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Image Quality and System Performance VI
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Volume Number: 7242
Date Published: 19 January 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7242
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Characteristic measurements for the qualification of reflection scanners in the evaluation of image quality attributes
Author(s): Eric K. Zeise
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INCITS W1.1 standards for perceptual evaluation of text and line quality
Author(s): Edul N. Dalal; Elisa H. Barney Smith; Frans Gaykema; Allan Haley; Kerry Kirk; Don Kozak; Mark Robb; Tim Qian; Ming-Kai Tse
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W1.1 macro uniformity
Author(s): D. René Rasmussen; Frans Gaykema; Yee S. Ng; Kevin D. Donohue; William C. Kress; Susan Zoltner
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Measurement of contributing attributes of perceived printer resolution.
Author(s): Eric K. Zeise; Sang Ho Kim; Brian E. Cooper; Franz Sigg
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Softcopy quality ruler method: implementation and validation
Author(s): Elaine W Jin; Brian W. Keelan; Junqing Chen; Jonathan B. Phillips; Ying Chen
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Correlating objective and subjective evaluation of texture appearance with applications to camera phone imaging
Author(s): Jonathan B. Phillips; Stephen M. Coppola; Elaine W. Jin; Ying Chen; James H. Clark; Timothy A. Mauer
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Imaging performance taxonomy
Author(s): Don Williams; Peter D. Burns; Larry Scarff
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Extended use of ISO 15739 incremental signal-to-noise ratio as reliability criterion for multiple-slope wide dynamic range image capture
Author(s): Dirk Hertel
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Web-based psychometric evaluation of image quality
Author(s): Iris Sprow; Zofia Baranczuk; Tobias Stamm; Peter Zolliker
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Development of a balanced test image for visual print quality evaluation
Author(s): Hanne Salmi; Raisa Halonen; Tuomas Leisti; Pirkko Oittinen; Hannu Saarelma
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Perceptual image attribute scales derived from overall image quality assessments
Author(s): Kyung Hoon Oh; Sophie Triantaphillidou; Ralph E. Jacobson
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Subjective experience of image quality: attributes, definitions, and decision making of subjective image quality
Author(s): Tuomas Leisti; Jenni Radun; Toni Virtanen; Raisa Halonen; Göte Nyman
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Toward an automatic subjective image quality assessment system
Author(s): M. Chambah; S. Ouni; M. Herbin; E. Zagrouba
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Methods for measuring display defects as correlated to human perception
Author(s): H. Kostal; G. Pedeville; R. Rykowski
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A strobe-based inspection system for drops-in-flight
Author(s): Yair Kipman; Prashant Mehta; Kate Johnson
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Image on paper registration measurement and analysis: determining subsystem contributions from a system level measurement
Author(s): Rakesh Kulkarni; Abu Islam; Dan Costanza
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Effect of image path bit depth on image quality
Author(s): Edgar Bernal; Robert P. Loce
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Determination of optimal coring values from psychophysical experiments
Author(s): Hyung Jun Park; Zygmunt Pizlo; Jan P. Allebach
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Detection of worms in error diffusion halftoning
Author(s): Marius Pedersen; Fritz Albregtsen; Jon Yngve Hardeberg
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Characterization of '2D noise' print defect
Author(s): Ki-Youn Lee; Yousun Bang; Heui-Keun Choh
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Measurement of printer MTFs
Author(s): Albrecht J. Lindner; Nicolas Bonnier; Christophe Leynadier; Francis Schmitt
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Image quality assessment by preprocessing and full reference model combination
Author(s): S. Bianco; G. Ciocca; F. Marini; R. Schettini
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Image quality assessment with manifold and machine learning
Author(s): Christophe Charrier; Gilles Lebrun; Olivier Lezoray
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Three-component weighted structural similarity index
Author(s): Chaofeng Li; Alan C. Bovik
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An image similarity metric based on quadtree homogeneity analysis
Author(s): Eric P. Lam; Thai N Luong; Mark P. Miller; Francis Tom
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Most apparent distortion: a dual strategy for full-reference image quality assessment
Author(s): Eric C. Larson; Damon M. Chandler
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Low level features for image appeal measurement
Author(s): Pere Obrador; Nathan Moroney
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SCID: full reference spatial color image quality metric
Author(s): S. Ouni; M. Chambah; M. Herbin; E. Zagrouba
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An evaluation of interactive image matting techniques supported by eye tracking
Author(s): Christoph Rhemann; Margrit Gelautz; Bernhard Fölsner
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Perception of detail in 3D images
Author(s): Ingrid Heynderickx; Ronald Kaptein
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Perception of time variable quality of scene objects
Author(s): Leif A. Ronningen; Erlend Heiberg
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Scanner image quality profiling
Author(s): Chengwu Cui
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Weighting of field heights for sharpness and noisiness
Author(s): Brian W. Keelan; Elaine W. Jin
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Identification of image attributes that are most affected with changes in displayed image size
Author(s): Jae Young Park; Sophie Triantaphillidou; Ralph E. Jacobson
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Simulation of film media in motion picture production using a digital still camera
Author(s): Arne M. Bakke; Jon Y. Hardeberg; Steffen Paul
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Method for measuring the objective quality of the TV-out function of mobile handsets
Author(s): Mikko Nuutinen; Pirkko Oittinen
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Applying image quality in cell phone cameras: lens distortion
Author(s): Donald Baxter; Sergio R. Goma; Milivoje Aleksic
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Low light performance of digital cameras
Author(s): Bror Hultgren; Dirk Hertel
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Color-blotch noise characterization for CMOS cameras
Author(s): Reza Safaee-Rad; M. Aleksic
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Photo-response non-uniformity error tolerance testing methodology for CMOS imager systems
Author(s): Brent McCleary; Antonio Ortega
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Improved video image by pixel-based learning for super-resolution
Author(s): Kenji Kamimura; Norimichi Tsumura; Toshiya Nakaguchi; Hideto Motomura; Yoichi Miyake
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Subjective video quality comparison of HDTV monitors
Author(s): G. Seo; C. Lim; S. Lee; C. Lee
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Constructing a metrics for blur perception with blur discrimination experiments
Author(s): Chien-Chung Chen; Kuei-Po Chen; Chia-Huei Tseng; Sheng-Tzung Kuo; Kuei-Neng Wu
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Objective perceptual picture quality measurement method for high-definition video based on full reference framework
Author(s): Osamu Sugimoto; Sei Naito; Shigeyuki Sakazawa; Atsushi Koike
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Motion blur perception considering anisotropic contrast sensitivity of human visual system
Author(s): Shinji Nakagawa; Toshiya Nakaguchi; Norimichi Tsumura; Yoichi Miyake
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A geometry calibration and visual seamlessness method based on multi-projector tiled display wall
Author(s): Yahui Liu; Qingxuan Jia; Hanxu Sun; Jie Su; Jinling Zhang
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A facial expression image database and norm for Asian population: a preliminary report
Author(s): Chien-Chung Chen; Shu-ling Cho; Katarzyna Horszowska; Mei-Yen Chen; Chia-Ching Wu; Hsueh-Chih Chen; Yi-Yu Yeh; Chao-Min Cheng
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