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Laser Technology for Defense and Security V
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Volume Number: 7325
Date Published: 30 April 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7325
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Theoretical and experimental investigation on an Er3+:YAG solid-state heat-capacity laser
Author(s): Marc Eichhorn
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Measurement and analysis of upconversion rates of Er:YAG at room temperature
Author(s): G. A. Newburgh; T. Sanamyan; M. Dubinskii
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Resonantly diode-pumped Er:YAG laser: 1470-nm versus 1530-nm CW pumping case
Author(s): Igor Kudryashov; Nikolai Ter-Gabrielyan; Mark Dubinskii
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Diode-pumped dysprosium laser materials
Author(s): S. R. Bowman; N. J. Condon; S. O'Connor; A. Rosenberg
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Electronically controlled heat sink for high-power laser diodes
Author(s): John Vetrovec
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Power scaling of resonantly pumped Yb-free Er-doped fiber laser
Author(s): M. Dubinskii; J. Zhang; V. Ter-Mikirtychev
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Latest developments in high-power tunable CW narrow line thulium fiber laser for deployment to the ISTEF
Author(s): Vikas Sudesh; Timothy S. McComb; Robert A. Sims; Lawrence Shah; Martin Richardson; John Stryjewski
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400W monolithic high efficiency 2 µm MOPA
Author(s): S. Christensen; T. Ehrenreich; V. Khitrov; K. Tankala; A. Carter; B. Samson
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Compact quantum cascade laser transmitter
Author(s): Norman C. Anheier Jr.; Brian K. Hatchell; Kevin L. Gervais; Michael D. Wojcik; Kannan Krishnaswami; Bruce E. Bernacki
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Mid-IR intracavity OPO
Author(s): S. Pisharody; J. Kilmer; Y. Yin
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Spectral beam combining of quantum cascade lasers in an external cavity
Author(s): S. Hugger; F. Fuchs; Rolf Aidam; W. Bronner; R. Loesch; Q. Yang; N. Schulz; J. Wagner; E. Romasew; M. Raab; H. D. Tholl
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Thulium fibre laser pumped mid-IR source
Author(s): Ian Elder
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High-power lightweight external-cavity quantum cascade lasers
Author(s): Timothy Day; Eric B. Takeuchi; Miles Weida; David Arnone; Michael Pushkarsky; David Boyden; David Caffey
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Wavelength beam combined quantum cascade lasers for IRCM
Author(s): John L. Bradshaw; Richard L Tober; John D. Bruno; Richard P. Leavitt; Kevin M. Lascola; Gregory P. Meissner; John T. Pham
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High power and efficiency quantum cascade laser systems for defense and security applications
Author(s): A. Tsekoun; A. Lyakh; R. Maulini; M. Lane; T. Macdonald; R. Go; C. Kumar N. Patel
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Compact narrow linewidth semiconductor laser module
Author(s): M. Poulin; S. Ayotte; C. Latrasse; Y. Painchaud; J. F. Cliche; A. Babin; M. Aubé; M. Picard; F. Costin; M. Têtu; G. Lafrance
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Thermally insensitive laser diode arrays
Author(s): Andrew White; Gavin Hall; John Barr; Mark McElhinney; Prabhu Thiagarajan; Chuanshun Cao
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Ultracompact visible R-G-B lasers for defense applications
Author(s): Wentao Hu; Xiaodong Yang; Chun Wang; Yossi Gewirtz; Mark L. Osowski; Robert M. Lammert; Se W. Oh; Victor C. Elarde; Laurent Vaissie; Falgun D. Patel; Paul T. Rudy; Jeffrey E. Ungar
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Highly reliable high-efficiency wavelength-stabilized 885 nm diode laser bars
Author(s): Paul Leisher; Ling Bao; Hua Huang; Jun Wang; Mark DeVito; Weimin Dong; Mike Grimshaw; David Balsley; Rob Martinsen; Mark DeFranza; Steve Patterson
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High brightness diode laser module development at nLIGHT Photonics
Author(s): Kirk Price; Scott Karlsen; Aaron Brown; Mitch Reynolds; Ron Mehl; Paul Leisher; Steve Patterson; Jake Bell; Rob Martinsen
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High-power laser diodes at SCD: performance and reliability for defence and space applications
Author(s): Shlomo Risemberg; Yoram Karni; Genadi Klumel; Moshe Levy; Yuri Berk; Markus Rech; Hubert Becht; Bruno Frei
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High-power semiconductor lasers at eye-safe wavelengths
Author(s): Mark L. Osowski; Yossi Gewirtz; Robert M. Lammert; Se W. Oh; Chameli Panja; Victor C. Elarde; Laurent Vaissie; Falgun D. Patel; Jeffrey E. Ungar
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Ultrafast laser IR countermeasures
Author(s): Michael K. Rafailov
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Low cost plane parallel plate lateral shearing interferometer for infrared laser beam diagnostics
Author(s): Bruce E. Bernacki; Kannan Krishnaswami; Norman C. Anheier
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Characterization of single-mode chalcogenide optical fiber for mid-infrared applications
Author(s): Kannan Krishnaswami; Hong (Amy) Qiao; Bruce E. Bernacki; Norman C. Anheier Jr.
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