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Quantum Communications Realized II
Editor(s): Yasuhiko Arakawa; Masahide Sasaki; Hideyuki Sotobayashi
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Volume Number: 7236
Date Published: 24 January 2009

Table of Contents
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Front Matter: Volume 7236
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
2-photon multiqubit cluster states
Author(s): G. Vallone; R. Ceccarelli; P. Mataloni
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Physical and architectural considerations in quantum repeaters
Author(s): M. Razavi; K. Thompson; H. Farmanbar; Ma. Piani; N. Lütkenhaus
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Quantum mechanics of adding and subtracting a photon
Author(s): M. S. Kim
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Interfacing light and single atoms with a lens
Author(s): Meng Khoon Tey; Syed Abdullah Aljunid; Florian Huber; Brenda Chng; Zilong Chen; Gleb Maslennikov; Christian Kurtsiefer
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Space-QUEST: quantum physics and quantum communication in space
Author(s): Rupert Ursin; Thomas Jennewein; Anton Zeilinger
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Titanium TES based photon number resolving detectors with 1 MHz counting rate and 65% quantum efficiency
Author(s): Daiji Fukuda; Go Fujii; Takayuki Numata; Akio Yoshizawa; Hidemi Tsuchida; Shuichiro Inoue; Tatsuya Zama
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Ultrafast nanowire superconducting single-photon detector with photon number resolving capability
Author(s): Gregory N. Goltsman
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Nano-optical studies of superconducting nanowire single-photon detectors
Author(s): Robert H. Hadfield; Paul A. Dalgarno; John A. O'Connor; Euan J. Ramsay; Richard J. Warburton; Eric J. Gansen; Burm Baek; Martin J. Stevens; Richard P. Mirin; Sae Woo Nam
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DPS quantum key distribution and related technologies
Author(s): Kyo Inoue; Hiroki Takesue; Toshimori Honjo
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One-chip quantum random number generator
Author(s): Simone Tisa; Franco Zappa
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Test and measurement on quantum key distribution systems
Author(s): Akihisa Tomita
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Quantum key distribution at GHz transmission rates
Author(s): Alessandro Restelli; Joshua C. Bienfang; Alan Mink; Charles W. Clark
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Sagnac quantum key distribution and secret sharing
Author(s): Jan Bogdanski; Johan Ahrens; Mohamed Bourennane
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