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Photonic and Phononic Crystal Materials and Devices IX
Editor(s): Ali Adibi; Shawn-Yu Lin; Axel Scherer
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Volume Number: 7223
Date Published: 13 February 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7223
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Three-dimensional photonic crystal demultiplexers
Author(s): M. Badieirostami; B. Momeni; A. Adibi
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On-chip spectrometers for visible and infrared sensing applications
Author(s): B. Momeni; E. Shah Hosseini; A. Atabaki; Q. Li; M. Soltani; A. Adibi
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On the power-bandwidth trade-off in bistable photonic switches
Author(s): Ali Naqavi; Hooman Abediasl; Khashayar Mehrany; Sina Khorasani; Meysam Reza Chamanzar; Ali Adibi
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Fabrication of 3D high index photonic crystals by holographic lithography and their fidelity
Author(s): Xuelian Zhu; Yongan Xu; Shu Yang
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Tuning of narrow-bandwidth photonic crystal devices etched in InGaAsP planar waveguides by liquid crystal infiltration
Author(s): Harm H. J. E. Kicken; Ionut Barbu; Sander P. Kersten; Mehmet A. Dündar; Rob W. van der Heijden; Fouad Karouta; Richard Nötzel; Emile van der Drift; Huub W. M. Salemink
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Evanescent Bloch waves in phononic crystals
Author(s): V. Laude; B. Aoubiza; Y. Achaoui; S. Benchabane; A. Khelif
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Band structure and wave guiding in a phononic crystal constituted by a periodic array of dots deposited on a homogeneous plate
Author(s): B. Djafari-Rouhani; Y. Pennec; H. Larabi
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Band gaps and waveguiding of Lamb waves in stubbed phononic plates
Author(s): Tsung-Tsong Wu; Tzung-Chen Wu; Jin-Chen Hsu
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Two-dimensional phononic crystal slab defect mode micromechanical resonators
Author(s): Saeed Mohammadi; Ali A. Eftekhar; Abdelkrim Khelif; William D. Hunt; Ali Adibi
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Optical characteristics of photonic crystals based on the fractional Talbot effect
Author(s): Yi-Chen Chuang; Thomas J. Suleski
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Optimization of complete band gaps for photonic crystal slabs through use of symmetry breaking hole shapes
Author(s): Matthew D. Weed; Hubert P. Seigneur; Winston V. Schoenfeld
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FDTD sources for localized state excitation in photonic crystals and photonic quasi-crystals
Author(s): Scott R. Newman; Robert C. Gauthier
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A new fundamental equation for the band spectra of dielectric layer films
Author(s): Frank Szmulowicz
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Localized plasmonic control of extraordinary light transmission in rectangular coaxial aperture arrays at mid-IR
Author(s): Ahmet Ali Yanik; Xihua Wang; Shyamsunder Erramilli; Hatice Altug
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Revised guided mode expansion on dispersive photonic media
Author(s): Amin Eftekharian; Majid Sodagar; Milad Khoshnegar; Sina Khorasani; Meysam Reza Chamanzar; Ali Adibi
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Design and simulation of nanowire-based high Quality factor nanocavities
Author(s): Yinan Zhang; Marko Loncar
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Controlled coupling of nanoparticles to photonic crystal cavities
Author(s): Michael Barth; Johannes Stingl; Nils Nüsse; Bernd Löchel; Oliver Benson
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Quantum well design and diffraction efficiency of quantum well light emitting diode
Author(s): Milad Khoshnegar; Amin Eftekharian; Majid Sodagar; Sina Khorasani; Ali Adibi
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On-chip photonic crystal-based micro-interferometers with high spectral sensitivity
Author(s): Maysamreza Chamanzar; Babak Momeni; Ali Adibi
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Cherenkov radiation and photonic crystals
Author(s): Robert C. Gauthier
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Ultra-small coherent thermal conductance using multi-layer photonic crystal
Author(s): W. T. Lau; J.-T. Shen; G. Veronis; S. Fan
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Discretely disordered photonic bandgap structures: a more accurate invariant measure calculation
Author(s): Glen J. Kissel
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Backward scattering effect of aligned carbon nanotube arrays
Author(s): Pengfei Wu; Zhifeng Ren; Michael R. Wang
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Midinfrared (lambda = 3.6 um) LEDs and arrays on InGaAsSb with photonic crystals
Author(s): B. A. Matveev; Yu. M. Zadiranov; A. L. Zakgeim; N. V. Zotova; N. D. Il'inskaya; S. A. Karandashev; M. A. Remennyy; N. M. Stus'; A. A. Usikova; O. A. Usov; A. E. Cherniakov
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Two-dimensional photonic crystals with anisotropic unit cells imprinted from PDMS membranes under elastic deformation
Author(s): Xuelian Zhu; Ying Zhang; Dinesh Chandra; Shih-Chieh Cheng; James M. Kikkawa; Shu Yang
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Nanophotonic quantum dot embedded in photonic crystals using a coherent control with a high spectrum resolution
Author(s): Fumiaki Matsuoka; Hiroyuki Nihei; Atsushi Okamoto
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