark III
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Cooling flow requirements for the honeycomb cells of the LSST cast borosilicate primary-tertiary mirror
Author(s): Douglas R. Neill
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Monolithic interferometer for high precision radial velocity measurements
Author(s): Xiaoke Wan; Jian Ge; Ji Wang; Brian Lee
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Performance prediction of the LSST secondary mirror
Author(s): Myung K. Cho; Ming Liang; Douglas R. Neill
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Engineered spacecraft deployables influenced by nature
Author(s): David Pohl; W. D. Wolpert
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Tensile stresses in ring-mounted glass lenses
Author(s): Alson E. Hatheway
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Optical mounts for harsh environments
Author(s): Mark E. Mimovich; Jonathan C. Griffee; James C. Goodding
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Mirror deformation versus contact area in mounted flat mirrors
Author(s): James H. Clark III; F. Ernesto Penado; Frank Cornelius
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Laminar linear weak-link mechanisms with sub-centimeter travel range and sub-nanometer positioning resolution
Author(s): Deming Shu; Jörg Maser
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Lens barrel design of the NIRST IR Camera
Author(s): Patrice Côté; Mélanie Leclerc; François Châteauneuf; Hugo Marraco
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Advancements in linear piezoelectric actuator mechanisms
Author(s): H. Marth; B. Lula
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Developing a new generation of optomechanical derotator for analysis of the dynamic behaviour of rotating components
Author(s): S. Mirzaei; O. Abo-Namous; G. Beichert; T. Fahlbusch; E. Reithmeier
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Optomechanical analysis of a high stability multi-channel vehicle sight
Author(s): Kenneth D. Ball
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Low-cost large-angle steering mirror development
Author(s): Steven R. Wassom
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Optomechanical design of a prompt gamma reaction history diagnostic
Author(s): Morris I. Kaufman; Robert M. Malone; Brent C. Frogget; Thomas W. Tunnell; Brian Cox; Daniel K. Frayer; Zaheer Ali; Hans Herrmann; Wolfgang Stoeffl
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An inverse kinematics approach to hexapod design and control
Author(s): Frank A. DeWitt IV
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Bulk optics for seismological applications
Author(s): S. Olivier; D. Ponceau; P. Millier; N. Brebion
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Optical and mechanical design advantages using polymer optics
Author(s): Valentina Doushkina; Erik Fleming
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A novel combined laser tracking mechanism
Author(s): Anhu Li; Xuchun Jiang; Yongming Bian; Yongcheng Liang; Yutian Zhu
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Development of a compact tool for sealing the compensator group in final stages of alignment
Author(s): J. Arasa; E. Oteo; P. Blanco; S. Royo; A. Cifuentes
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Rapid prototype lens mount
Author(s): T. Scott Rowe
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