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Optics and Photonics in Global Homeland Security V and Biometric Technology for Human Identification VI
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Volume Number: 7306
Date Published: 4 May 2009

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U.S. Homeland Security R&D budgets
Author(s): Craig S. Halvorson
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Wind field measurements for the mitigation of airborne health threats in a complex urban environment
Author(s): Mark Arend; David Santoro; Sameh Abdelazim; Fred Moshary; Sam Ahmed
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An end-to-end approach to developing biological and chemical detector requirements
Author(s): Nerayo P. Teclemariam; Liston K. Purvis; Greg W. Foltz; Todd West; Donna M. Edwards; Julia A. Fruetel; Nathaniel J. Gleason
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Salivary diagnostics: a new solution for an old problem: breast cancer detection
Author(s): Charles F. Streckfus
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Saliva-based system for health and toxicology monitoring
Author(s): D. B. Fenner; A. E. Stevens; D. I. Rosen; A. A. Ferrante; S. J. Davis
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Broad-spectrum identification and discrimination between biothreat agents and near-neighbor species
Author(s): Anthony P. Malanoski; Tomasz A. Leski; Luke Cheng; Zheng Wang; David A. Stenger; Baochuan Lin
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Biophotonic imaging: lighting the way for chem/bio detection
Author(s): Steven Ripp; Patricia Jegier; Nicholas Lopes
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Porphyrin-embedded organosilicas for detection and decontamination
Author(s): Brandy J. Johnson; Brian J. Melde; Paul T. Charles; Anthony P. Malanoski
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New biosensors for food safety screening solutions
Author(s): Maureen A. Dyer; Jennifer A. Oberholtzer; David C. Mulligan; William P. Hanson
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Handheld and portable test systems for decentralized testing: from lab to marketplace
Author(s): Konrad Faulstich; Klaus Haberstroh
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Bead-based assays for biodetection: from flow-cytometry to microfluidics
Author(s): Richard M. Ozanich Jr.; Kathryn Antolick; Cynthia J. Bruckner-Lea; Kyle J. Bunch; Brian P. Dockendorff; Jay W. Grate; Michael A Nash; Abby Tyler; Cynthia L. Warner; Marvin G. Warner
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Rapid, ultrasensitive detection of microorganisms based on interferometry and lab-on-a-chip nanotechnology
Author(s): Aurel Ymeti; Paul H. J. Nederkoorn; Alma Dudia; Vinod Subramaniam; Johannes S. Kanger
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eSensor: an electrochemical detection-based DNA microarray technology enabling sample-to-answer molecular diagnostics
Author(s): Robin H. Liu; Mathew Longiaru
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Liquids and homemade explosive detection
Author(s): Michael Ellenbogen; Richard Bijjani
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Stand-off detection of organic samples using filament-induced breakdown spectroscopy
Author(s): James Martin; Matthieu Baudelet; Matthew Weidman; Matthew K. Fisher; Candice Bridge; Christopher G. Brown; Michael Sigman; Paul J. Dagdigian; Martin Richardson
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Application and field test of a mobile thermal desorption - single photon ionization - ion trap mass spectrometer (TD-SPI-ITMS) for trace detection of security relevant substances
Author(s): Elisabeth Schramm; Thomas Heindl; Jasper Hölzer; Alexander McNeish; Michael Puetz; Hermann Ries; Patricia Schall; Rasmus Schulte-Ladbeck; Rainer Schultze; Martin Sklorz; Gerd Spieker; Roman Trebbe; Andreas Ulrich; Jochen Wieser; Ralf Zimmermann
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The ethical dimension of terahertz and millimeter-wave imaging technologies: security, privacy, and acceptability
Author(s): R. Ammicht Quinn; B. Rampp
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GE intelligent personal radiation locator system
Author(s): Brian D. Yanoff; Yanfeng Du; Walter V. Dixon III; Naresh K. Rao; Wen Li; Bernhard Claus; Terry Topka; Branden Moore; Jeffrey S. Gordon
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Lanthanide-halide-based nanoscintillators for portable radiological detectors
Author(s): Marek Osiński; John B. Plumley; Nathan J. Withers; Antonio C. Rivera; Brian A. Akins; Krishnaprasad Sankar; Gennady A. Smolyakov
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Recent developments in optical fibers and how defense, security, and sensing can benefit
Author(s): E. Régnier; E. Burov; A. Pastouret; D. Boivin; G. Kuyt; F. Gooijer; A. Bergonzo; A. Berkers; P. Signoret; L. Troussellier; O. Storaasli; P. Nouchi
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Detector considerations relevant to x-ray diffraction imaging for security screening applications
