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Holography: Advances and Modern Trends
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Volume Number: 7358
Date Published: 25 May 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7358
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
A comparative review of silver halide photopolymerizable system and sol-gel holographic materials
Author(s): A. Fimia; P. Acebal; S. Blaya; L. Carretero; A. Murciano; R. F. Madrigal
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Optimization of the photochromic response of photoaddressable polymers with azobenzene-containing molecular glasses
Author(s): Roland Walker; Hubert Audorff; Lothar Kador; Hans-Werner Schmidt
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Photokinetic study of Irgacure 784 dye in an epoxy resin photopolymer
Author(s): Dusan Sabol; Michael R. Gleeson; Shui Liu; John T. Sheridan
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Sub-50nm extreme ultraviolet holographic imaging
Author(s): P. W. Wachulak; M. C. Marconi; R. A. Bartels; C. S. Menoni; J. J. Rocca
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3-D coherence holography using a modified Sagnac radial shearing interferometer with geometric phase shift
Author(s): Dinesh N. Naik; Takahiro Ezawa; Yoko Miyamoto; Mitsuo Takeda
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Time-resolved two-wavelength contouring of adaptive fluidic PDMS-lenses
Author(s): Thomas Hansel; Ruediger Grunwald; Günter Steinmeyer; Uwe Griebner; Florian Schneider; Ulrike Wallrabe
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Polarization-holographic diffraction element for complete analysis of light
Author(s): Barbara Kilosanidze; George Kakauridze
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Digital in-line holography with a single high-order harmonic pulse
Author(s): Jörg Schwenke; Xinkui He; Alexander Mai; Miguel Miranda; Anne L'Huillier
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Advanced synthetic holograms for security purposes
Author(s): Libor Kotačka; Petr Vízdal; Tomás Behounek
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Polarization-sensitive multilayer diffractive structures for document security
Author(s): Ivo Aubrecht
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Holographic 3D microfabrication by femtosecond pulse laser
Author(s): Masahiro Yamaji; Hayato Kawashima; Jun'ichi Suzuki; Shuhei Tanaka
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Device for synthetizing computer-generated holograms
Author(s): Jakub Svoboda; Pavel Fiala
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Hybrid aplanatic diffractive optical systems
Author(s): Jaroslav Hopp; Pavel Fiala
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The importance of holograms in dentistry
Author(s): Cosmin Sinescu; Meda Negrutiu; Dana Pop; Lavinia Cuc; Aldo DeSabata; Radu Negru; Mihai Hluscu; Mihai Rominu; Corina Marcauteanu; Eniko Demjan; Adrian Bradu; Iulian Antoniac; George Dobre; Adrian Podoleanu
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Photonic crystals and plasmonic structures recorded by multi-exposure of holographic patterns
Author(s): Jacson W. Menezes; Edmundo S. Braga; Lucila Cescato
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1×2 demultiplexer for a light waveguide communications system based on a holographic grating
Author(s): Xuechang Ren; Xiangsu Zhang; Canhui Wang; Shou Liu
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Small-angle beam deviation with high resolution using gratings
Author(s): Canhui Wang; Xuechang Ren; Xiangsu Zhang; Shou Liu; Guohua Liu
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Non-local photopolymerization kinetics with multiple termination mechanisms and post-exposure effects
Author(s): Michael R. Gleeson; Shui Liu; Dusan Sabol; John T. Sheridan
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Highly effective dynamic holographic gratings in doped bismuth titanate crystals and applications to metrology
Author(s): George E. Dovgalenko; Ying Wu
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Improved model of the photo-initiation mechanisms in photopolymer materials
Author(s): Shui Liu; Michael R. Gleeson; Dusan Sabol; John T. Sheridan
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Parameter extraction from gratings recorded in photopolymer
Author(s): Dusan Sabol; Michael R Gleeson; John T. Sheridan
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Dynamic polarization holography: methods and applications
Author(s): Barbara Kilosanidze; George Kakauridze; Irakli Chaganava
