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Nonimaging Optics: Efficient Design for Illumination and Solar Concentration VI
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Volume Number: 7423
Date Published: 19 August 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7423
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Designing freeform reflectors for extended sources
Author(s): Florian R. Fournier; William J. Cassarly; Jannick P. Rolland
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Free form V-groove reflector design with the SMS method
Author(s): Dejan Grabovičkić; Juan C. Miñano; Pablo Benítez
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Sensitivity to figure error of a freeform refractive beam shaper
Author(s): Vladimir Oliker
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Illumination system design in a project-based course
Author(s): R. John Koshel; Vineeth Abraham; Joshua Kim; Ron Liu; Scott Richardson; Soha Namnabat; Amber Czajkowski; Rania H. Abd El-Maksoud; Ryan Irvin; Takeshi Nakazawa; Michael Kudenov; Martha Dawsey; Erich de Leon; Lirong Wang; Karlton Crabtree; R. Michael Orr; Brian Primeau; Yullin Kim
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Novel aplanatic design method
Author(s): Weiya Zhang; Roland Winston
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Field method for concentrator design
Author(s): Angel Garcia-Botella; Antonio A. Fernandez-Balbuena; Daniel Vázquez-Moliní; Eusebio Bernabeu; Agustin Gonzalez-Cano
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Thermodynamic efficiency of nonimaging concentrators
Author(s): Narkis Shatz; John Bortz; Roland Winston
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Beating the optical Liouville theorem: How does geometrical optics know the second law of thermodynamics?
Author(s): Roland Winston; Chunhua Wang; Weiya Zhang
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Full landscape of aplanatic optics for concentration near the thermodynamic limit
Author(s): Natalia Ostroumov; Jeffrey M. Gordon; Daniel Feuermann
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Optical waveguide system for solar power applications in space
Author(s): Takashi Nakamura
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Collimator design for extended sources
Author(s): Hans Philipp Annen; Ling Fu; Ralf Leutz
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Nonimaging solar thermal collector for high temperature terrestrial and space applications
Author(s): Michael Mouzouris; Michael J. Brooks
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Development and testing of high concentration flat-plate Fresnel lenses
Author(s): M. Z. Shvarts; A. A. Soluyanov
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Truncation of the secondary concentrator (CPC) between maximum performances and economical requirements
Author(s): A. Segal; M. Epstein
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An optical coupler of natural light guiding system based on stepped structure
Author(s): Po-Hsuan Pan; Yi-Yung Chen; Allen Jong-Woei Whang
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Using prismatic structure and brightness enhancement film to design cascadable unit of static solar concentrator in natural light guiding system
Author(s): Shu-Hua Yang; Yi-Yung Chen; Allen Jong-Woei Whang
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Recent research on anidolic daylighting systems: highly reflective coating materials and chronobiological properties
Author(s): Friedrich Linhart; Stephen K. Wittkopf; Mirjam Münch; Jean-Louis Scartezzini
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A low-cost rugged solution for solar lighting
Author(s): A. N. Bharathwaj; Balaji Srinivasan
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Improving the color uniformity of a LED-array based illumination system with a tailored light distribution
Author(s): Youri Meuret; Lieve Lanoye; Filip Bruyneel; Hugo Thienpont
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Design and evaluation of natural light guiding system in ecological illumination of traffic tunnel
Author(s): Cheng-Nan Chen; Yi-Yung Chen; Allen Jong-Woei Whang; Li-Hsien Chen
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Pixelated wall washers
Author(s): Bart A. Salters; Marcel P. C. M. Krijn
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Light source modulation using light guide rods
Author(s): André Domhardt; Simon Wendel; Udo Rohlfing; Uli Lemmer
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High pumping-efficiency and wideband L-band erbium-doped fiber ASE source using two-stage double-pass backward pumping configuration
Author(s): Benrui Zheng; Wencai Huang
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Skylight: a hollow prismatic CPC
Author(s): Antonio Alvarez Fernandez-Balbuena; Daniel Vázquez-Moliní; Berta Garcia-Fernandez; Angel Garcia-Botella; Eusebio Bernabeu
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Analysis of a hybrid cost-effective solar lighting system
Author(s): Xiaoming Shen; Youming Sun; Yiming Wei; Shuiku Zhong; Fubin Li; Shuo Lin; Jiangong Li; Xianghai Meng; Yonggang Wang
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LED beam shaping using microlens arrays
Author(s): Yun-Chi Lee; Hsin-Ta Hsieh; Wei-Yao Hsu; Guo-Dung J. Su
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Cylindrically symmetric Fresnel lens for high concentration photovoltaics
Author(s): Yu-Ting Hung; Guo-Dung Su
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Optical design of a new combo solar concentrator
Author(s): Chung Ping Liu; Hung Yen Lin; Chin Tin Hsiao
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Generation of uniform illumination using faceted reflectors
Author(s): Lirong Wang; José M. Sasián; Peng Su; R. John Koshel
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