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4th International Symposium on Advanced Optical Manufacturing and Testing Technologies: Design, Manufacturing, and Testing of Micro- and Nano-Optical Devices and Systems
Editor(s): Sen Han; Masaomi Kameyama; Xiangang Luo
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Volume Number: 7284
Date Published: 18 May 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7284
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Characterizations of displaying magnetic-fluid microelectromechanical light modulator with laser speckle technique
Author(s): Xijun Wang; Desheng Li; Yajun Wang; Shaochang Su; Jook Wooh Seo
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New method on real-time signal correction and subdivision for grating-based nanometrology
Author(s): Fang Cheng; Ye-Tai Fei; Kuang-Chao Fan
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Diamond turning microstructure optical components
Author(s): Wenda Jiang
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Analysis and compensation of shape distortion in UV-LIGA based on partial coherent light theory
Author(s): Mujun Li; Lianguan Shen; Jinjin Zheng; Wei Zhao
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Micro-machined infrared emitter with metallic photonic crystals structure
Author(s): Fangqiang Li; Haisheng San; Meijing Cheng; Xuyuan Chen
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Highly reflective optical coatings from vacuum ultraviolet to near infrared for micro mirrors
Author(s): Minghong Yang; Xinling Tong; Ciming Zhou; Desheng Jiang
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FDM study of ion exchange diffusion equation in glass
Author(s): Zigang Zhou; Yongjia Yang; Qiang Wang; Guangchun Sun
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MEMS testing and applications in automotive and aerospace industries
Author(s): Zhichun Ma; Xuyuan Chen
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Static micro-michelson interferometer based on electro-optical effect
Author(s): Xiaojun He; Guang Jin; Jingqiu Liang
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TiO2 nanocrystals fabricated with hydrothermal method
Author(s): Sanling Fu; Shuhua Liu
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Study on laser direct writing system for 32nm node
Author(s): Wenbo Jiang; Song Hu; Yong Yang; Lixin Zhao; Wei Yan; Shaolin Zhou; Wangfu Chen
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Application of MEMS blazed gratings in WDM
Author(s): Yongfeng Wu; Honglin Yu; Zhiping Kang
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Development of a 20Х Schwarzschild projection optics for principle experiment of EUV at-wavelength interferometry
Author(s): Ke Liu; Yanqiu Li
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Effects of stress on the adhesive behavior of photoresist
Author(s): Geng Yu; Zhang Wei; Changlun Hou; Jian Bai
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Effect of adaptive optical system on the capability of lidar detection in atmosphere
Author(s): Xue-chun Tan; Zhi-chao Wu; Zhu Liang
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Simulation on a deformable mirror actuated by microfluidic elements
Author(s): Chao Deng; Hao Wang; Wenzhen Sun
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Automatic alignment system for optical lithography based on machine vision
Author(s): Tao Huang; Shiyuan Liu; Pengxing Yi; Tielin Shi
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Imaging characterization and tolerance analysis of thin planar photon sieves
Author(s): Zhifeng Chen; Chinhua Wang; Hong Qu
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System-level design and analysis of MEMS-based micro-fuze resonator
Author(s): Rong Guo; Dingjin Huang; Weiwei Guo; Dongchen Shi
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Design and optimization of 2D electrostatic micro scanning mirrors
Author(s): Wenying Ma; Fangrong Hu; Dongmei Cai; Dajia Wang; Chuankai Qiu; Jun Yao
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The theoretical analysis of tri-beam SPPs interference through Ag film
Author(s): Fengze Jin; Jinglei Du; Yongkang Guo; Lifang Shi; Chunlei Du
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Plasmonic nanolens focusing light in subwavelength scale
Author(s): Haofei Shi; Changtao Wang; Chunlei Du
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Simulation of surface plasmon nanolithography using tapered structure
Author(s): Xingzhang Wei; Xiaochun Dong; Chunlei Du
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Micro-structuring of photonic materials by deep-ultraviolet laser
Author(s): Yutang Dai; Desheng Jiang; Gang Xu
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Micropatterning cathode separator for high resolution organic light-emitting diode with negative and positive type photoresists
Author(s): Jun Wang; Junsheng Yu; Yadong Jiang; Kai Yuan
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Method of laser mode selection based on silicon micro F-P cavity
Author(s): Zhi-chao Wu; Xue-chun Tan; Ming Ling; Zhi-min Wu; Guang-yong Jin; Zhu Liang
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Study on enhancing dynamic range of CCD imaging based on digital micro-mirror device
Author(s): Wang Zhou
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Numerical simulations of volume holographic imaging system resolution characteristics
Author(s): Yajun Sun; Zhuqing Jiang; Shaojie Liu; Shiquan Tao
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Rim morphology of nanopore for studying single biomolecule
Author(s): Kaige Wang; Qiang Li; Guiwen Xu; Aizi Jin; Changzhi Gu
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Application of support vector machines in the micro spectrometer
Author(s): Yuhong Xiong; Zhiyu Wen; Shaoping Xu; Famao Ye
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Interaction between femtosecond laser and silicon nitride crystal film
Author(s): Wentao Zhang; Kaige Wang; Jintao Bai; Zhaoyu Ren
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Influence of non-ideal lens array on*) position and quality of 3D reconstruction in integral images
Author(s): Hongxia Wang; Yang Yang; ChunHong Wu; QianQian Wang
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Design of optical coherence tomography probe using a 2-axis MEMS scanning mirror
Author(s): Daija Wang; Guohua Shi; Zhang Li; Dongmei Cai; Jun Yao; Tianquan Fan
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Increasing the sensitivity of Love wave sensors with thicker waveguide layer by modified spin coating method
Author(s): Jia Hu; Xiosong Du; Guangzhong Xie; Ping Sun; Yadong Jiang
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Fabrication and gas sensitivity of poly-2,5-dimethoxyethynylbenzene/SnO2 nanocomposite
Author(s): Ping Sun; Yadong Jiang; Guangzhong Xie; Junsheng Yu; Ying Yu; Jia Hu
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Fabrication and emission properties of LaB6 field emission microtriodes
Author(s): Xiaoju Wang; Yadong Jiang; Zhulun Lin; Kangcheng Qi; Jiankang Dong
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Improved near field lithography by surface plasmon resonance
Author(s): Beibei Zeng; Yanhui Zhao; Liang Fang; Changtao Wang; Xiangang Luo
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Fabrication of flexible grating sensing waveguide based on nano-imprint lithography and micro-replication process
Author(s): Yueming Liu; Weijian Tian; Shaojun Zhang
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Nano-materials analysis using optical profiler
Author(s): Dengteng Ge; Yao Li; Sen Han; Lili Yang
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Effect of substrate bending on the piezoelectric measurement of PZT thin film
Author(s): Xiaohui Xu; Jianhong Tang; Liangna He
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SWS grating for UV band filter by nano-imprint
Author(s): Jian-Shian Lin; Ke-Hao Liao; Chang-Tai Chen; Chieh-Lung Lai; Cheng-Hao Ko
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Research on digital gray-tone projection lithography
Author(s): Jian Wang; Lixin Zhao; Wei Yan; Wnxiang Xu; Song Hu; Xiaoping Tang; Zhaozhi Wang; Shurong Wang; Zhengrong Zhang
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Near-field diffraction simulation on three-dimensional mask model with off-axis illumination
Author(s): Lin Cheng; Peng-fei Cao; Jia Liu; Xiao-ping Zhang
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