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Advances in Slow and Fast Light II
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Volume Number: 7226
Date Published: 4 February 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7226
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Dispersion-free slow light pulse and its functionalities
Author(s): T. Baba; H. Sasaki; J. Adachi; T. Kawasaki; D. Mori
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SBS-based slow light in optical fibers: optimum design considerations for undistorted slow-light signal propagation in steady-state and transient regimes
Author(s): Liyong Ren; Yasuo Tomita
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Enhanced second harmonic generation in coupled semiconductor whispering gallery mode microresonators
Author(s): Yannick Dumeige
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Non-linear interactions in electromagnetically induced transparency and related pump-probe optical phenomena
Author(s): Verne L. Jacobs
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Few photon switching with slow light in hollow fiber
Author(s): M. Bajcsy; S. Hofferberth; V. Balic; T. Peyronel; M. Hafezi; A. S. Zibrov; V. Vuletic; M. D. Lukin
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True-time delay steering of phased array radars using slow light
Author(s): Mark Bashkansky; Zachary Dutton; Armen Gulian; David Walker; Fredrik Fatemi; Michael Steiner
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Potentialities of slow and fast light in optical fibers
Author(s): Luc Thévenaz; Miguel Gonzalez Herraez; Sang-Hoon Chin
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Slow and fast light in optical fibers using acoustooptic coupling between two co-propagating modes
Author(s): Magnus W. Haakestad; Johannes Skaar
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Slow light and EIT under realistic (imperfect) conditions
Author(s): Mason Klein; Yanhong Xiao; Michael Hohensee; David F. Phillips; Ronald L. Walsworth
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Realistic theory of electromagnetically induced transparency and slow light in a hot atomic vapor
Author(s): R. Ghosh; J. Ghosh; F. Goldfarb; J.-L. Le Gouët; F. Bretenaker
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Impact of non-adiabatic fields and dissipation on quantum storage and retrieval
Author(s): Joyee Ghosh; R. Ghosh; Deepak Kumar
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Tailoring and cancelling dispersion of slow or stopped and subwavelength surface-plasmonodielectric-polaritonic light
Author(s): Aristeidis Karalis; J. D. Joannopoulos; Marin Soljačić
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The cyclic power flow mechanism of slow fast and stopped light in plasmonics
Author(s): Meir Orenstein; Gilad Rosenblatt; Eyal Figenbaum
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Ultraslow and stored light in metamaterials: new developments and verifications
Author(s): Kosmas L. Tsakmakidis; Ortwin Hess
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Rabi splitting induced by photon tunneling modes in effective zero-index metamaterials
Author(s): Haitao Jiang; Liwei Zhang; Yaping Yang; Yewen Zhang; Hong Chen; Shiyao Zhu
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Coupled semiconductor laser arrays and their applications
Author(s): Jacob Scheuer; Yuval Yifat
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Light trapping with a few cavities
Author(s): Clayton R. Otey; Michelle L. Povinelli; Shanhui Fan
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Dispersion properties of high-Q passive and active single or coupled resonators
Author(s): Yannick Dumeige; Stéphane Trébaol; Hervé Tavernier; Patrice Féron
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Slow-light vortices in periodic waveguides
Author(s): Andrey A. Sukhorukov; Sangwoo Ha; Anton S. Desyatnikov; Andrei V. Lavrinenko; Yuri S. Kivshar
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Speed of light control via resonant nonlinearity and disorder in a photonic crystal
Author(s): Igor V. Mel'nikov; Anton N. Knigavko
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Coupling and propagation losses in slow light (ng->100) photonic crystal waveguides
Author(s): Thomas F. Krauss
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Slow and fast light effects in semiconductor waveguides for applications in microwave photonics
Author(s): Weiqi Xue; Yaohui Chen; Filip Öhman; Salvador Sales; José Capmany; Kresten Yvind; Jesper Mørk
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Slow and fast light propagation inside an optical cavity containing coherent atoms
Author(s): Haibin Wu; Min Xiao
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