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Human Vision and Electronic Imaging XIV
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Volume Number: 7240
Date Published: 28 January 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7240
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Towards a true spherical camera
Author(s): Gurunandan Krishnan; Shree K. Nayar
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Behavioral and neural correlates of visual preference decision
Author(s): Shinsuke Shimojo
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Thousands of on-line observers is just the beginning
Author(s): Nathan Moroney
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Presentation of calibrated images over the web
Author(s): Jeffrey B. Mulligan
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Tags, micro-tags and tag editing: improving internet search
Author(s): Bernice E. Rogowitz; Mercan Topkara
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Internet experiments: methods, guidelines, metadata
Author(s): Ulf-Dietrich Reips
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Ecological optics of natural materials and light fields
Author(s): Sylvia C. Pont
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Stereoscopic displays in medical domains: a review of perception and performance effects
Author(s): Maurice H. P. H. van Beurden; Gert van Hoey; Haralambos Hatzakis; Wijnand A. Ijsselsteijn
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Roughness in sound and vision
Author(s): René van Egmond; Paul Lemmens; Thrasyvoulos N. Pappas; Huib de Ridder
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Sign language perception research for improving automatic sign language recognition
Author(s): Gineke A. ten Holt; Jeroen Arendsen; Huib de Ridder; Andrea J. Koenderink-van Doorn; Marcel J. T. Reinders; Emile A. Hendriks
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Quantifying the effect of disruptions to temporal coherence on the intelligibility of compressed American Sign Language video
Author(s): Frank M. Ciaramello; Sheila S. Hemami
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Virtual microscopy: merging of computer mediated communication and intuitive interfacing
Author(s): Huib de Ridder; Johanna G. de Ridder-Sluiter; Philip M. Kluin; Henri H.C.M. Christiaans
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A model of memory for incidental learning
Author(s): Roger A. Browse; Lisa Y. Drewell
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Crossmodal information for visual and haptic discrimination
Author(s): Flip Phillips; Eric J. L. Egan
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The haptic cuing of visual spatial attention: evidence of a spotlight effect
Author(s): Hong Z. Tan; Robert Gray; Charles Spence; Chanon M. Jones; Roslizawaty Mohd Rosli
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Psychophysical evaluation of a variable friction tactile interface
Author(s): Evren Samur; J. Edward Colgate; Michael A. Peshkin
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Perceptual dimensions for a dynamic tactile display
Author(s): Thrasyvoulos N. Pappas; Vivien C. Tartter; Andrew G. Seward; Boris Genzer; Karen Gourgey; Ilona Kretzschmar
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Haptics disambiguates vision in the perception of pictorial relief
Author(s): M. W. A. Wijntjes; R. Volcic; S. C. Pont; J. J. Koenderink; A. M. L. Kappers
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The dynamic range of visual imagery in space
Author(s): Albert J. Ahumada Jr.; Mary K. Kaiser; Jeffrey B. Mulligan
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Exploring eye movements for tone mapped images
Author(s): Marina Bloj; Glen Harding; Alan Chalmers
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SS-SSIM and MS-SSIM for digital cinema applications
Author(s): Fitri N. Rahayu; Ulrich Reiter; Touradj Ebrahimi; Andrew Perkis; Peter Svensson
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Measuring perceptual contrast in a multi-level framework
Author(s): Gabriele Simone; Marius Pedersen; Jon Yngve Hardeberg; Alessandro Rizzi
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A perceptual evaluation of 3D unsharp masking
Author(s): Matthias Ihrke; Tobias Ritschel; Kaleigh Smith; Thorsten Grosch; Karol Myszkowski; Hans-Peter Seidel
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Influence of surround luminance upon perceived blackness
Author(s): Tetsuya Eda; Yoshiki Koike; Sakurako Matsushima; Koichi Ozaki; Miyoshi Ayama
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Preservation of edges: the mechanism for improvements in HDR imaging
Author(s): John J. McCann; Alessandro Rizzi
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HVS-based quantization steps for validation of digital cinema extended bitrates
Author(s): M.-C. Larabi; P. Pellegrin; G. Anciaux; F.-O. Devaux; O. Tulet; B. Macq; C. Fernandez
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Statistics of natural image sequences: temporal motion smoothness by local phase correlations
Author(s): Zhou Wang; Qiang Li
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Motion-based perceptual quality assessment of video
Author(s): Kalpana Seshadrinathan; Alan C. Bovik
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No reference perceptual quality metrics: approaches and limitations
Author(s): David Hands; Damien Bayart; Andrew Davis; Alex Bourret
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Subjective video quality assessment methods for recognition tasks
