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O3A: Optics for Arts, Architecture, and Archaeology II
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Volume Number: 7391
Date Published: 25 June 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7391
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Paul Gauguin in Brittany
Author(s): John F. Asmus
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Visible and infrared reflectance imaging spectroscopy of paintings: pigment mapping and improved infrared reflectography
Author(s): John K. Delaney; Jason G. Zeibel; Mathieu Thoury; Roy Littleton; Kathryn M. Morales; Michael Palmer; E. René de la Rie
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UV-fluorescence spectroscopy for identification of varnishes in works of art: influence of the underlayer on the emission spectrum
Author(s): Mady Elias; Caroline Magnain; Carlos Barthou; Austin Nevin; Daniela Comelli; Gianluca Valentini
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The application of visible-induced luminescence imaging to the examination of museum objects
Author(s): G. Verri
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Use of visible and infrared reflectance and luminescence imaging spectroscopy to study illuminated manuscripts: pigment identification and visualization of underdrawings
Author(s): Paola Ricciardi; John K. Delaney; Lisha Glinsman; Mathieu Thoury; Michelle Facini; E. René de la Rie
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Double laser LIBS and micro-XRF spectroscopy applied to characterize materials coming from the Greek-Roman theater of Taormina
Author(s): Maria Francesca Alberghina; Rosita Barraco; Maria Brai; Tiziano Schillaci; Luigi Tranchina
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Influence of the artistic techniques on the visual appearance of complexions in art
Author(s): Caroline Magnain; Mady Elias; Jean-Marc Frigerio
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2.5D virtual reality visualisation of shearography strain data from a canvas painting
Author(s): R. M. Groves; A. Li; X. Liu; S. Hackney; X. Peng; W. Osten
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Application of graphically oriented programming to imaging of structure deterioration of historic glass by optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Marcin Sylwestrzak; Ewa A. Kwiatkowska; Pawel Karaszkiewicz; Magdalena Iwanicka; Piotr Targowski
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Application of optical techniques in documentation and identification of archaeological rests: the case study of the Roman bronze rest found in Lucentum
Author(s): L. Granero; F. Diaz; R. Dominguez; J. Hervás; S. Simón; E. Pérez
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Terahertz metrology of tree rings for dendrochronology and cultural heritage applications
Author(s): J. B. Jackson; J. Labaune; G. Mourou; I. Duling; C. Lavier; M. Menu
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Terahertz imaging systems: a non-invasive technique for the analysis of paintings
Author(s): K. Fukunaga; I. Hosako; I. N. Duling III; M. Picollo
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Multi-sensor evaluation of a wooden panel painting using terahertz imaging and shearography
Author(s): Roger M. Groves; Boris Pradarutti; Eleni Kouloumpi; Wolfgang Osten; Gunther Notni
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Absolute LIBS stratigraphy with optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Ewa A. Kwiatkowska; Jan Marczak; Roman Ostrowski; Wojciech Skrzeczanowski; Marcin Sylwestrzak; Magdalena Iwanicka; Piotr Targowski
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Picosecond laser ablation system with process control by optical coherence tomography
Author(s): Piotr Targowski; Roman Ostrowski; Jan Marczak; Marcin Sylwestrzak; Ewa A. Kwiatkowska
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Fourier domain optical coherence tomography for high-precision profilometry
Author(s): Samuel Lawman; Haida Liang
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Laser induced breakdown spectroscopy (LIBS) applied to stratigrafic elemental analysis and optical coherence tomography (OCT) to damage determination of cultural heritage Brazilian coins
Author(s): Marcello M. Amaral; Marcus P. Raele; Anderson Z. de Freitas; Guilherme S. Zahn; Ricardo E. Samad; Nilson D. Vieira Jr.; Luiz V. G. Tarelho
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Study of varnish layers with optical coherence tomography in both visible and infrared domains
Author(s): Gaël Latour; Gaëlle Georges; Laure Siozade; Carole Deumié; Jean-Philippe Echard
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Automated full-3D shape measurement of cultural heritage objects
Author(s): Robert Sitnik; Maciej Karaszewski; Wojciech Zaluski; Pawel Bolewicki
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3D synchrotron x-ray microtomography of paint samples
Author(s): Ester S. B. Ferreira; Jaap J. Boon; Jerre van der Horst; Nadim C. Scherrer; Federica Marone; Marco Stampanoni
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NIR confocal microscopy for painting diagnostics
Author(s): C. Daffara; R. Fontana; L. Pezzati
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Comparison of carved panels from two Irish high crosses using laser scans
Author(s): Thierry Daubos; Dáibhí Ó Cróinín
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Dual scale structural health monitoring system combining FBG sensors and laser scanning
Author(s): Hugo F. Lima; M. Fátima Domingues; Rogério N. Nogueira; Paulo André; João L. Pinto
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Comparative evaluation of ultrafast laser beam interaction with the silvering in late Roman coins
Author(s): A. A. Serafetinides; E. Drakaki; E. Fabrikesi; M. Kandyla; I. Zergioti; C. Vlachou-Mogire; R. R. Thomson; A. K. Kar; N. Boukos; A. G. Karydas
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LIBS identification of pigments from Aula Leopoldina vault
Author(s): R. Ostrowski; W. Skrzeczanowski; J. Marczak; A. Sarzynski
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Analysis of the European lacquer technique and technology of polychromed wooden decoration of Chinese room in Wilanow Palace in Warsaw
Author(s): Irmina Zadrozna; Anna Guzowska; Elzbieta Jezewska
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Conservation of wooden art works and laser cleaning
Author(s): A. Koss; M. Lubryczynska; J. Czernichowska; I. Uchman-Laskowska; K. Chmielewski; M. Mazur; A. Markowska; J. Marczak; M. Strzelec
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Set of advanced laser cleaning heads and systems
Author(s): Jan Marczak; Roman Ostrowski; Antoni Rycyk; Marek Strzelec
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In-depth assessment of modifications induced during the laser cleaning of modern paintings
Author(s): Alexandros Selimis; Panagiota Vounisiou; George J. Tserevelakis; Kristalia Melessanaki; Paraskevi Pouli; George Filippidis; Costas Beltsios; Savas Georgiou; Costas Fotakis
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Imaging data integration for painting diagnostics
Author(s): C. Daffara; D. Ambrosini; R. Di Biase; R. Fontana; D. Paoletti; L. Pezzati; S. Rossi
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X-ray CT imaging as a scientific tool to study the capillary water absorption in sedimentary rocks used in cultural heritages
Author(s): M. F. Alberghina; R. Barraco; M. Brai; A. Lo Casto; A. Mazzocchio; T. Schillaci
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Noninvasive conoscopic holography-based device for artworks surface acquisition
Author(s): P. Carcagnì; E. Cavallo; A. Della Patria; G. Gianfrate; L. Pezzati; R. Piccolo; P. Pingi
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