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Nanotechnology IV
Editor(s): Achim Wixforth
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Volume Number: 7364
Date Published: 18 May 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7364
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Electronic and excitonic properties of self-assembled semiconductor quantum rings
Author(s): V. M. Fomin; V. N. Gladilin; J. T. Devreese; J. H. Blokland; P. C. M. Christianen; J. C. Maan; A. G. Taboada; D. Granados; J. M. García; N. A. J. M. Kleemans; H. C. M. van Genuchten; M. Bozkurt; P. M. Koenraad
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Characterization of nano-thin films and membranes by use of atomic force acoustic microscopy methods
Author(s): Malgorzata Kopycinska-Mueller; Andre Striegler; Bernd Köhler; Norbert Meyendorf; Klaus-Jürgen Wolter
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Local charge storage and decay mechanism in silica
Author(s): Harald Graaf; Carsten Maedler; Christian von Borczyskowski
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Spin-dependent transport in hard superparamagnetic C:Ni nanocomposites
Author(s): Shengqiang Zhou; G. Abrasonis; A. Mücklich; K. Potzger; J. Fassbender; M. Helm; H. Schmidt
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Nanostructure formation driven by local protonation of polymer thin films
Author(s): Carsten Maedler; Harald Graaf; Sailaja Chada; Mingdi Yan; Andres La Rosa
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Creation of functionalized nanostructures on alkyl terminated silicon by selective binding of dye molecules
Author(s): Thomas Baumgärtel; Harald Graaf; Christian von Borczyskowski
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Programmable lab-on-a-chip system for single cell analysis
Author(s): S. Thalhammer
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Attainability of negative differential conductance in tunnel Schottky structures with 2D channels: theory and experiment
Author(s): Michael N. Feiginov; Igor N. Kotel'nikov
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Bio-mimicking rotary nanomotors
Author(s): Anatoly Smirnov; Lev Murokh; Sergey Savel'ev; Franco Nori
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Surface reactions of (sub)monolayers of small organic species on oxidized silicon
Author(s): N. Salingue; D. Lingenfelser; P. Prunici; P. Hess
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Luminescence and photovoltaic effect of multilayer structures based on CdSe and CdSe/ZnS nanoparticles embedded into organic semiconductors
Author(s): A. A. Chistyakov; S. V. Dayneko; V. A. Oleinikov; A. R. Tameev; M. G. Tedoradze; K. V. Zakharchenko; V. I. Zolotarevskiy
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Patterning of Si substrates for Ge/Si(001) islands grown by low-energy plasma enhanced CVD
Author(s): Monica Bollani; Daniel Chrastina; Alexey Fedorov; Giovanni Isella; Roman Sordan
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Mesoscale honeycomb films for templating inorganic nanomaterials and microspheres
Author(s): K. Kon; O. Karthaus
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Heterojunction solar cell fabricated by spin-coating of a CNT/PEDOT:PSS heteroemitter on top of a crystalline silicon absorber
Author(s): Heinz-Christoph Neitzert; Stefan Schwertheim; Katrin Meusinger; Marcel Leinhos; Wolfgang R. Fahrner
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Nanoparticle contamination control for EUVL-technology: especially for photomasks in carriers and scanners
Author(s): Heinz Fissan; Christof Asbach; Thomas A. J. Kuhlbusch; Jing Wang; David Y. H. Pui; Se-Jin Yook; Jung H. Kim
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Scanning probe measurements of CuI doped single-walled carbon nanotubes
Author(s): Alexey A. Zhukov; Valentina K. Gartman; Andrey A. Eliseev
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Vortex dynamics in high-Tc superconducting films with arrays of antidots
Author(s): V. M. Fomin; R. Wördenweber
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Experimental realization of a Fabry-Perot-type interferometer by co-propagating edge states in the integer and fractional quantum Hall effect regimes
Author(s): Eduard V. Deviatov; Bastian Marquardt; Axel Lorke; Giorgio Biasiol; Lucia Sorba
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