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Advanced Optical Concepts in Quantum Computing, Memory, and Communication II
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Volume Number: 7225
Date Published: 4 February 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7225
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Complete coherent control of a single electron spin in a quantum dot using ultrafast optical pulses
Author(s): David Press; Thaddeus D. Ladd; Bingyang Zhang; Yoshihisa Yamamoto
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Optoelectronic manipulation of single spins in semiconductors
Author(s): Michael E. Flatté; Amrit De; Jian-Ming Tang; Craig E. Pryor
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Nanophotonic devices in single crystal diamond
Author(s): Paul E Barclay; Charles Santori; Kai-Mei Fu; Raymond G. Beausoleil
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Nanoscale magnetic sensing using spin qubits in diamond
Author(s): J. R. Maze; P. Cappellaro; L. Childress; M. V. G. Dutt; J. S. Hodges; S. Hong; L. Jiang; P. L. Stanwix; J. M. Taylor; E. Togan; A. S. Zibrov; P. Hemmer; A. Yacoby; R. L. Walsworth; M. D. Lukin
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Photon blockade in a photonic crystal cavity with a strongly coupled quantum dot
Author(s): Andrei Faraon; Ilya Fushman; Dirk Englund; Jelena Vučković
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Photonic structures for QIP in diamond
Author(s): K.-M. C. Fu; C. Santori; P. E. Barclay; N. Meyer; A. M. Holm; I. Aharonovich; S. Prawer; R. G. Beausoleil
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Single photon nonlinear optics in photonic crystals
Author(s): Dirk Englund; Ilya Fushman; Andrei Faraon; Jelena Vučković
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Photorefractive time-domain differential detection method for high-precision distinction of phase-modulated signals in holographic data storage
Author(s): Masanori Takabayashi; Atsushi Okamoto
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Quantum interference between photons emitted by independent semiconductor single-photon devices
Author(s): Kaoru Sanaka; Alexander Pawlis; Thaddeus D. Ladd; Klaus Lischka; Yoshihisa Yamamoto
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Structures in diamond for optical manipulation of nitrogen-vacancy centers
Author(s): C. Santori; K.-M. C. Fu; P. E. Barclay; R. G. Beausoleil
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Quantum optomechanical correlations induced by radiation pressure between light and mirrors
Author(s): T. Briant; P. Verlot; A. Tavernarakis; P.-F. Cohadon; A. Heidmann
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Quantum Mie scattering and metrology with a Fabry-Pérot interferometer and quantum states of light
Author(s): Christoph F. Wildfeuer; Sean D. Huver; Jonathan P. Dowling
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Prolonging qubit coherence: dynamical decoupling schemes studied in a Penning ion trap
Author(s): Hermann Uys; Michael J. Biercuk; Aaron P. VanDevender; Nobuyasu Shiga; Wayne M. Itano; John J. Bollinger
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Density matrix approach to the Heisenberg-limited interferometry: an example
Author(s): Aravind Chiruvelli; Hwang Lee
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