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Twelfth International Workshop on Nanodesign Technology and Computer Simulations
Editor(s): Alexander I. Melker; Vladislav V. Nelayev
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Volume Number: 7377
Date Published: 16 June 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7377
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Molecular dynamics simulation of mechanical properties of carbon nanotubes and their contact interaction with substrate
Author(s): Viatcheslav V. Barkaline; Aleksander S. Chashynski; Sergey A. Chizhik
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Ab initio simulation of magnetically functionalized carbon nanotubes
Author(s): Vladislav V. Nelayev; Krishna N. Dovzhik
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Computer simulation of electronic and magnetic properties of ternary chalcopyrites doped with transition metals
Author(s): Anna V. Krivosheeva; Victor L. Shaposhnikov; Victor E. Borisenko; François Arnaud d'Avitaya; J.-L. Lazzari
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Structure and electronic properties of fullerene derivative: quantum chemical calculations
Author(s): Dmitrii V. Lopatin; Evgenii S. Chirkin
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Modeling of electronic and spin structure of single NV centers in nanostructured diamond: influence of nanodiamond surface
Author(s): Vadim A. Pushkarchuk; Alexander P. Nizovtsev; Alexander L. Pushkarchuk; Andrew B. Filonov; Viktor E. Borisenko; S. A. Kuten; Sergei Ya. Kilin
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Spin-dependent transport of electrons through ferromagnetic/insulator/semiconductor nanostructures
Author(s): Tatiana N. Sidorova; Alexander L. Danilyuk; Vviktor E. Borisenko; F. Arnaud d'Avitaya; J.-L. Lazzari
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Study of single structure of Co[sub]n[/sub] (n=6, 8, 10, 12, 14,16,18) nanoparticles
Author(s): Jelena Tamulienė; Goncal Badenes; Rimas Vaišnoras; Mindaugas L. Balevičius; Loreta Rasteniene
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Simulation of electromagnetic radiation passing through liquid-containing nanostructured materials
Author(s): Natallia V. Kolbun; Timophey V. Borbotko; Alexandr A. Kazeka; Alexander M. Proudnik; Leanid M. Lynkou
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Nanoparticle interactions: improvement of experimental optical data analysis
Author(s): Alexandra G. Bezrukova
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Delay, change and bifurcation of the immunofluorescence distribution attractors in health statuses diagnostics and in medical treatment
Author(s): Nikolay E. Galich; Michael V. Filatov
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Variations of attractors and wavelet spectra of the immunofluorescence distributions for women in the pregnant period
Author(s): Nikolay E. Galich
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Combined atomic force microscopy and optical microscopy measurements as a method of erythrocyte investigation
Author(s): Elizaveta S. Drozd; Sergei A. Chizhik
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Polymeric analogs of biological membranes
Author(s): Nataliya A. Marchyk; Gennady K. Zhavnerko; Vladimir E. Agabekov
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Quantum chemical ab initio modeling of molecular structure of K, Mg aspartate salts in aqueous media
Author(s): Vladimir S. Soldatov; Alexander L. Pushkarchuk; Zoya I. Kuvaeva
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On the nature of void swelling
Author(s): Alexander I. Melker
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Resonant properties of ordered carbon nanotube arrays
Author(s): Vyacheslav V. Barkaline; Pavel A. Zhuchak
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Effect of thermal treatment on spectroscopic properties of europium doped niobate phosphate glasses
Author(s): Tatyana V. Bocharova; Anna N. Vlasova; Garegin O. Karapetyan; Alexey M. Mironov
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Computer simulations of the Ni2MnGa alloys
Author(s): Teodor M. Breczko; Vladislav Nelayev; Krishna Dovzhik; Miroslaw Najbuk
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Tapping and shear-mode atomic force microscopy using a quartz tuning fork with high quality factor
Author(s): Vo Thanh Tung; Sergey A. Chizhik; V. V. Chikunov; Tran Xuan Hoai
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The combined influence of low-flux electrons irradiation and weak magnetic field on silicon microhardness
