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Laser Radar Technology and Applications XIV
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Volume Number: 7323
Date Published: 30 April 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7323
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Echo digitizing imaging lidar for rendezvous and docking
Author(s): Martin Pfennigbauer; Bettina Möbius; Joao Pereira do Carmo
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Eyesafe ladar testbed with coaxial color imager
Author(s): Robert T. Pack; Jason Swasey; Rees Fullmer; Scott Budge; Paul Israelsen; Brad Petersen; Dean Cook
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Waveform comparison for coherent ladar imaging using a helicopter facet model target
Author(s): Douglas G. Youmans
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Integration of 3D and 2D imaging data for assured navigation in unknown environments: initial steps
Author(s): Evan Dill; Maarten Uijt de Haag
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Detection of concealed objects with a mobile laser scanning system
Author(s): Martin Pfennigbauer; Peter Rieger; Nikolaus Studnicka; Andreas Ullrich
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A method for automatic reconstruction 3D models
Author(s): Ling Zhu; Keqin Zhou; Ruoming Shi
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Fundamental relationships inherent to lidar waveforms for classification
Author(s): Amy Neuenschwander; Lori Magruder; Alexis Londo; Scott Tweddale
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Design and validation of the eyesafe ladar testbed (ELT) using the LadarSIM system simulator
Author(s): Kevin D. Neilsen; Scott E. Budge; Robert T. Pack; R. Rees Fullmer; T. Dean Cook
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Data simulation of an airborne lidar system
Author(s): Seongjoon Kim; Seonghong Min; Geunhan Kim; Impyeong Lee; Chulmin Jun
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Photographic-based target models for LADAR applications
Author(s): James T. Jack; Walter H. Delashmit
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Present and future space applications of photon-counting lidars
Author(s): John J. Degnan
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Photon-counting lidar for aerosol detection and 3D imaging
Author(s): Richard M. Marino; Jonathan Richardson; Robert Garnier; David Ireland; Laura Bickmeier; Christina Siracusa; Patrick Quinn
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Effects of lidar point density on bare earth extraction and DEM creation
Author(s): Angela M. Puetz; R. Chris Olsen; Brian Anderson
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Research on target accuracy for ground-based lidar
Author(s): Ling Zhu; Ruoming Shi
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Lidar full-waveform data analysis for detection of faint returns through obscurants
Author(s): Lori A. Magruder; Amy L. Neuenschwander
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Increasing mid-frequency contrast in sparse aperture optical imaging systems
Author(s): Andrew J. Stokes; Bradley D. Duncan; Matthew P. Dierking; Nicholas J. Miller
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Multiple chirp sparse frequency LFM ladar signals
Author(s): Robert V. Chimenti; Matthew P. Dierking; Peter E. Powers; Joseph W. Haus
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Monte Carlo simulation of the effects of pulse and platform jitter on holographic aperture ladar systems
Author(s): Jason W. Stafford; Bradley D. Duncan; Matthew P. Dierking
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Performance bounds of the phase gradient autofocus algorithm for synthetic aperture ladar
Author(s): Phillip Gatt; Don Jacob; Bert Bradford; Joe Marron; Brian Krause
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Aerosol elastic scatter signatures in the near- and mid-wave IR spectral regions
Author(s): Jonathan M. Richardson; John C. Aldridge; Adam B. Milstein; Joseph J. Lacirignola
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Multi-wavelength multi-angular lidar for aerosol characterization
Author(s): Andrea M. Wyant; David M. Brown; Perry S. Edwards; C. Russell Philbrick
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Supercontinuum laser sensing of atmospheric constituents
Author(s): Perry S. Edwards; Andrea M. Wyant; David M. Brown; Zhiwen Liu; C. Russell Philbrick
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System performance and modeling of a bioaerosol detection lidar sensor utilizing polarization diversity
Author(s): John J. Glennon; Terry Nichols; Phillip Gatt; Tahllee Baynard; John H. Marquardt; Richard G. Vanderbeek
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High-speed laser wavelength agility, stabilization, and locking for heterodyne detection differential scatter lidar
Author(s): Diego F. Pierrottet; George E. Busch; Bruce W. Barnes; Thedric D. Jones; Raphael Moon
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Narrow linewidth fiber laser systems via Brillouin-tailored optical fiber
Author(s): Peter D. Dragic
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Low-cost compact ladar sensor for ground robots
Author(s): Barry L. Stann; John F. Dammann; Mark M. Giza; Richard R. Gregory; Pey-Schuan Jian; William B. Lawler
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Identification of air and sea-surface targets with a laser range profiler
Author(s): Johan C. van den Heuvel; Robin M. Schoemaker; Ric H. M. A. Schleijpen
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Wideband dual-frequency lidar-radar for simultaneous velocity and high-resolution range profile measurements
Author(s): G. Pillet; L. Morvan; D. Dolfi; J.-P. Huignard
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Snapshot active polarimetric and multispectral laboratory demonstrator
Author(s): Arnaud Bénière; Mehdi Alouini; François Goudail; Arnaud Grisard; Jérôme Bourderionnet; Daniel Dolfi; Ivar Baarstad; Trond Loke; Peter Kaspersen; Xavier Normandin; Gérard Berginc
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Flight test performance of a high precision navigation Doppler lidar
Author(s): Diego Pierrottet; Farzin Amzajerdian; Larry Petway; Bruce Barnes; George Lockard
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ColorDazl/Daylight Dazzler and eye protection
Author(s): James Pierre Hauck; Siavosh Hamadani; Kevin Fine; David A. Edrich; Justin Eagan
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Off-axis laser warning sensor
Author(s): D. Goular; J. P. Cariou; D. Fleury; C. Planchat; R. Gouyon; C. Besson; A. Bêche; V. Megaides
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