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Unmanned Systems Technology XI
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Volume Number: 7332
Date Published: 28 April 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7332
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Fusion of inertial, optical flow, and airspeed measurements for UAV navigation in GPS-denied environments
Author(s): Andrey Soloviev; Adam J. Rutkowski
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Wideband lasers on manned/unmanned platforms under poly-environment
Author(s): Lawrence Shah; John Zeller; Martin Richardson; Michael L. Talbert; Gunasekaran S. Seetharaman; Tariq Manzur
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Integrated long-range UAV/UGV collaborative target tracking
Author(s): Mark B. Moseley; Benjamin P. Grocholsky; Carol Cheung; Sanjiv Singh
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PRISTA UAVs: from troop companion to troop replacement
Author(s): Jon Maynell
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Determining the position of runways from UAV video
Author(s): Richard Warren; Amber Fischer
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Complexity of robotic sensor networks
Author(s): Adam Mustapha; Harpreet Singh; Arati M. Dixit; Kassem Saab; Grant R. Gerhart
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Developing a UAV-based rapid mapping system for emergency response
Author(s): Kyoungah Choi; Impyeong Lee; Juseok Hong; Taewan Oh; Sung Woong Shin
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The DARPA LANdroids program
Author(s): Mark McClure; Daniel R. Corbett; Douglas W. Gage
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Biologically inspired collision avoidance system for unmanned vehicles
Author(s): Fernando E. Ortiz; Brett Graham; Kyle Spagnoli; Eric J. Kelmelis
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Implementation of a piezoelectrically actuated self-contained quadruped robot
Author(s): Thanhtam Ho; Sangyoon Lee
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Advancing manufacturing research through competitions
Author(s): Stephen Balakirsky; Raj Madhavan
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Robust formation control of multi-robot systems subject to interconnection time-delays using minimum dynamic communication
Author(s): Junjie Zhang; Suhada Jayasuriya
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Preliminary results in force-guided assembly for teams of heterogeneous robots
Author(s): Juan Rojas; R. A. Peters II
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Field experiments using SPEAR: a speech control system for UGVs
Author(s): Siddharth R. Chhatpar; Chris Blanco; Jeffrey Czerniak; Orin Hoffman; Amit Juneja; Tarun Pruthi; Dongqing Liu; Robert Karlsen; Jonathan Brown
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Flat panel 3D display for unmanned ground vehicles
Author(s): J. Larry Pezzaniti; Richard Edmondson; Justin Vaden; Brian Hyatt; David B. Chenault; Joseph L. Tchon; Tracy J. Barnidge; Brad Pettijohn
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Improved situational awareness and mission performance for explosive ordnance disposal robots
Author(s): Kent Massey; Jared Sapp; Eddy Tsui
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FOCU:S - future operator control unit: soldier
Author(s): Barry J. O'Brien; Cem Karan; Stuart H. Young
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Adaptable formations utilizing heterogeneous unmanned systems
Author(s): Laura E. Barnes; Richard Garcia; MaryAnne Fields; Kimon Valavanis
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Road surveillance using a team of small UAVs
Author(s): Derek Kingston
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Discrete event command and control for networked teams with multiple missions
Author(s): Frank L. Lewis; Greg Robert Hudas; Chee Khiang Pang; Matthew B. Middleton; Christopher McMurrough
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Sequential learning for robot vision terrain classification
Author(s): Gary Witus; Robert Karlsen; Shawn Hunt
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Neural network control of nonholonomic robot formations using limited communication with reliability assessment
Author(s): Travis Dierks; S. Jagannathan
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Toward cognitive robotics
Author(s): John E. Laird
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Stereo-vision-based terrain mapping for off-road autonomous navigation
Author(s): Arturo L. Rankin; Andres Huertas; Larry H. Matthies
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Using a laser range finder mounted on a MicroVision robot to estimate environmental parameters
Author(s): Duc Fehr; Nikos Papanikolopoulos
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Characterization of the Hokuyo URG-04LX laser rangefinder for mobile robot obstacle negotiation
Author(s): Yoichi Okubo; Cang Ye; Johann Borenstein
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Tessellated structure from motion for midrange perception and tactical planning
Author(s): Minbo Shim; Samson Yilma
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Detecting and tracking humans using a man-portable robot
