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Radar Sensor Technology XIII
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Volume Number: 7308
Date Published: 29 April 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7308
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Hybrid polarity SAR architecture
Author(s): R. Keith Raney
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The dual-use potential of the TerraSAR-X mission
Author(s): Helmut Suess; Stefan Buckreuss
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Fast ISAR image generation through localization of persistent scattering centers
Author(s): H. Anglberger; R. Speck; T. Kempf; H. Suess
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Lightweight SAR/MTI for small UAV applications
Author(s): John C. Kirk Jr.
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An airborne interferometric SAR system for high-performance 3D mapping
Author(s): Martin Lange; Paul Gill
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A small, manned aircraft as a testbed for radar sensor development
Author(s): Matthew C. Edwards; Evan C. Zaugg; David G. Long; Richard Christiansen; Alex Margulis
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Active millimeter-wave imaging using a raster scanner
Author(s): Axel Hülsmann; Andreas Liebelt; Axel Tessmann; Arnulf Leuther; Michael Schlechtweg; Oliver Ambacher
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Performance evaluation of a W-band monopulse radar in rotorcraft brownout landing aid application
Author(s): Guoqing Liu; Ken Yang; Brian Sykora; Imad Salha
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Millimeter-wave radar for vital signs sensing
Author(s): Douglas T. Petkie; Carla Benton; Erik Bryan
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SAR vibrometry using fractional Fourier transform processing
Author(s): Qi Wang; Majeed M. Hayat; Balu Santhanam; Tom Atwood
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Characterization of the effects of atmospheric lensing in SAR images
Author(s): Michael E. Lawrence; Charles T. Hansen; Samarendra P. Deshmukh; Brent C. Flickinger
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Holographic surveillance radar
Author(s): Gordon K. A. Oswald
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Stokes matrix eigenvectors of fully polarimetric SAR data
Author(s): Jorge V. Geaga
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An affordable modular vehicle radar for landmine and IED detection
Author(s): David Daniels; Paul Curtis; Jon Dittmer; Nigel Hunt; Blair Graham; Robert Allan
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Proposed design of search radar for thin wire detection
Author(s): Jay Marble; Steve Bishop
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Radar-based concealed threat detector
Author(s): Jerry Hausner
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3D wavefront image formation for NIITEK GPR
Author(s): Mehrdad Soumekh; Tuan Ton; Pete Howard
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Detection of shallow buried nonmetallic landmine and estimation of its depth at microwave X-band frequency
Author(s): K. C. Tiwari; D. Singh; M. Arora
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High-power transmitters for radar applications
Author(s): Meppalli K. Shandas
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Performance analysis of ultra-wideband antennas for microradar applications
Author(s): Maysam Sarfaraz; Amir Shirkhodaie; Atindra Mitra
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Multitone radar design using software radio components
Author(s): Atindra K. Mitra
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True RF correlation receiver
Author(s): Ming-Chiang Li
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Low-profile and high-efficiency probe-fed patch antenna array at S-band using an air dielectric for radar applications
Author(s): Canh Ly
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Through-the-wall detection of slow-moving personnel
Author(s): Anthony Martone; Kenneth Ranney; Roberto Innocenti
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Optimal waveform design for multi-antenna monostatic through-the-wall radar imaging
Author(s): Fauzia Ahmad; Moeness G. Amin
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Behind-the-wall target identification (BWTI)
Author(s): Yeo-Sun Yoon; Moeness G. Amin
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A hardware architecture for time reversal of short impulses based on frequency domain approach
Author(s): Shaoshu Sha; Varun K. Shenoy; Sungyong Jung; Mingyu Lu; Kyoungwon Min; Sungchul Lee
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SAR imaging technique for reduction of sidelobes and noise
Author(s): Lam Nguyen
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Radar detection of moving objects around corners
Author(s): A. Sume; M. Gustafsson; A. Jänis; S. Nilsson; J. Rahm; A. Örbom
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Polarization coherency through various scattering mechanisms
Author(s): Kevin Walker; Glafkos Stratis; Salvatore Bellofiore; Alphonso Samuel
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Micro-Doppler phenomenology of humans at UHF and Ku-band for biometric characterization
Author(s): Jerry Silvious; John Clark; Thomas Pizzillo; Dave Tahmoush
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Radar measurement as an operator problem
Author(s): John E. Gray; Allen D. Parks
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Design considerations for intrusion detection wide-area surveillance radars for perimeters and borders
Author(s): Walker Butler
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Filtering of weather radar imagery using steerable Gaussian smoothers
Author(s): Dimitrios Charalampidis; Anirudh Paduru
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Position-adaptive scatterer localization for radar imaging applications
Author(s): Sean Young; Atindra K. Mitra; Tom Morton; Raul Ordonez
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Highly resolved turntable ISAR signature extraction for ATR
Author(s): Timo Kempf; Markus Peichl; Stephan Dill; Helmut Suess
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Ka-band, short-pulse, combined scatterometer-radiometer system and the results of its preliminary application for snow, bare, and vegetated soil remote sensing from low-altitude measuring platforms
Author(s): Artashes K. Arakelyan; Melanya L. Grigoryan; Astghik K. Hambaryan; Vanik V. Karyan; Gagik G. Hovhannisyan; Arsen A. Arakelyan; Grant G. Muradyan
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Ku-band combined scatterometer-radiometer system and the results of preliminary polarimetric measurements of snow, bare, and vegetated soil, waved water surface microwave reflection and emission
Author(s): Artashes K. Arakelyan; Astghik K. Hambaryan; Vanik V. Karyan; Gagik G. Hovhannisyan; Melanya L. Grigoryan; Izabela K. Hakobyan; Mushegh R. Manukyan; Arsen A. Arakelyan; Grant G. Muradyan
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Intelligent target recognition using micro-Doppler radar signatures
Author(s): Thayananthan Thayaparan; Ljubisa Stankovic; Igor Djurovic; Suresh Penamati; Kamisetti Venkataramaniah
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CFAR detection and extraction of maneuvering air target in strong sea-clutter via time-frequency-based S-method
Author(s): Thayananthan Thayaparan; Milos Darkovic; Ljubisa Stankovic
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Characterization of target camouflage structures by means of different microwave imaging procedures
Author(s): Christian Inaebnit; Marc-Andre John; Uwe Aulenbacher; Zeynrep Akyol; Rudolf Hueppi; Peter Wellig
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A fusion study of a range-Doppler imager with an infrared sensor for ground-to-ground surveillance
Author(s): Yves de Villers
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Target detection using a pulsed linear frequency modulated noise waveform
Author(s): Mark A. Govoni; Hongbin Li
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Real-time imaging implementation of the Army Research Laboratory synchronous impulse reconstruction radar on a graphics processing unit architecture
Author(s): Song Jun Park; Lam H. Nguyen; Dale R. Shires; Brian J. Henz
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Particle swarm optimization and uncertainty in Dempster-Shafer fusion
Author(s): Kenneth Ranney; Nasser Nasrabadi
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3D SAR image formation for underground targets using ultra-wideband (UWB) radar
Author(s): Lam Nguyen; Traian Dogaru; Roberto Innocenti
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