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Infrared Imaging Systems: Design, Analysis, Modeling, and Testing XX
Editor(s): Gerald C. Holst
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Volume Number: 7300
Date Published: 23 April 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7300
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optical characteristics of small surface targets, measured in the False Bay, South Africa; June 2007
Author(s): Arie N. de Jong; Piet B. W. Schwering; Peter J. Fritz; Willem H. Gunter
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Range performance impact of noise for thermal system modeling
Author(s): Jonathan D. Fanning; Brian P. Teaney; Joseph P. Reynolds; Todd W. Du Bosq
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Passive IR sensor performance analysis using Mathcad modeling
Author(s): William Wan
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Visual acuity and contrast sensitivity with compressed motion video
Author(s): Piet Bijl; Sjoerd C. de Vries
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Perception testing: a key component in modeling and simulation at NVESD
Author(s): Tana Maurer; Oanh Nguyen; Jim Thomas; Evelyn Boettcher
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Empirical modeling and results of NIR clutter for tactical missile warning
Author(s): Joel B. Montgomery; Christine T. Montgomery; Richard B. Sanderson; John F. McCalmont
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Modeling of video compression effects on target acquisition performance
Author(s): Jae H. Cha; Bradley Preece; Richard L. Espinola
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Super-resolution for flash LADAR data
Author(s): Shuowen Hu; S. Susan Young; Tsai Hong; Joseph P. Reynolds; Keith Krapels; Brian Miller; Jim Thomas; Oanh Nguyen
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Sensor performance as a function of sampling (d) and optical blur (Fλ)
Author(s): Piet Bijl; Maarten A. Hogervorst
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Validating model predictions of MRT measurements on LWIR imaging systems
Author(s): Stephen D. Burks; Kenneth Garner; Stephen Miller; Brian P. Teaney
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Comparison of perception results with a proposed model for detection of a stationary target from a moving platform
Author(s): Melvin Friedman; Todd Du Bosq; Joseph Reynolds; David Wilson; Robin Kang
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Performance evaluation of image enhancement techniques on a digital image-intensifier
Author(s): Judith Dijk; Piet Bijl; Henri Bouma
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Limitations of contrast enhancement for infrared target identification
Author(s): Todd W. Du Bosq; Jonathan D. Fanning
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Multispectral EO/IR sensor model for evaluating UV, visible, SWIR, MWIR and LWIR system performance
Author(s): Ashok K. Sood; Robert Richwine; Yash R. Puri; Nibir K. Dhar; Dennis L. Polla; Priyalal S. Wijewarnasuriya
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Identification of ground targets from airborne platforms
Author(s): Josh Doe; Evelyn Boettcher; Brian Miller
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Validation of the thermal code of RadTherm-IR, IR-Workbench, and F-TOM
Author(s): Frédéric Schwenger; Peter Grossmann; Alain Malaplate
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The coupling of MATISSE and the SE-WORKBENCH: a new solution for simulating efficiently the atmospheric radiative transfer and the sea surface radiation
Author(s): Thierry Cathala; Nicolas Douchin; Jean Latger; Karine Caillault; Sandrine Fauqueux; Thierry Huet; Luc Lubarre; Claire Malherbe; Bernard Rosier; Pierre Simoneau
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MATISSE-v1.5 and MATISSE-v2.0: new developments and comparison with MIRAMER measurements
Author(s): Pierre Simoneau; Karine Caillault; Sandrine Fauqueux; Thierry Huet; Luc Labarre; Claire Malherbe; Bernard Rosier
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Measurement and analysis of optical surface properties for input to ShipIR
Author(s): David A. Vaitekunas; Jim Jafolla; Paul McKenna; Martin Szczesniak
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CART III: improved camouflage assessment using moving target indication
Author(s): Thomas Müller; Thomas Honke; Markus Müller
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A structure-based image similarity measure using homogeneity regions
Author(s): Eric P. Lam
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Signal modeling of turbulence-distorted imagery
Author(s): S. Susan Young; Ronald G. Driggers; Keith Krapels; Richard L. Espinola; Joseph P. Reynolds; Jae Cha
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Comparison of emissivity evaluation methods for infrared sources
Author(s): Stephen D. Scopatz; Jason A. Mazzetta; John E. Sgheiza; Miguel A. Medina
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Improving MTF measurements of under-sampled optical systems
Author(s): Joseph D. LaVeigne; Stephen D. Burks
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Infrared search and track and imaging system: testing in the laboratory and during flight
Author(s): Luigi E. Guzzetti; Livio Busnelli
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MWIR and LWIR wavefront sensing with quadri-wave lateral shearing interferometry
Author(s): Sabrina Velghe; Djamel Brahmi; William Boucher; Benoit Wattellier; Nicolas Guérineau; Riad Haïdar; Jérôme Primot
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A new fast infrared imaging spectroradiometer
Author(s): Louis Moreau; Claude Roy; Christian Vallières; Luc Levesque; Marc-André Soucy
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Controllable time dependent and dual band emission infrared source to test missile warning systems in-flight: system characterization
Author(s): Dario Cabib; Larry Davidzon; Amir Gil
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MKV carrier vehicle sensor calibration
Author(s): Joseph Tansock; Scott Hansen; Jason Williams; Bryan Sisko; Kajal Pancholi; Aaron Plotnik; Jon Albritton; Michael Margulis; Micah Kalscheur; Dan Welsh; Deon Dixon; Steven Brown; Katharine Ip; Karl Burk; Mark Greenman; James Peterson; Alan Bird; David Marchant; Dean Ferguson; Brent Haslem; William Shaw
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Large-area blackbody emissivity variation with observation angle
Author(s): Paul W. Nugent; Joseph A. Shaw
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A study of the radiometric calibration of spectral bands in the mid-wave infrared (MWIR) spectral range 1.5-5 µm
Author(s): Thomas Svensson; Ingmar Renhorn; Patrik Broberg
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A new passive polarimetric imaging system collecting polarization signatures in the visible and infrared bands
Author(s): Daniel A. Lavigne; Mélanie Breton; Georges Fournier; Mario Pichette; Vincent Rivet
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Experimental method for observation prediction based on the decision matrix through day/night equipments in NIR and LWIR spectral ranges
Author(s): Octavia C. Borcan; Catalin A. Spulber
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Evaluation of the different configurations of infrared-type gimbaled cameras in the sense of blur
Author(s): Bülent Özkan; Alper Akmese; Altug Ucar
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Novel image fusion quality metrics based on sensor models and image statistics
Author(s): Forrest A. Smith; Srikant Chari; Carl E. Halford; Jonathan Fanning; Joseph P. Reynolds
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