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Plasmonics: Nanoimaging, Nanofabrication, and their Applications V
Editor(s): Satoshi Kawata; Vladimir M. Shalaev; Din Ping Tsai
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Volume Number: 7395
Date Published: 20 August 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7395
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Molecular manipulation and nanofabrication using local polarization in optical near-fields
Author(s): Yasuo Ohdaira; Kazunari Shinbo; Akira Baba; Keizo Kato; Futao Kaneko
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Nanoscale photopolymerization induced by the enhanced optical near field of metallic nanoparticles
Author(s): Claire Deeb; Anne-Laure Baudrion; Safi Jradi; Jérôme Plain; Alexandre Bouhelier; Olivier Soppera; Lavinia Balan; Hassan Ridaoui; Pascal Royer; Renaud Bachelot
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Fabrication of III-V semiconductor quantum dots
Author(s): Kouichi Akahane; Naokatsu Yamamoto
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Surface plasmon polariton enhanced fluorescence from quantum dots on nanostructured metal surfaces
Author(s): Ehren Hwang; Christopher C. Davis; Igor I. Smolyaninov
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Confocal and near-field spectroscopic investigation of P3HT:PCBM organic blend film upon thermal annealing
Author(s): Xiao Wang; Dai Zhang; Kai Braun; Hans-Joachim Egelhaaf; Alfred J. Meixner
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Ultrafast energy flow in hybrid plasmonic materials
Author(s): Gary P. Wiederrecht; Jasmina Hranisavljevic
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Plasmonic nanoparticle based biosensing: experiments and simulations
Author(s): Takumi Sannomiya; Christian Hafner; Janos Vörös
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Exploiting plasmonics in biosensing and bioimaging: monitoring cell receptors with surface enhanced spectroscopy and microscopy
Author(s): Li-Lin Tay; David Kennedy; John Hulse; John P. Pezaki; Jeff Fraser; Xiaohua Wu
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Control light propagation and polarization with plasmons for surface-enhanced Raman scattering
Author(s): Hong Wei; Zhipeng Li; Yurui Fang; Feng Hao; Timur Shegai; Tali Dadosh; Yingzhou Huang; Wenzhong Wang; Zhenyu Zhang; Gilad Haran; Peter Nordlander; Hongxing Xu
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Gap plasmon waveguide with a stub: structure for a wavelength selective device
Author(s): Masanobu Haraguchi; Kazunori Iuchi; Hidenori Sokabe; Tatsuya Okuno; Toshihiro Okamoto; Masuo Fukui; Kazumasa Okamoto; Seiichi Tagawa
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Transient surface plasmon polariton launched by a metal subwavelength slit scattering
Author(s): Yann Gravel; Yunlong Sheng
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Molecular active plasmonics: controlling plasmon resonances with molecular machines
Author(s): Yue Bing Zheng; Ying-Wei Yang; Lasse Jensen; Lei Fang; Bala Krishna Juluri; Amar H. Flood; Paul S. Weiss; J. Fraser Stoddart; Tony Jun Huang
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Sensitivities and amplification of surface plasmons
Author(s): Pierre Berini; Israel De Leon
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Plasmonics: nonlinear optics, negative phase, and transformable transparency
Author(s): Alexander K. Popov; Sergey A. Myslivets; Vladimir M. Shalaev
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Coupling light to a localized surface plasmon-polariton
Author(s): Mario Agio; Gert Zumofen; Nassiredin M. Mojarad; Vahid Sandoghdar
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Nanoparticle optics of complex nanorod architectures
Author(s): Kevin L. Shuford; Sungho Park
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Modeling near-field properties of plasmonic nanoparticles: a surface integral approach
Author(s): Andreas M. Kern; Olivier J. F. Martin
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Defect state dampening of surface plasmons in Au-YSZ nanocomposites
Author(s): Phillip H. Rogers; Michael A. Carpenter
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Optical activity in metal and dielectric planar chiral gratings
Author(s): Kuniaki Konishi; Natsuki Kanda; Benfeng Bai; Xiangfeng Meng; Petri Karvinen; Jari Turunen; Yuri P. Svirko; Makoto Kuwata-Gonokami
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Manipulating the optical transparency of anisotropic metamaterials with magnetic field and liquid crystals: influence of the nanostructures shape
Author(s): Yakov M. Strelniker; David J. Bergman; Yafit Fleger; Michael Rosenbluh; David G. Stroud; Anna O. Voznesenskaya
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Experimental investigation of Fang's Ag superlens suitable for integration
Author(s): Claus Jeppesen; Rasmus B. Nielsen; Sanshui Xiao; Niels Asger Mortensen; Alexandra Boltasseva; Anders Kristensen
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Loss monitoring in resonant photon tunneling through metal and dielectric multi-layer metamaterials
Author(s): Motonobu Matsunaga; Satoshi Tomita; Takashi Yokoyama; Hisao Yanagi
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Magnetic resonance in stratified metal-dielectric metamaterials
Author(s): Ryosuke Watanabe; Aunuddin Syabba Vioktalamo; Teruya Ishihara
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Diversity of optical indices in stratified metal-dielectric metamaterials
Author(s): Masanobu Iwanaga
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Effect of surrounding medium on the optical properties of a two layer silver film
Author(s): Wenbo Yang; Jennifer Reed; Shengli Zou
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Quantitative amplification of surface enhanced Raman scattering through plasmonic coupling in controlled nanoparticle assemblies
Author(s): Shiuan-Yeh Chen; Anne A. Lazarides
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Transmission through Kerr media barriers within waveguides and circuits
Author(s): Arthur R. McGurn
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Sensoric applications based on plasmonic effects at metal nanoparticles
Author(s): T. Schneider; A. Steinbrück; M. Löchner; A. Csáki; W. Fritzsche
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Nanoplasmonic resonance energy transfer spectroscopic pH imaging
Author(s): G. Logan Liu
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Fast surface plasmon-polariton-based optical phase modulator
Author(s): O. Guilatt; B. Apter; U. Efron
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Problem of x-ray synchrotron beam collimation by zone plate
Author(s): A. Kuyumchyan; V. Kohn; A. Snigirev; I. Snigireva; M. Grigorev; A. Kouznetsov
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