Author(s): G. Harding; H. Strecker; D. Kosciesza; J. Gordon
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Morphotypic analysis and classification of bacteria and bacterial colonies using laser light-scattering, pattern recognition, and machine-learning system
Author(s): Bartek Rajwa; Murat Dundar; Valeri Patsekin; Karleigh Huff; Arun Bhunia; Murugesan Venkatapathi; Euiwon Bae; E. Daniel Hirleman; J. Paul Robinson
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Polarized light scattering technique for morphological characterization of waterborne pathogens
Author(s): Venkat Devarakonda; Sivakumar Manickavasagam
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Prediction of contaminant fate and transport in potable water systems using H2OFate
Author(s): Venkat Devarakonda; Sivakumar Manickavasagam; Vicki VanBlaricum; Mark Ginsberg
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Water security: the importance of designing dual use into solutions
Author(s): Dan Kroll
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Heuristic reduction of gyro drift in IMU-based personnel tracking systems
Author(s): Johann Borenstein; Lauro Ojeda; Surat Kwanmuang
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Inspecting the inside of underwater hull
Author(s): Vladivoj Valkovic; Davorin Sudac
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Environmental security of the port and harbors' sediments
Author(s): Jasmina Obhodas; Vladivoj Valkovic; Sudac Davorin; Dario Matika; Ivica Pavić
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Automated intelligent video surveillance system for ships
Author(s): Hai Wei; Hieu Nguyen; Prakash Ramu; Chaitanya Raju; Xiaoqing Liu; Jacob Yadegar
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Hybrid lidar radar receiver for underwater imaging applications
Author(s): Madhavi Seetamraju; Rajan Gurjar; Michael Squillante; Jeffrey P. Derderian
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Development of ultrasonically levitated drops as microreactors for study of enzyme kinetics and potential as a universal portable analysis system
Author(s): A. Scheeline; Z. Pierre; C. R. Field; M. D. Ginsberg
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Image quality-based adaptive illumination normalisation for face recognition
Author(s): Harin Sellahewa; Sabah A. Jassim
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Feature selection optimized by discrete particle swarm optimization for face recognition
Author(s): Yanjun Yan; Ganapathi Kamath; Lisa Ann Osadciw
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Design and analysis of fuzzy extractors for faces
Author(s): Yagiz Sutcu; Qiming Li; Nasir Memon
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Recent research results in iris biometrics
Author(s): Karen Hollingsworth; Sarah Baker; Sarah Ring; Kevin W. Bowyer; Patrick J. Flynn
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Ensemble training to improve recognition using 2D ear
Author(s): Christopher Middendorff; Kevin W. Bowyer
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Ear localization using hierarchical clustering
Author(s): Surya Prakash; Umarani Jayaraman; Phalguni Gupta
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Fast and robust probabilistic inference of iris mask
Author(s): Yung-hui Li; Marios Savvides
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Optical requirements with turbulence correction for long-range biometrics
Author(s): Junoh Choi; Grant H. Soehnel; Brett E. Bagwell; Kevin R. Dixon; David V. Wick
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Laser Doppler vibrometry measures of physiological function: evaluation of biometric capabilities
Author(s): Mei Chen; Joseph A. O'Sullivan; Naveen Singla; Erik J. Sirevaag; John W. Rohrbaugh
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Laser Doppler vibrometry measurements of the carotid pulse: biometrics using hidden Markov models
Author(s): Alan D. Kaplan; Joseph A. O'Sullivan; Erik J. Sirevaag; John W. Rohrbaugh
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A model-based approach to human identification using ECG
Author(s): Mark Homer; John M. Irvine; Suzanne Wendelken
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Fingerprint scanner using digital interference holography
Author(s): Mariana C. Potcoava; Myung K. Kim
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A time-frequency classifier for human gait recognition
Author(s): Bijan G. Mobasseri; Moeness G. Amin
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Synthetic generation of handwritten signatures based on spectral analysis
Author(s): Javier Galbally; Julian Fierrez; Marcos Martinez-Diaz; Javier Ortega-Garcia
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An efficient floating-point to fixed-point conversion process for biometric algorithm on DaVinci DSP architecture
Author(s): Ira Konvalinka; Azhar Quddus; Daniel Asraf
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