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Practical Holography XXIII: Materials and Applications
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Volume Number: 7233
Date Published: 3 February 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7233
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Real-time shader rendering of holographic stereograms
Author(s): Quinn Y. J. Smithwick; James Barabas; Daniel E. Smalley; V. Michael Bove Jr.
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Portable three-dimensional display system for CGHs
Author(s): Yuji Sakamoto
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Fourier hologram generation of 3D objects using multiple orthographic view images captured by lens array
Author(s): Min-Su Kim; Ganbat Baasantseren; Nam Kim; Jae-Hyeung Park; Min-Young Shin; Kwan-Hee Yoo
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Real-time IP–hologram conversion hardware based on floating point DSPs
Author(s): Ryutaro Oi; Tomoyuki Mishina; Kenji Yamamoto; Makoto Okui
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Holographic lens array for future display screen
Author(s): Frank C. Fan; Sam Choi; Ken Ko
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Modeling light
Author(s): P. Dawson; J. Gage; M. Takatsuka; S. Goyette
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Acquiring multi-viewpoint image of 3D object for integral imaging using synthetic aperture phase-shifting digital holography
Author(s): Min-Ok Jeong; Nam Kim; Jae-Hyeung Park; Seok-Hee Jeon; Sang-Keun Gil
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Horizontally scanning holography to enlarge both image size and viewing zone angle
Author(s): Naoya Okada; Yasuhiro Takaki
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Digital holography image reconstruction methods
Author(s): Meriç Özcan; Muharrem Bayraktar
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Quantitative phase-contrast digital holographic microscopy for cell dynamic evaluation
Author(s): Lingfeng Yu; Samarendra Mohanty; Michael W. Berns; Zhongping Chen
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Region segmentation and parallel processing for creating large-scale CGHs in polygon source method
Author(s): Kyoji Matsushima; Sumio Nakahara
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THz holography with reference beam
Author(s): Victor G. Bespalov; Andrei A. Gorodetsky
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Computer simulation of reconstructed image for computer-generated holograms
Author(s): Tomoki Yasuda; Mitsuru Kitamura; Masachika Watanabe; Masato Tsumuta; Takeshi Yamaguchi; Hiroshi Yoshikawa
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Fast generation of computer-generated hologram by graphics processing unit
Author(s): Sho Matsuda; Tomohiko Fujii; Takeshi Yamaguchi; Hiroshi Yoshikawa
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Light-modulation characteristics of LCD panel and reconstruction of high-quality color 3-D images
Author(s): Kunihiro Sato
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New recording materials for the holographic industry
Author(s): David Jurbergs; Friedrich-Karl Bruder; Francois Deuber; Thomas Fäcke; Rainer Hagen; Dennis Hönel; Thomas Rölle; Marc-Stephan Weiser; Andy Volkov
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One-step holographic grating inscription in polymers
Author(s): Simon Kibben; Michael Koerdt; Javier Garcia; Stanislav A. Kolpakov; Steve Daren; Faina Solomon-Tsvetkov; Thomas Seefeld; Frank Vollertsen
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Holographic studies of azobenzene-containing low-molecular-weight organic glasses
Author(s): Hubert Audorff; Roland Walker; Lothar Kador; Hans-Werner Schmidt
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An analysis of the diffraction efficiencies by electromagnetic wave scattering from holographic Fourier gratings
Author(s): Makoto Ohki; Koki Sato; Shogo Kozaki
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Calculation method considering the reflectance distribution for metallic objects in CGH
Author(s): Kazuhiro Yamaguchi; Yuji Sakamoto
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Lens-less holographic microscope with large visual depth
Author(s): Osamu Murata; Hiroyuki Toge; Kunihiro Sato
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Development of one-shot color digital holography
Author(s): Kohei Maejima; Kunihiro Sato
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All-optical switching in holographic polymer dispersed azobenzene liquid-crystal gratings
Author(s): Wei-Ting Chang; Che-Lu Cheng; Yen-Jung Li; Ting-Hsuan Wang; Ming-Yu Kuo; Vincent K. S. Hsiao
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Efficient generation of CGH of 3-D objects by use of run-length encoding and look-up table methods
Author(s): Seung-Cheol Kim; Sang-Tae Lee; Eun-Soo Kim
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Computer-generated holograms at an arbitrary viewpoint synthesized from multi-view images
Author(s): M. Kinoshita; Y. Sakamoto
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A real-time color holography system for live scene
Author(s): Kenji Yamamoto; Tomoyuki Mishina; Ryutaro Oi; Takanori Senoh; Makoto Okui
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Robust recognition of partially occluded 3-D objects from computationally reconstructed hologram by using a spatial filtering scheme
Author(s): Seok-Chan Park; Keong-Jin Lee; Sang-Hyun Lee; Seung-Cheol Kim; Eun-Soo Kim
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Improvement of computer-generated disk hologram
Author(s): Takeshi Yamaguchi; Masato Tsumuta; Tomohiko Fujii; Hiroshi Yoshikawa
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Optical cryptography of gray-level image information using QPSK modulation and digital holography
Author(s): Sang Keun Gil; Seok Hee Jeon; Jong Rae Jeong
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Large viewing angle and image size projection type electro-holography using 3-D screen
Author(s): Koki Sato; Kunihiko Takano; Makoto Ohki
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A study of glasses-type color CGH using a color filter considering reduction of blurring
Author(s): Saki Iwami; Yuji Sakamoto
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Thermal stability enhancement of photochromic holograms
Author(s): Yuri Boiko
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Volume hologram recording in diarylethene doped polymer
Author(s): Yuri Boiko
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