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Intelligent Robots and Computer Vision XXVI: Algorithms and Techniques
Editor(s): David P. Casasent; Ernest L. Hall; Juha Röning
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Volume Number: 7252
Date Published: 19 January 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7252
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Fast FFT-based distortion-invariant kernel filters for general object recognition
Author(s): Rohit Patnaik; David Casasent
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Architectures for intelligent robots in the age of exploitation
Author(s): E. L. Hall; S. M. Alhaj Ali; M. Ghaffari; X. Liao; Saurabh Sarkar; Kovid Mathur; Srinivas Tennety
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Micromanipulation platform for micro- and nanoscale applications
Author(s): Risto Sipola; Tero Vallius; Marko Pudas; Juha Röning
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The 16th Annual Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition: intelligent students creating intelligent vehicles
Author(s): Bernard L. Theisen
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Multiview face detection using multilayer chained structure
Author(s): Jung-Bae Kim; Haibing Ren; SeongDeok Lee
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Detecting low-resolution faces in video
Author(s): Neil Robertson; Nils Janssen
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Synthetic aperture method for GPR considering depth-changed shape of reflected waveform
Author(s): Hirofumi Kotaki; Yoshihiko Nomura; Hirokazu Fujii; Yoshikazu Sudo
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Depth-from-trajectories for uncalibrated multiview video
Author(s): Paul A. Ardis; Amit Singhal; Christopher M. Brown
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Geometric alignment for large point cloud pairs using sparse overlap areas
Author(s): Keisuke Fujimoto; Nobutaka Kimura; Fumiko Beniyama; Toshio Moriya; Yasuichi Nakayama
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A probabilistic approach for the reconstruction of polyhedral objects using shape from shading technique
Author(s): Manoj Kumar; R. Balasubramanian; Rama Bhargava; K. Swaminathan
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People detection in crowded scenes using active contour models
Author(s): Oliver Sidla
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Homography-based multiple-camera person-tracking
Author(s): Matthew R. Turk
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Hybrid real-time tracking of non-rigid objects under occlusions
Author(s): Wonkyum Lee; Joohwan Chun; Byung In Choi; YuKyung Yang; Sungho Kim
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Combining a modified vector field histogram algorithm and real-time image processing for unknown environment navigation
Author(s): Kumud Nepal; Adam Fine; Nabil Imam; David Pietrocola; Neil Robertson; David J. Ahlgren
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Development of a vision system for an intelligent ground vehicle
Author(s): Robert L. Nagel; Kenneth Perry; Robert B. Stone; Daniel A. McAdams
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Kratos: Princeton University's entry in the 2008 Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition
Author(s): Christopher A. Baldassano; Gordon H. Franken; Jonathan R. Mayer; Andrew M. Saxe; Derrick D. Yu
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Construction engineering robot kit: warfighter experiment
Author(s): Bernard L. Theisen; Paul Richardson
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Convoy active safety technologies war fighter experiment II
Author(s): Edward W. Schoenherr
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Locating and tracking objects by efficient comparison of real and predicted synthetic video imagery
Author(s): Damian M. Lyons; D. Paul Benjamin
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Scene categorization with multiscale category specific visual words
Author(s): Jianzhao Qin; Nelson H. C. Yung
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Photographic expert-like capturing by analyzing scenes with representative image set
Author(s): D. Chung; S. Kim; J. Bae; S. Lee
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Learning the fusion of multiple video analysis detectors
Author(s): X. Desurmont; F. Lavigne; J. Meessen; B. Macq
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Object localization using adaptive feature selection
Author(s): S. Youngkyoo Hwang; Jungbae Kim; Seongdeok Lee
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A study on SSD calculation between input image and subpixel-translated template images and its applications to a subpixel image matching problem
Author(s): Hitoshi Nishiguchi; Yoshihiko Nomura
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Hand-gesture extraction and recognition from the video sequence acquired by a dynamic camera using condensation algorithm
Author(s): Dan Luo; Jun Ohya
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N-dimension geometry used in the design of a dynamic neural-network pattern-recognition system
Author(s): Chialun John Hu
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Using spatially varying pixels exposure technique for increasing accuracy of the optical-digital pattern recognition correlator
Author(s): Mikhail V. Konnik; Sergey N. Starikov
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Visual tracking method based on target feature dynamic extracting
Author(s): Jie Su; Guisheng Yin; Yahui Liu
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