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Smart Sensor Phenomena, Technology, Networks, and Systems 2009
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Volume Number: 7293
Date Published: 26 March 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7293
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Calibration of fiber Bragg gratings for optical sensing (FIBOS) for an aerospace application
Author(s): R. L. Heredero; M. Frovel; H. Laguna; T. Belenguer-Dávila
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FBG spectral sensor networks for damage identification in composites
Author(s): Adam Propst; Ryan Garrett; Chun Park; Kara Peters; Mohammed Zikry
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High repetition-rate full-spectrum interrogation of FGB sensors for dynamic measurements in composite laminates
Author(s): W. Kunzler; Z. Zhu; M. Wirthlin; R. Selfridge; S. Schultz; A. Propst; K. Peters; M. Zikry
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Temperature and humidity dependent performance of FBG-strain sensors embedded in carbon/epoxy composites
Author(s): Malte Frövel; Gabriel Carrión; César Gutiérrez; Carolina Moravec; José María Pintado
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Application of the embedded optical fiber Bragg grating sensors in curing monitoring of Gr/epoxy laminated composites
Author(s): Liren Tsai; Tsung-Chieh Cheng; Chih-Lang Lin; Chia-Chin Chiang
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Smart FBG-based steel tie rod with self-monitoring functionality
Author(s): Jianping He; Zhi Zhou; Genda Chen; Jinping Ou
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Fiber Bragg grating optochemical sensor basing on evanescent-field interaction with surface plasmon waves
Author(s): Wolfgang Ecke; Kerstin Schroeder
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Measurement accuracy improvement of Brillouin signal using wavelet denoising method
Author(s): Jianping He; Zhi Zhou; Genda Chen; Jinping Ou
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A novel multifunctional fibre optic sensor
Author(s): Ramani S. Mahendran; Venkata R. Machavaram; Liwei Wang; Jonathan M. Burns; Dee Harris; Stephen N. Kukureka; Gerard F. Fernando
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Reconstruction of temperature and displacement fields in satellite sandwich panels based on integrated fiber optic sensors
Author(s): Stephan Rapp; Horst Baier
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Research and development of plastic optical fiber based smart transparent concrete
Author(s): Zhi Zhou; Ge Ou; Ying Hang; Genda Chen; Jinping Ou
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Hierarchical structural health monitoring system combining a fiber optic spinal cord network and distributed nerve cell devices
Author(s): Shu Minakuchi; Haruka Tsukamoto; Nobuo Takeda
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Simulation of self-writing sensors
Author(s): Aliesha Anderson; Kara Peters
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Low power sensor network for wireless condition monitoring
Author(s): Ch. Richter; B. Frankenstein; L. Schubert; B. Weihnacht; H. Friedmann; C. Ebert
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Artificial immune pattern recognition for damage detection in structural health monitoring sensor networks
Author(s): Bo Chen; Chuanzhi Zang
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A new kind of smart cable with functionality of full scale monitoring using BOTDR technique
Author(s): Zhi Zhou; Jianping He; Genda Chen; Jinping Ou
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Wireless sensing system for bridge condition assessment and health monitoring
Author(s): Michael V. Gangone; Matthew J. Whelan; Kerop D. Janoyan
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Chemically activated nanodiamonds for aluminum alloy corrosion protection and monitoring
Author(s): Inga Hannstein; Anne-Katrin Adler; Victoria Lapina; Vladimir Osipov; Jörg Opitz; Jürgen Schreiber; Norbert Meyendorf
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Self-sensing, self-healing, and crack-arrestor composites
Author(s): D. Harris; R. S. Mahendran; D. Brooks; F.A. A. Al-Khodairi; V. R. Machavaram; P. Reynolds; L. Wang; S. D. Pandita; M. Paget; J. Wedderburn; S. A. Malik; S. O Ojo; S. N. Kukureka; G. F. Fernando
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Verification of the impact damage detection system for airframe structures using optical fiber sensors
Author(s): Noriyoshi Hirano; Hiroaki Tsutsui; Junichi Kimoto; Takahiko Akatsuka; Hirofumi Sashikuma; Nobuo Takeda; Yasuhiro Koshioka
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Spatially distributed damage detection in CMC thermal protection materials using thin-film piezoelectric sensors
Author(s): Samuel J. Kuhr; James L. Blackshire; Jeong K. Na
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High frequency eddy current device for near surface material characterizations
Author(s): S. Hillmann; H. Heuer; N. Meyendorf
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Development of carbon fiber-based piezoresistive linear sensing technique
Author(s): Caiqian Yang; Zhishen Wu; Huang Huang
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A system approach for temperature dependency of impedance-based structural health monitoring
Author(s): Dao Zhou; Jeong Ki Kim; Dong Sam Ha; Joshua D. Quesenberry; Daniel J. Inman
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Influence of the excitation frequency in the electromechanical impedance method for SHM applications
Author(s): Venu Gopal Madhav Annamdas; Piervincenzo Rizzo
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SPICE modeling of a precise two-dimensional MOS magnetic sensor
Author(s): Ali Abou-Elnour; Ossama Abo-Elnor; Essam Mohamed; M. Ibrahim
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Monitoring system of wind turbine rotor blades
Author(s): B. Frankenstein; L. Schubert; N. Meyendorf; H. Friedmann; C. Ebert
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CW laser generated ultrasound techniques for microstructure material properties evaluation
Author(s): Graham Thursby; Brian Culshaw; Gareth Pierce; Alison Cleary; Campbell McKee; Istvan Veres
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Gas-leak localization using distributed ultrasonic sensors
Author(s): Javid Huseynov; Shankar Baliga; Michael Dillencourt; Lubomir Bic; Nader Bagherzadeh
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Specialty fibers for discrete and distributed sensing application
Author(s): J. Koh; K. Bennett; R. Bennett; X. Chen; C. K. Chien; M.-J. Li; D. Nolan
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Shape reconstruction of composite structures with monitoring of modeling changes using Brillouin scattering based distributed optical fiber strain sensor network
Author(s): Mayuko Nishio; Nobuo Takeda
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A new optical fiber sensor with improved strain sensitivity based on distributed optical fiber sensing technique
Author(s): Sheng Shen; Zhisheng Wu; Caiqian Yang; Yongsheng Tang; Gang Wu; Wan Hong
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BOTDA road-embedded strain sensing system for landslide boundary localization
Author(s): Michael Iten; Alexander M. Puzrin
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Development of self-sensing BFRP bars with distributed optic fiber sensors
Author(s): Yongsheng Tang; Zhishen Wu; Caiqian Yang; Sheng Shen; Gang Wu; Wan Hong
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Electric field sensor array from cavity resonance between optical D-fiber and multiple slab waveguides
Author(s): Richard Gibson; Richard Selfridge; Stephen Schultz
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Monitoring and modeling the diffusion profile in a thermosetting resin
Author(s): Ramani S. Mahendran; Rongsheng Chen; Stephen N. Kukureka; Gerard F. Fernando
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A novel embedded fiber optic acoustic emission sensor and its applications for monitoring failures of composite laminates
Author(s): Tao Fu; Quanlong Li; Yanju Liu; Jinsong Leng
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Carbon monoxide sensitivity detection by PEDOT-PSS/zeolite composites gas sensing materials
Author(s): Pojjawan Chanthaanont; Anuvat Sirivat
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