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Thermosense XXXI
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Volume Number: 7299
Date Published: 23 April 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7299
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Characterization of thermal imagers under various ambient conditions
Author(s): Riho Vendt; Priit Jaanson; Viktor Vabson; Martin Vilbaste; Toomas Kübarsepp; Mart Noorma
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Improving scene-based nonuniformity correction for infrared images using frequency domain processing
Author(s): Jonah C. McBride; Magnús S. Snorrason
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High heat flux sensor for infrared thermography determination of heat transfer coefficient of liquid metal cooled target's wall
Author(s): Jacek A. Patorski; Malko Gindrat
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Infrared imaging to quantify the effects of nicotine-induced vasoconstriction in humans
Author(s): Siegfried Brunner; Christian Kargel
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Face detection in thermal imagery using an Open Source Computer Vision library
Author(s): Sarun Sumriddetchkajorn; Armote Somboonkaew
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The use of thermography in energy performance of buildings-directive (EPBD)-applications
Author(s): T. Kauppinen
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Radiometric modeling of mechanical draft cooling towers to assist in the extraction of their absolute temperature from remote thermal imagery
Author(s): Matthew Montanaro; Carl Salvaggio; Scott D. Brown; David W. Messinger; Alfred J. Garrett; James S. Bollinger
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Measurement of wind speed from cooling lake thermal imagery
Author(s): Alfred J. Garrett; R. Cary Tuckfield; Eliel Villa-Aleman; Robert J. Kurzeja; Malcolm M. Pendergast
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Use of remote sensing data to enhance the performance of a hydrodynamic simulation of a partially frozen power plant cooling lake
Author(s): May V. Arsenovic; Carl Salvaggio; Alfred J. Garrett; Brent D. Bartlett; Jason W. Faulring; Robert L. Kremens; Philip S. Salvaggio
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Seismic risk evaluation aided by IR thermography
Author(s): E. Grinzato; G. Cadelano; P. Bison; A. Petracca
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Thermal inertia contrast detection of subsurface structures
Author(s): N. Kerr Del Grande
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Electronic hidden solder joint geometry characterization
Author(s): Sheng-Jen Hsieh
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Heating medium absorption and emission as factors in thermographic investigations of petrochemical furnaces
Author(s): P. Pregowski; G. Goleniewski; W. Komosa; W. Korytkowski; Sl. Zwolenik
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Characterization of uncertainties when measuring metal cutting temperatures using infrared radiation thermography
Author(s): Eric P. Whitenton
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Target recognition: fusing long-wave infrared and electro-optical imagery for detection of humans in a scene
Author(s): R. L. Woodyard; J. A. Skipper; D. W. Repperger
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A model for a virtual association of thermographers
Author(s): G. Raymond Peacock
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K-value estimation on refrigerated vehicles by thermographic analysis
Author(s): S. Rossi; P. Bison; G. P. Cuogo; E. Grinzato
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Influence of a growing oxide layer on band-emissivities used for optical temperature measurements
Author(s): Wolfgang Bauer; Alexander Moldenhauer; Freidbert Rogge
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Load-induced debonding of FRP composites applied to reinforced concrete
Author(s): Joel Blok; Jeff Brown
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Application of air-coupled acoustic thermography (ACAT) for inspection of honeycomb sandwich structures
Author(s): Joseph N. Zalameda; William P. Winfree; Charles G. Pergantis; Daniel DeSchepper; David Flanagan
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Measurement limits in flash thermography
Author(s): Steven M. Shepard; James R. Lhota; Tasdiq Ahmed
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Enhanced contrast detection of subsurface defects by pulsed infrared thermography based on the fourth order statistic moment, kurtosis
Author(s): Francisco J. Madruga; Clemente Ibarra-Castanedo; Olga M. Conde; Xavier P. Maldague; José M. López-Higuera
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Nondestructive testing by super-resolution infrared thermography
Author(s): Takahide Sakagami; Tomohiro Matsumoto; Shiro Kubo; Daisuke Sato
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Heat-stimulus correction for pulsed-infrared thermography
Author(s): Hernán D. Benítez; Clemente Ibarra-Castanedo; AbdelHakim Bendada; Xavier Maldague
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Thermographical investigations of inductively heated metallic surfaces
Author(s): B. Oswald-Tranta; M. Sorger
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Development of thermographic inspection routine exploiting phase transition of water for moisture detection in aircraft structures
Author(s): Eetta Saarimäki; Peter Ylinen
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Application of infrared imaging for quality inspection in resistance spot welds
Author(s): Wanchuck Woo; Charles W. Chin; Zhili Feng; Hsin Wang; Wei Zhang; Hanbing Xu; Philip S. Sklad
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