Author(s): Yuriy I. Golovin; Alexander A. Dmitrievskiy; Nadezhda Yu. Efremova; Vladimir M. Vasyukov
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Modeling the kinetics of non-isothermal heterogeneous interaction during combustion synthesis of advanced micro- and nanocrystalline materials
Author(s): Boris B. Khina
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Simulation of magnetic tunnel junction in ferromagnetic/insulator/semiconductor structure
Author(s): Alexander I. Kostrov; Viktor R. Stempitsky; Vladimir N. Kazimirchik
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Magnetic properties of CNT arrays synthesized by the injection CVD method at various catalyst concentrations
Author(s): Alena L. Prudnikava; Vladimir A. Labunov; Boris G. Shulitski; Kazimir I. Yanushkevich; Alexander L. Danilyuk; Olga F. Demidenko
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Nanoporous alumina films for display devices
Author(s): Vitaly Sokol; Sergey Gaponenko; Valentina Yakovtseva; George Litvinovich; Sergey Prislopsky; Andrey Lutich
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Study of superficial stress gradients by computer simulation and x-ray diffraction experiment
Author(s): Joaquim T. Assis; Vladimir I. Monin; Susana M. Iglesias
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Molecular dynamics simulation of carbon nanotube structural transformations under heating
Author(s): Mikhail Britch; Kkirill Dobrego; L. Krasovskaya
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Simulation of mechanical properties and residual stress of nanostructural coatings based on transition metals nitrides
Author(s): Alexander L. Danilyuk; Victor L. Shaposhnikov; Andrew B. Filonov; Victor M. Anischik; Vladimir V. Uglov; Аndrew K. Kuleshov; Мaxim A. Danilyuk
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Effect of palladium addition on nickel silicide formation on Si (111)
Author(s): Aliaksandra O. Karabko; Anatoly P. Dostanko; Sergei M. Zavadsky; Jinfang Kong; Wenzhong Shen
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Computer simulation of structure transformations due to two-particles agglomeration
Author(s): Lidia Karkina; Ilya Karkin; Yurii Gornostyrev
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Influence of the dispersion on boundary conditions for gas mechanics
Author(s): Evelina V. Prozorova
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Defect structure and deformation behavior of intermetallic Ti3Al (computer simulation and TEM investigation)
Author(s): Luidmila Yakovenkova; Lidia Karkina
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Modeling of defects in wide-gap semiconductors using cluster approach
Author(s): Alexander L. Gurskii
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Towards scalable quantum computers: nano-design and simulations of quantum register
Author(s): Sergei Ya. Kilin; Alexander P. Nizovtsev; Alexander S. Maloshtan; Alexander L. Pushkarchuk; Vadim A. Pushkarchuk; Semen A. Kuten; Fedor Jelezko; Joerg Wrachtrup
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Mathematical modeling of non-Fickian mass transport in fractured porous media
Author(s): Sergei A. Fomin; Vladimir A. Chugunov; Toshiyuki Hashida
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An extended "five-stream" model for diffusion of donor and acceptor dopants in Si during the production of ultrashallow pi-v junctions
Author(s): Boris B. Khina
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Simulation of tunneling sensor MIM-nanostructures
Author(s): Vladimir M. Koleshko; Anatoliy V. Gulay; Viacheslav A. Gulay
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End-to-end statistical process/device/circuit/system design
Author(s): M. Krasikov; V. Nelayev; V. Syakerckii; V. Stempitsky
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Modeling of the process of superhydrophobic surface formation
Author(s): Galina B. Lisovskaya; Sergei A. Chizhik; Alexander E. Salamianski; Vladimir E. Agabekov; Gennady K. Zhavnerko
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Monte Carlo simulation of ionized impurity scattering process in bulk silicon
Author(s): Dmitrii Speransky
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New approach to the manufacturing of power microwave bipolar transistors at an irradiation of ohmic contacts: a computer simulation
Author(s): Yury P. Snitovsky; Vasily A. Efremov
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Modelling of planar linear motor for microelectronic equipment
Author(s): Vladimir V. Jarski
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