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Passive Millimeter-Wave Imaging Technology XII
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Volume Number: 7309
Date Published: 28 April 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7309
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Passive millimeter-wave cross polarization imaging and phenomenology
Author(s): E. Lee Stein Jr.; Christopher A. Schuetz; Richard D. Martin; Jesse P. Samluk; John P. Wilson; Daniel G. Mackrides; Janusz A. Murakowski; Maciej Murakowski; Dennis W. Prather
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Direct detection polarimetric radiometer (DDPR)
Author(s): G. Koenig; G. Koh; C. Ryerson
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Comparison of passive millimeter-wave and IR imagery in a nautical environment
Author(s): Peter Coward; Roger Appleby
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Performance modeling of a passive interferometric millimeter-wave sensor
Author(s): Eddie L. Jacobs; Orges Furxhi
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Subpixel visibility in passive millimeter-wave systems
Author(s): Albert Pergande
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Passive millimeter-wave imaging polarimeter system
Author(s): Christopher M. Persons; Christopher A. Martin; Michael W. Jones; Vladimir Kolinko; John A. Lovberg
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Design and performance of a distributed aperture millimeter-wave imaging system using optical upconversion
Author(s): Richard Martin; Christopher A. Schuetz; Thomas E. Dillon; Caihua Chen; Jesse Samluk; E. Lee Stein Jr.; Mark Mirotznik; Dennis W. Prather
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Demonstration of a passive, low-noise, millimeter-wave detector array for imaging
Author(s): David Wikner; Erich Grossman
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Evaluation of a passive millimeter-wave (PMMW) imager for wire detection in degraded visual conditions
Author(s): Roger Appleby; Peter Coward; Jack N. Sanders-Reed
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Design of a high-resolution passive millimeter-wavelength camera for security applications
Author(s): Jonathan Drewes; Robert P. Daly
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Results and experiences from the NATO Common Shield DAT#7 experiment for the Defence Against Terrorism program
Author(s): Markus Peichl; Stephan Dill; Matthias Jirousek; Helmut Süß
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Suicide bomber detection
Author(s): Naomi Alexander; Carlos Callejero; Franco Fiore; Ignacio Gómez; Ramón Gonzalo; Álvaro Enríquez de Luna; Iñigo Ederra; Inés Palacios
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Safe VISITOR: visible, infrared, and terahertz object recognition for security screening application
Author(s): T. May; G. Zieger; S. Anders; V. Zakosarenko; H.-G. Meyer; M. Schubert; M. Starkloff; M. Rößler; G. Thorwirth; U. Krause
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Stand-off passive THz imaging at 8-meter stand-off distance: results from a 64-channel real-time imager
Author(s): Arttu Luukanen; Panu Helistö; Petteri Lappalainen; Mikko Leivo; Anssi Rautiainen; Hans Toivanen; Heikki Seppä; Zach Taylor; Charles R. Dietlein; Erich N. Grossman
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Dual-surface dielectric depth detector for holographic millimeter-wave security scanners
Author(s): Douglas L. McMakin; Paul E. Keller; David M. Sheen; Thomas E. Hall
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A swept millimeter-wave technique for the detection of concealed weapons and thin layers of dielectric material with or without fragmentation
Author(s): David A. Andrews; Sarah Smith; Nacer Rezgui; Nicholas Bowring; Matthew Southgate; Stuart Harmer
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Active wideband 350GHz imaging system for concealed-weapon detection
Author(s): David M. Sheen; Thomas E. Hall; Ronald H. Severtsen; Douglas L. McMakin; Brian K. Hatchell; Patrick L. J. Valdez
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Experimental characterization of mm-wave detection by a micro-array of Golay cells
Author(s): Douglas R. Denison; Michael E. Knotts; Michael E. McConney; Vladimir V. Tsukruk
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Design and analysis of a spatially selective mirror for submillimeter-wave imaging
Author(s): Orges Furxhi; Eddie L. Jacobs
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Development of a high-speed modulator for a W-band millimetre-wave imaging system
Author(s): Peng Yao; Christopher A. Schuetz; Shouyuan Shi; Julien Macario; Rownak Shireen; Dennis W. Prather
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Mm- and THz-waves detector on the base of narrow-gap semiconductors
Author(s): F. F. Sizov; V. Dobrovolsky; V. Zabudsky; Yu. Kamenev; N. Momot; J. Gumenjuk-Sychevska
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