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Terahertz Physics, Devices, and Systems III: Advanced Applications in Industry and Defense
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Volume Number: 7311
Date Published: 30 April 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7311
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Non-invasive mail inspection system with terahertz radiation
Author(s): Hiromichi Hoshina; Yoshiaki Sasaki; Aya Hayashi; Chiko Otani; Kodo Kawase
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Development of a THz heterodyne receiver with quantum cascade laser and hot electron bolometer mixer for standoff detection of explosive material
Author(s): H. Richter; A. D. Semenov; S. G. Pavlov; L. Mahler; A. Tredicucci; H. E. Beere; D. A. Ritchie; M. Ortolani; U. Schade; K. S. Il'in; M. Siegel; H.-W. Hübers
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Terahertz standoff identification: influence of environment and sample properties
Author(s): Michael Herrmann; Sabine Wohnsiedler; Christian Wiegand; Michael Theuer; Joachim Jonuscheit; René Beigang
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Terahertz frequency generation by frequency mixing in semiconductor optical amplifiers
Author(s): Eric Donkor
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Fabrication of Bi-material MEMS detector arrays for THz imaging
Author(s): D. Grbovic; G. Karunasiri
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The potential of wide band-gap semiconductor materials in laser-induced semiconductor switches
Author(s): Dane J. Phillips; Eric R. Smith; Haojun Luo; Patrick Wellenius; John F. Muth; John V. Foreman; Henry O. Everitt
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THz plasmonic modes in metal-clad planar multilayer waveguides
Author(s): Behnood G. Ghamsari; A. Hamed Majedi
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Resonant terahertz absorption by plasmons in grating-gate GaN HEMT structures
Author(s): A. V. Muravjov; D. B. Veksler; X. Hu; R. Gaska; N. Pala; H. Saxena; R. E. Peale; M. S. Shur
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Correcting the secondary focus of Fresnel zone plate antennas
Author(s): James C. Wiltse
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Rapid prototyping for fabrication of GHz-THz bandgap structures
Author(s): Michael E. Gehm; Ziran Wu; Hao Xin
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Application of a high-temperature superconducting detector to terahertz imaging
Author(s): Andrew D. Hellicar; Jia Du; Stephen M. Hanham; Li Li
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Tunable THz plasmon resonances in InGaAs/InP HEMT
Author(s): R. E. Peale; H. Saxena; W. R. Buchwald; G. C. Dyer; S. J. Allen Jr.
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An algorithm for the detection of handguns in terahertz images
Author(s): Andrew J. Lingg; Brian D. Rigling
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Terahertz spectroscopy of explosives and simulants: RDX, PETN, sugar, and L-tartaric acid
Author(s): Christopher Konek; John Wilkinson; Okan Esenturk; Edwin Heilweil; Michael Kemp
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Uncooled detector, optics, and camera development for THz imaging
Author(s): Timothy Pope; Michel Doucet; Fabien Dupont; Linda Marchese; Bruno Tremblay; Georges Baldenberger; Sonia Verrault; Frédéric Lamontagne
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Terahertz backscattering behavior of various absorbing materials
Author(s): C. Wu; A. J. Gatesman; L. DeRoeck; T. Horgan; R. H. Giles; W. E. Nixon
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Active THz imaging system with improved frame rate
Author(s): W. von Spiegel; C. am Weg; R. Henneberger; R. Zimmermann; T. Loeffler; H. G. Roskos
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First demonstration of a vehicle mounted 250GHz real time passive imager
Author(s): Chris Mann
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Uncooled MEMS-based detector arrays for THz imaging applications
Author(s): J. Allen Cox; R. Higashi; F. Nusseibeh; K. Newstrom-Peitso; C. Zins; R. Osiander; J. Lehtonen; E. Dodson
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About efficiency of identification of materials using spectrum dynamics of medium response under the action of THz radiation
Author(s): Vyacheslav A. Trofimov; Svetlana A. Varentsova
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Monte Carlo simulation of terahertz step well quantum cascade laser structures
Author(s): Will Freeman; Gamani Karunasiri
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Binary mask scanning for THz imaging
Author(s): Dan C. Popescu; Andrew D. Hellicar; Li Li; Yue Li; Grahame C. Rosolen; Greg Hislop
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Demonstration of enhanced emission and time delay beam steering using photoconductive terahertz source with multiple spot feed
Author(s): Michael E. Knotts; Douglas R. Denison
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