Author(s): Carolyn G. Ford; Mark A. McFarland; Irena W. Stange
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Image utility assessment and a relationship with image quality assessment
Author(s): David M. Rouse; Romuald Pepion; Sheila S. Hemami; Patrick Le Callet
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Optimal region-of-interest based visual quality assessment
Author(s): Ulrich Engelke; Hans-Jürgen Zepernick
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Perceptually significant spatial pooling techniques for image quality assessment
Author(s): Anush K. Moorthy; Alan C. Bovik
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A methodology for coupling a visual enhancement device to human visual attention
Author(s): Aleksandar Todorovic; John A. Black Jr.; Sethuraman Panchanathan
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Analysis of sharpness increase by image noise
Author(s): Takehito Kurihara; Naokazu Aoki; Hiroyuki Kobayashi
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Psychophysical study of LCD motion-blur perception
Author(s): Sylvain Tourancheau; Patrick Le Callet; Kjell Brunnström; Börje Andrén
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Pattern masking investigations of the second-order visual mechanisms
Author(s): Pi-Chun Huang; Chien-Chung Chen
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Parsed and fixed block representations of visual information for image retrieval
Author(s): Soo Hyun Bae; Biing-Hwang Juang
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Efficient construction of saliency map
Author(s): Wen-Fu Lee; Tai-Hsiang Huang; Yi-Hsin Huang; Mei-Lan Chu; Homer H. Chen
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Unsupervised image segmentation by automatic gradient thresholding for dynamic region growth in the CIE L*a*b* color space
Author(s): Sreenath Rao Vantaram; Eli Saber; Vincent Amuso; Mark Shaw; Ranjit Bhaskar
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Harmonic analysis for cognitive vision: perisaccadic perception
Author(s): Jacek Turski
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Improved colour to greyscale via integrability correction
Author(s): Mark S. Drew; David Connah; Graham D. Finlayson; Marina Bloj
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Preserving visual saliency in image to sound substitution systems
Author(s): Codruta O. Ancuti; Cosmin Ancuti; Philippe Bekaert
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Model based evaluation of human perception of stereoscopically visualized semi-transparent surfaces
Author(s): Michael Kleiber; Carsten Winkelholz; Verena Kinder
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Influence of chroma variations on naturalness and image quality of stereoscopic images
Author(s): Andre Kuijsters; Wijnand A. Ijsselsteijn; Marc T. M. Lambooij; Ingrid E. J. Heynderickx
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Color rendering indices in global illumination methods
Author(s): David Geisler-Moroder; Arne Dür
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Luminance, disparity, and range statistics in 3D natural scenes
Author(s): Yang Liu; Lawrence K. Cormack; Alan C. Bovik
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Three-dimensional visualization of geographical terrain data using temporal parallax difference induction
Author(s): Christopher A. Mayhew; Craig M. Mayhew
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Measuring hand, head, and vehicle motions in commuting environments
Author(s): Feng Li; Jeff B. Pelz; Scott J. Daly
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Visually representing reality: aesthetics and accessibility aspects
Author(s): Floris L. van Nes
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Estimating the position of illuminants in paintings under weak model assumptions: an application to the works of two Baroque masters
Author(s): David Kale; David G. Stork
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Efficient visual system processing of spatial and luminance statistics in representational and non-representational art
Author(s): Daniel J. Graham; Jay D. Friedenberg; Daniel N. Rockmore
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Painted or printed? Correlation analysis of the brickwork in Jan van der Heyden's View of Oudezijds Voorburgwal with the Oude Kerke in Amsterdam
Author(s): David G. Stork; Sean Meador; Petria Nobel
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Author(s): Stephen Cady
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Model validation of channel zapping quality
Author(s): Robert Kooij; Floris Nicolai; Kamal Ahmed; Kjell Brunnström
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Application of a visual model to the design of an ultra-high definition upscaler
Author(s): Jon M. Speigle; Dean S. Messing; Scott Daly
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Hyperbolic modeling for metaphorical processing and visual computations
Author(s): Hawley K. Rising III
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Facilitation of listening comprehension by visual information under noisy listening condition
Author(s): Chiho Kashimada; Takumi Ito; Kazuki Ogita; Hiroshi Hasegawa; Kazuo Kamata; Miyoshi Ayama
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Quantifying the image-sticking phenomenon for the checkerboard stimuli: contrast, spatial frequency, edge effect, and noise interference
Author(s): Jung-Chih Su
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