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Window and Dome Technologies and Materials XI
Editor(s): Randal W. Tustison
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Volume Number: 7302
Date Published: 27 April 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7302
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Evolution of the sapphire industry: Rubicon Technology and Gavish
Author(s): Daniel C. Harris
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Characteristics of thick (>12 mm) Class225 EFG sapphire sheet for IR window applications
Author(s): John Locher; Christopher Jones; Herbert Bates; Jeffrey Rioux
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Hydrogen effect on the properties of sapphire
Author(s): Radion N. Mogilevsky; Liudmila G. Sharafutdinova; Sergiy Nedilko; Valeriy Gavrilov; Dmitriy Verbilo; Scott D. Mittl
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Polycrystalline alumina for aerodynamic IR domes and windows
Author(s): Mark V. Parish; Marina R. Pascucci
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Large-area ALON windows for reconnaissance and armor applications
Author(s): Lee M. Goldman; Richard Twedt; Robyn Foti; Mark Smith; Suri A. Sastri
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Dual IR/RF windows for laser communications
Author(s): Lee M. Goldman; Richard Twedt; Jayson Zigman; Robert Ondercin
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Joining transparent ceramics
Author(s): A. Shechter; B. Bloch; E. Galun
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Processing method and process modeling of large aperture transparent magnesium aluminate spinel domes
Author(s): Jian Yu; Brandon McWilliams; Steven Kilczewski; Gary Gilde; Ashley Lidie; James Sands
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Bonding force determination at AFB interfaces of single crystal sapphire composites
Author(s): Huai-Chuan Lee; Helmuth Meissner; Xiaodong Mu; Chao Liu; Wei Qiu
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Evaluation of commercially available bulk Mg and Al oxides and hydroxides for the production of transparent MgAl2O4
Author(s): Anthony C. Sutorik; Gary Gilde; Steven M. Kilczewski; Ashley Lidie
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Observations during the fabrication of spinel optics
Author(s): Joseph R. Bashe; Douglas L. Hibbard
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Manufacturing issues for polycrystalline transparent spinel domes
Author(s): A. LaRoche; J. Kutsch; K. Rozenberg; L. Fehrenbacher
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Advances in spinel ceramic technology for large windows and domes
Author(s): Juan L. Sepulveda; Raouf O. Loutfy; Sekyung Chang; Sharly Ibrahim; Nick Traggis
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Recent developments in transparent polycrystalline spinel for electro-optic applications
Author(s): Ishwar Aggarwal; Shyam Bayya; Guillermo Villalobos; Woohong Kim; Jasbinder Sanghera
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High-strength transparent spinel with fine, unimodal grain size
Author(s): S. M. Sweeney; M. K. Brun; T. J. Yosenick; A. Kebbede; M. Manoharan
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High growth rate deposition of highly oriented polycrystalline diamond film
Author(s): Chao Liu; Wei Qiu; Helmuth Meissner
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Evaluating environmental survivability of optical coatings
Author(s): Shay Joseph; Doron Yadlovker; Orna Marcovitch; Hedva Zipin
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Study of the environmental and optical durability of AR microstructures in sapphire, ALON, and diamond
Author(s): Douglas S. Hobbs
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Application of physical gradient index (Moth-Eye) structures to ALON windows as a durable anti-reflection treatment
Author(s): Neeta Agarwal; Lee M. Goldman; Suri A. Sastri; Robert J. Ondercin; Paul Kobrin
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A historical view of germanium as an infrared window material
Author(s): Roger M. Sullivan
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Variability in chemical vapor deposited zinc sulfide: assessment of legacy and international CVD ZnS materials
Author(s): John McCloy; Ralph Korenstein
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The effect of metal on the formation of multispectral zinc sulfide
Author(s): John McCloy; Ralph Korenstein
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Varying electro-kinetic interactions to achieve predictable polishing results on zinc sulfide
Author(s): Jessica DeGroote Nelson; Jarrett A Drucker; Andrew A. Haefner; Robert A. Wiederhold
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Instrumentation for characterizing a new class of optical domes
Author(s): Amit K. Lal; Joshua S. Jo; Stephen Kupiec; Eddie Scott; James Trolinger
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Round robin testing of the Optimax Optidome
Author(s): Michael Martucci; Richard Plympton
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Measurement results for time-delayed source interferometers for windows, hemispherical domes, and tangent ogives
Author(s): William P. Kuhn; Matthew B. Dubin; Robert S. LeCompte; Hector P. Durazo
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An innovative non-contact surface measurement solution for asphere, deep parabolic, and ogive radome geometries
Author(s): Scott DeFisher; Mike Bechtold; Dave Mohring; Scott Bambrick
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Low-coherence surface metrology using a multiple-beam optical probe
Author(s): Damon W. Diehl; Christopher J. Ditchman; Christopher T. Cotton
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Recent developments in finishing of deep concave, aspheric, and plano surfaces utilizing the UltraForm 5-axes computer controlled system
Author(s): Scott Bambrick; Mike Bechtold; Scott DeFisher; David Mohring; Joe Meisenzahl
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Technologies for precision manufacture of current and future windows and domes
Author(s): Bob Hallock; Aric Shorey
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Semi-empirical scattering model for chemical vapor deposited zinc sulfide
Author(s): John McCloy
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Predicted and measured EMI shielding effectiveness of a metallic mesh coating on a sapphire window over a broad frequency range
Author(s): Keith T. Jacoby; Matthew W. Pieratt; Jennifer I. Halman; Keith A. Ramsey
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Predicted and measured transmission and diffraction by a metallic mesh coating
Author(s): Jennifer I. Halman; Keith A. Ramsey; Michael Thomas; Andrew Griffin
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Birefringence and grain-size effects on optical transmittance of polycrystalline magnesium fluoride
Author(s): Tzu-Chien Wen; Dinesh K. Shetty
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Flexural strength of fused silica: Weibull statistical analysis
Author(s): Claude A. Klein
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Low-thermal expansion infrared glass ceramics
Author(s): Philip Lam
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Optical properties of polycrystalline Nd:YAG for different levels of Nd doping
Author(s): Ryan M. Springer; Michael E. Thomas; Daniel V Hahn; Frank A. Narducci
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Onshore produced ceramic laser material development progress
Author(s): J. C. Huie Imholt; T. Hartnett; R. Gentilman; S. R. Silberstein
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Advanced parylene technology for sensors, optical windows, and display applications
Author(s): Rakesh Kumar
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Design and implementation of a new time-delayed source and alignment considerations for a tangent ogive interferometer
Author(s): Hector P. Durazo; William P. Kuhn; Robert S. LeCompte; Matthew B. Dubin
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