Author(s): David Baran; Nick Fung; Sean Ho; James Sherman
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A stereo camera system for autonomous maritime navigation (AMN) vehicles
Author(s): Weihong Zhang; Ping Zhuang; Les Elkins; Rick Simon; David Gore; Jeff Cogar; Kevin Hildebrand; Steve Crawford; Joe Fuller
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Detection of moving targets from a moving ground platform
Author(s): Thomas B. Sebastian; Christopher M. Wynnyk; Peter H. Tu; Sabrina B. Barnes
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Increasing agility in unmanned ground vehicles using variable internal mass and inertial properties
Author(s): Chenghui Nie; Simo Cusi Van Dooren; Jainam Shah; Matthew Spenko
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Stereo vision and laser odometry for autonomous helicopters in GPS-denied indoor environments
Author(s): Markus Achtelik; Abraham Bachrach; Ruijie He; Samuel Prentice; Nicholas Roy
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Test results of autonomous behaviors for urban environment exploration
Author(s): G. Ahuja; D. Fellars; G. Kogut; E. Pacis Rius; B. Sights; H. R. Everett
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Toward a generic UGV autopilot
Author(s): Kevin L. Moore; Mark Whitehorn; Alejandro J. Weinstein; Junjun Xia
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An interactive physics-based unmanned ground vehicle simulator leveraging open source gaming technology: progress in the development and application of the virtual autonomous navigation environment (VANE) desktop
Author(s): Mitchell M. Rohde; Justin Crawford; Matthew Toschlog; Karl D. Iagnemma; Guarav Kewlani; Christopher L. Cummins; Randolph A. Jones; David A. Horner
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Tracked robot controllers for climbing obstacles autonomously
Author(s): Isabelle Vincent
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Evaluation of terrain parameter estimation using a stochastic terrain model
Author(s): Danielle A. Dumond; Laura E. Ray; Eric Trautmann
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Land, sea, and air unmanned systems research and development at SPAWAR Systems Center Pacific
Author(s): Hoa G. Nguyen; Robin Laird; Greg Kogut; John Andrews; Barbara Fletcher; Todd Webber; Rich Arrieta; H. R. Everett
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Evolving U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) unmanned systems research, development, test, acquisition, and evaluation (RDTA&E)
Author(s): Robin T. Laird
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TARDEC's Intelligent Ground Systems overview
Author(s): Jeffrey F. Jaster
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Joint collaborative technology experiment
Author(s): Michael Wills; Donny Ciccimaro; See Yee; Thomas Denewiler; Nicholas Stroumtsos; John Messamore; Rodney Brown; Brian Skibba; Daniel Clapp; Jeff Wit; Randy J. Shirts; Gary N. Dion; Gary S. Anselmo
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A vision-based robotic follower vehicle
Author(s): Jared L. Giesbrecht; Hien K. Goi; Timothy D. Barfoot; Bruce A. Francis
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3D visualization for improved manipulation and mobility in EOD and combat engineering applications
Author(s): Joel Alberts; John Edwards; Josh Johnston; Jeff Ferrin
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OzBot and haptics: remote surveillance to physical presence
Author(s): James Mullins; Mick Fielding; Saeid Nahavandi
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Laser-assisted real-time and scaled telerobotic control of a manipulator for defense and security applications
Author(s): Eduardo Veras; Karan Khokar; Redwan Alqasemi; Rajiv Dubey
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Stingray: high-speed control of small UGVs in urban terrain
Author(s): Brian Yamauchi; Kent Massey
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Implementation of small robot autonomy in an integrated environment
Author(s): Barry J. O'Brien; Laurel Sadler
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Vision-based effective dispersion of miniature robots by using local sensing
Author(s): Hyeun Jeong Min; Nikolaos Papanikolopoulos
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Ten-kilogram vehicle autonomous operations
Author(s): John R. Rogers; Christopher Korpela; Kevin Quigley
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Inexpensive robot for remote detection of UXO
Author(s): Joshua Galloway; Daren R. Wilcox
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On software implementation of reliability of unmanned ground vehicles
Author(s): Arati M. Dixit; Kassem Saab; Harpreet Singh; Adam Mustapha; Grant R. Gerhart
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UGV application modeling and sensor simulation using a rapid prototyping testbed environment
Author(s): James Falasco; Steve O'Leary
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Comparison of real-time performance of Kalman filter-based slam methods for unmanned ground vehicle (UGV) navigation
Author(s): Hakan Temeltaş; Deniz Kavak
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