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Optoelectronic Integrated Circuits XI
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Volume Number: 7219
Date Published: 9 February 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7219
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optical proximity communication
Author(s): Ivan Shubin; John E. Cunningham; Xuezhe Zheng; John Simons; Dazeng Feng; Hong Liang; Cheng-Chih Kung; Mehdi Asghari; Ashok V. Krishnamoorthy
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Chirped waveguide gratings for low-cost silicon photonic wire packaging and other applications
Author(s): C. Li; X. Chen; Z. Sheng; H. K. Tsang
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Optical interconnects for board level applications
Author(s): R. Dangel; R. Beyeler; N. Meier; T. Lamprecht; F. Horst; D. Jubin; J. Weiss; B. J. Offrein
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Polymer multimode waveguide optical and electronic PCB manufacturing
Author(s): David R. Selviah
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Advanced coupled-micro-resonator architectures for dispersion and spectral engineering applications
Author(s): Vien Van
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Polysilane optical waveguide devices using photo-bleaching effect
Author(s): Soichi Kobayashi; Toshihiro Suda; Takumi Ishiguro; Daiki Motoyoshi; Yoshiaki Yamabayashi
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Tunable laser oscillation with optical switches and grating on polysilane optical waveguides
Author(s): Daiki Motoyoshi; Seigi Oki; Toshihiro Suda; Yoshiaki Yamabayashi; Soichi Kobayashi
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Optonanomechanical self-adaptive photonic devices based on light forces: a path to robust high-index-contrast nanophotonic circuits
Author(s): Milos A. Popovic; Peter T. Rakich
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CIGS photovoltaic integrated circuits from solution-deposited precursors
Author(s): Louay Eldada
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High speed OEIC with offset drift compensation for bluray disc system
Author(s): Joo yul Ko; Kwanghyun Baek; Suki Kim
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Ultra-small photonic crystal zero-cell laser cavities
Author(s): Ho-Seok Ee; Hong-Gyu Park
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All-optical switches and bistable devices using high-Q photonic crystal nanocavities
Author(s): Takasumi Tanabe; Akihiko Shinya; Eiichi Kuramochi; Hideaki Taniyama; Masaya Notomi
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Advanced photonic integrated technologies for optical routing and switching
Author(s): Milan L. Masanovic; Emily Burmeister; Matthew M. Dummer; Brian Koch; Steven C. Nicholes; Biljana Jevremovic; Kim Nguyen; Vikrant Lal; John E. Bowers; Larry A. Coldren; Daniel J. Blumenthal
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Monolithically integrated 4x4 SOA switch fabricated using quantum well intermixing
Author(s): Ronald Millett; Karin Hinzer; Trevor Hall; Maxime Poirier; Henry Schriemer
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Optoelectronic integration of silicon photonic wire biosensors
Author(s): A. Densmore; S. Janz; D.-X. Xu; M. Vachon; P. Waldron; J. H. Schmid; J. Lapointe; T. Mischki; G. Lopinski; A. Delâge; P. Cheben; R. Ma
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Improved sensitivity of portable bio-sensor systems using lock-in detection method
Author(s): Ho-Hyun Son; In-Il Jung; Doo Gun Kim; Do-Gyun Kim; Young-Wan Choi
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Flow sensor based on monolithic integration of organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) and CMOS circuits
Author(s): S. Reckziegel; D. Kreye; T. Puegner; U. Vogel; M. Scholles; C. Grillberger; K. Fehse
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Design of compact silicon optical modulator using photonic crystal MZI structure
Author(s): Tae Yong Han; Hyun-Shik Lee; Se-Geun Park; Beom-Hoan O; Seung-Gol Lee; El-Hang Lee
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Characterization and optimization of residual layer thickness during UV imprint process for singlemode waveguide fabrication
Author(s): Shinmo An; Hyun-Shik Lee; Se-Guen Park; Beom-Hoan O; Seung-Gol Lee; El-Hang Lee
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Triple wavelength OEIC with improved optical responsivity
Author(s): Deuk Hee Park; Chae Dong Go; Ha Woong Jeong; Kyoung Soo Kwon; Byung-Sung Kim
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An ultra-low-power ambient light sensor for portable devices
Author(s): Soon-Ik Cho; Yun-Jeong Kim; Jong-Ho Lee; Kwang-Hyun Baek; Suki Kim
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Design and fabrication of mode size adapter using hybrid imprint lithography
Author(s): Se-Hwan Sim; Han-Hyong Kim; Seung-Kook Yang; Hai-Joong Park; Seong-Jong Kim; Beom-Hoan O; Seung-Gol Lee; El-Hang Lee; Se-Geun Park
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