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Record of thin dynamic holographic grating with asymmetrical fringe profile in optical feedback loop with TV-closure
Author(s): V. Yu. Venediktov; N. N. Freygang; V. A. Laskin
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Semi-lens lens array and fast Fourier transform to generate hologram for live electronic holography
Author(s): Kenji Yamamoto; Tomoyuki Mishina; Makoto Okui
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Walk through type electroholographic display using 3D screen
Author(s): Koki Sato; Kunihiko Takano; Makoto Ohki
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Computer generated holographic invariant LPCC filters for 4-f correlator
Author(s): R. S. Starikov; E. Yu. Zlokazov
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Holographic data storage with a planar-integrated optical write-read head
Author(s): Matthias Soellner; Udo Vieth; Ken Yuh Hsu; Shiuan Huei Lin; Matthias Gruber
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Deformation and shape measurement by compensation in digital holography
Author(s): Richárd Séfel; János Kornis
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Compression of digital hologram sequences using MPEG-4
Author(s): Emmanouil Darakis; Thomas J. Naughton
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Optimization of lattice constants of 2D photonic crystals fabricated on ITO layers of LEDs using holographic method for efficient light extraction
Author(s): Han Lin; Xiangsu Zhang; Shou Liu
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Digital holography with arbitrary phase-step reconstruction using multiple holograms
Author(s): Chi-Ching Chang; Wang Ta Hsieh; Ming Kuei Kuo
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Fabrication of 2D photonic crystals with micron to submicron hexagonal lattices using single-exposure holographic technique
Author(s): Xiangsu Zhang; Sensen Li; Shou Liu; Han Lin; Xiaoyun Chen; Xuechang Ren
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Linear response deviations in photopolymers
Author(s): M. Ortuño; C. Neipp; E. Fernández; M. L. Álvarez; A. Beléndez
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Research of a method and optical system for recording multiplex holograms in a system of holographic memory
Author(s): Sergey B. Odinokov; Evgeny A. Usovich; Nina M. Verenikina; Vladimir V. Markin; Anton S. Goncharov; Dmitry S. Lushnikov; Aleksey S. Kuznecov; Alexander Y. Pavlov; Alexander I. Nikolaev; Olga V. Andreeva
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Phase recording for formation of holographic optical elements on silver-halide photographic emulsions
Author(s): Nina M. Ganzherli; Sergey N. Gulyaev; Irina A. Maurer; Dmitrii F. Chernykh
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Holographic fabrication of periodic structures on silicon as antireflective layers for high efficiency solar cells
Author(s): Xiaoyun Chen; Xiangsu Zhang; Shou Liu; Xuechang Ren; Canhui Wang
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An elementary research on wireless transmission of holographic 3D moving pictures
Author(s): Kunihiko Takano; Koki Sato; Takaya Endo; Hiroaki Asano; Atsuo Fukuzawa; Kikuo Asai
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A color retrieval technique using holograms
Author(s): Mitsuo Fukuda; Shota Yamamoto; Makoto Kato; Tadahiko Kawaguchi; Masaki Aono; Hideo Sekino; Mitsuteru Inoue
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Multiplexing holograms for data page storage using a LCD as hybrid ternary modulation
Author(s): Elena Fernández; Manuel Ortuño; Sergi Gallego; Celia García; Andrés Márquez; Augusto Beléndez; Inmaculada Pascual
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Reflection holograms in a PVA/AA photopolymer: several compositions
Author(s): Rosa Fuentes; Elena Fernández; Celia García; Inmaculada Pascual
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Phase code multiplexed ROM type holographic memory using the computer generated hologram
Author(s): Yasuhiro Ohuchi; Yosuke Takahata; Shuhei Yoshida; Manabu Yamamoto
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Properties of PVA/AA photopolymers at very low spatial frequencies
Author(s): S. Gallego; A. Márquez; D. Méndez; S. Marini; E. Fernández
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Microdisplays in holographic mastering applications
Author(s): Sven Plöger; Sven Krüger; Stefan Osten; Günther K. G. Wernicke; Gerhard K. Ackermann; Jürgen Eichler
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Low spatial frequency grating recorded in photopolymer material
Author(s): Norbert Tarjányi; Daniel Kácik; Dusan Sabol; John T. Sheridan
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