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Quantum Dots, Particles, and Nanoclusters VI
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Volume Number: 7224
Date Published: 2 March 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7224
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Surface energy effects on the self-assembly of epitaxial quantum dots
Author(s): Lawrence H. Friedman
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Three-dimensional InAs/GaAs quantum-dot islands size and density study using kinetic Monte Carlo simulation
Author(s): M. Sun; E. Pan; P. W. Chung
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Selective MOCVD growth of InGaAs/GaAs and InGaAs/InP quantum dots employing diblock copolymer nanopatterning
Author(s): Luke J. Mawst; Joo Hyung Park; Manish K. Rathi; Thomas F. Kuech; Varun B. Verma; James J. Coleman
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Morphological change in tip based nano-patterned planar InAs
Author(s): K. G. Eyink; L. Grazulis; K. Mahalingam; J. R. Shoaf
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Photoluminescence investigation of InAs quantum dots incorporating DWELL structures on patterned and planar GaAs (100) substrate
Author(s): B. L. Liang; P. S. Wong; B. V. G. Dorogan; J. Tatebayashi; A. R. Albrecht; H. Xiang; Yu. I. Mazur; G. J. Salamo; S. R. J. Brueck; D. L. Huffaker
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InSb quantum dots and quantum rings in a narrow-gap InAsSbP matrix
Author(s): K. D. Moiseev; M. P. Mikhailova; Ya. A. Parkhomenko; E. V. Gushchina; S. S. Kizhaev; E. V. Ivanov; N. A. Bert; Yu. P. Yakovlev
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Growth kinetics of Si and Ge nanowires
Author(s): S. Kodambaka; J. Tersoff; M. C. Reuter; F. M. Ross
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Heterostructures in GaP-based free-standing nanowires on Si substrates
Author(s): Kouta Tateno; Guoqiang Zhang; Hidetoshi Nakano
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Electrical and optical characterization of individual GaSb nanowires
Author(s): Wei Xu; Alan Chin; Laura Ye; Cun-Zheng Ning; Hongbin Yu
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Engineered nanostructures exhibiting enhanced optical nonlinearity
Author(s): M. J. Potasek
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Quantum dot insertions in VCSELs from 840 to 1300 nm: growth, characterization, and device performance
Author(s): N. N. Ledentsov; J. A. Lott; V. A. Shchukin; H. Quast; F. Hopfer; G. Fiol; A. Mutig; P. Moser; T. Germann; A. Strittmatter; L. Y. Karachinsky; S. A. Blokhin; I. I. Novikov; A. M. Nadtochi; N. D. Zakharov; P. Werner; D. Bimberg
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Photonic emitters and circuits based on colloidal quantum dot composites
Author(s): Vinod M. Menon; Saima Husaini; Nikesh Valappil; Matthew Luberto
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Spatial hole burning and optical power in a quantum dot laser
Author(s): Li Jiang; Levon V. Asryan
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The spectral analysis and mode structure of ultrabroad InAs/InAlGaAs quantum dash laser
Author(s): C. L. Tan; Y. H. Ding; C. E. Dimas; H. S. Djie; Y. Wang; V. Hongpinyo; C. Chen; B. S. Ooi
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QD VCSELs with InAs/InGaAs short period superlattice QW injector
Author(s): V. Tokranov; M. Yakimov; S. Oktyabrsky
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A CdSe quantum dot in a ZnSe nanowire as an efficient high-temperature single-photon source
Author(s): Thomas Aichele; Adrien Tribu; Gregory Sallen; Catherine Bougerol; Régis André; Juanita Bocquel; Edith Bellet-Almeric; Fabrice Donatini; Le Si Dang; Jean-Philippe Poizat; Kuntheak Kheng; Serge Tatarenko
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Quantum dot in a well infrared photodetectors for high operating temperature focal plane arrays
Author(s): S. Tsao; T. Yamanaka; S. Abdollahi Pour; I.-K. Park; B. Movaghar; M. Razeghi
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A voltage-tunable multi-spectral 320x256 InAs/GaAs quantum-dot infrared focal plane array (FPA)
Author(s): Jarrod Vaillancourt; Puminun Vasinajindakaw; Xuejun Lu
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Generation of identical photons using an electrically driven single-photon source
Author(s): Raj B. Patel; Anthony J. Bennett; Ken Cooper; Paola Atkinson; Christine A. Nicoll; David A. Ritchie; Andrew J. Shields
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One-pot overgrowth of gold nanorods: a spectroscopic investigation
Author(s): Fulvio Ratto; Paolo Matteini; Francesca Rossi; Roberto Pini
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One-photon spectra of CdSe quantum dots calculated using time-dependent density functional theory
Author(s): Kiet A. Nguyen; Paul N. Day; Rodion Belosludov; Yoshiyuki Kawazoe; Ruth Pachter
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Near-field distribution of localized SP coupling in isolated and collective metal nanoparticle arrays
Author(s): Chen-Han Huang; Hsing-Ying Lin; Chih-Han Chang; Hsiang-Chen Chui
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The phase distribution of near-field optical enhancement in a metal nanoparticle
Author(s): Hsing-Ying Lin; Chih-Han Chang; Chen-Han Huang; Hsiang-Chen Chui
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A passive mode-locked InAs/InP quantum dot laser with pulse duration of less than 300 fs
Author(s): Z. G. Lu; J. R. Liu; P. J. Poole; P. J. Barrios; D. Poitras; S. Raymond; Greg Pakulski
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Fabrication of metallic nanodot structures using focused ion beam (FIB) and electron beam-induced deposition for plasmonic waveguides
Author(s): Anuj Dhawan; Michael Gerhold; Phillip Russell; Tuan Vo-Dinh; Donovan Leonard
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Single-mode light source fabrication based on colloidal quantum dots
Author(s): Jianfeng Xu; Bing Chen; Sarfaraz Baig; Michael R. Wang
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Effect of silver nanoisland-embedded grating for surface plasmon based total internal reflection fluorescence imaging
Author(s): Kyujung Kim; Dong Jun Kim; Donghyun Kim
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Modeling the optical properties of small gold nanoclusters using time-dependent density functional theory
Author(s): Paul N. Day; Kiet A. Nguyen; Ruth Pachter
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