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Digital Photography V
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Volume Number: 7250
Date Published: 19 January 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7250
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Very-large-area CCD image sensors: concept and cost-effective research
Author(s): E. W. Bogaart; I. M. Peters; A. C. Kleimann; E.J. P. Manoury; W Klaassens; W.T.F.M. de Laat; C. Draijer; R. Frost; J. T. Bosiers
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Decoupling photo collection efficiency and color crosstalk from the quantum efficiency spectrum for the CMOS image sensor pixel development
Author(s): Yang Wu; Philip J. Cizdziel; Howard E. Rhodes
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Microlens performance limits in sub-2um pixel CMOS image sensors
Author(s): Yijie Huo; Christian C. Fesenmaier; Peter B. Catrysse
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Sensor information capacity and spectral sensitivities
Author(s): F. Cao; F. Guichard; H. Hornung; L. Masson
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2PFC CMOS image sensors: better image quality at lower cost
Author(s): Douglas J. Tweet; Jong-Jan Lee; Jon M. Speigle; Daniel Tamburrino
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Interleaved imaging: an imaging system design inspired by rod-cone vision
Author(s): Manu Parmar; Brian A. Wandell
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Optimal color filter array design: quantitative conditions and an efficient search procedure
Author(s): Yue M. Lu; Martin Vetterli
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New architectures of an image-processing pipeline based on nonlinear image decomposition
Author(s): Takahiro Saito; Daisuke Yamada; Haruya Aizawa; Takashi Komatsu
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An image-noise filter with emphasis on low-frequency chrominance noise
Author(s): Radu V. Gheorghe; Sergiu R. Goma; Milivoje Aleksic
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False colors removal on the YCr-Cb color space
Author(s): Valeria Tomaselli; Mirko Guarnera; Giuseppe Messina
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Automatic white balance: whitebalPR using the dichromatic reflection model
Author(s): Matthias Sajjaa; Gregor Fischer
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Illuminant estimation and detection using near-infrared
Author(s): Clement Fredembach; Sabine Susstrunk
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Naturalness classification of images into DCT domain
Author(s): S. Battiato; G. M. Farinella; G. Gallo; E. Messina
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Effects of imaging lens f-number on sub-2 µm CMOS image sensor pixel performance
Author(s): Christian C. Fesenmaier; Yijie Huo; Peter B. Catrysse
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Measuring texture sharpness of a digital camera
Author(s): F. Cao; F. Guichard; Hervé Hornung
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Interaction of image noise, spatial resolution, and low contrast fine detail preservation in digital image processing
Author(s): Uwe Artmann; Dietmar Wueller
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Visual model of human blur perception for scene adaptive capturing
Author(s): Sung-Su Kim; DaeSu Chung; Byung-Kwan Park; Jung-Bae Kim; Seong-Deok Lee
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Mobile imaging: the big challenge of the small pixel
Author(s): Feng Xiao; Joyce E. Farrell; Peter B. Catrysse; Brian Wandell
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Reduction of motion blur for handheld captured images by joint stabilization and spatio-temporal denoising
Author(s): Alfio Castorina; Giuseppe Spampinato; Arcangelo Bruna; Alessandro Capra
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Extended depth-of-field using sharpness transport across color channels
Author(s): Frédéric Guichard; Hoang-Phi Nguyen; Régis Tessières; Marine Pyanet; Imène Tarchouna; Frédéric Cao
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People first: separating people from background in digital photographs
Author(s): Mihai Ciuc; Adrian Capata; Adrian Zamfir; Alexandru Drimbarean; Eran Steinberg
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Automatic background generation from a sequence of images based on robust mode estimation
Author(s): D. Sidibé; O. Strauss; W. Puech
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Nonlinear color-image decomposition for image processing of a digital color camera
Author(s): Takahiro Saito; Haruya Aizawa; Daisuke Yamada; Takashi Komatsu
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Measuring the spectral response with a set of interference filters
Author(s): Christian Mauer; Dietmar Wueller
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Fuzzy-based motion estimation for video stabilization using SIFT interest points
Author(s): S. Battiato; G. Gallo; G. Puglisi; S. Scellato
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Chromatic aberration reduction through optical feature modeling
Author(s): Jooyoung Kang; Hyunwook Ok; JaemGuyn Lim; Seong-Deok Lee
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Exposure-adaptive color-image enhancement
Author(s): Jae-Hyun Kwon; Wonhee Choe; Kangeui Lee; SeongDeok Lee
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Statistical identification and analysis of defect development in digital imagers
Author(s): Jenny Leung; Glenn H. Chapman; Zahava Koren; Israel Koren
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IDEAL: an image pre-processing architecture for high-end professional DSC applications
Author(s): Auke van der Heide; Takashi Urano; Frank Polderdijk; Wim de Haan; Jan T. Bosiers
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Fusion of high dynamic range scene photos
Author(s): Ekaterina V. Tolstaya; Michael N. Rychagov; KiMin Kang; Sang Ho Kim
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Retargeting of digital photos and documents
Author(s): V. Bucha; I Safonov; M. Rychagov; J.K. Hong; S.H. Kim
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