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Energy-based Treatment of Tissue and Assessment V
Editor(s): Thomas P. Ryan
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Volume Number: 7181
Date Published: 12 February 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7181
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Targeted thermal injury: mechanisms of cell and tissue death
Author(s): Sharon Thomsen
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Healing responses following cryothermic and hyperthermic tissue ablation
Author(s): Braden L. Godwin; James E. Coad
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Relationship between Arrhenius models of thermal damage and the CEM 43 thermal dose
Author(s): John A. Pearce
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Numerical model and analysis of an energy-based system using microwaves for vision correction
Author(s): Radha Pertaub; Thomas P. Ryan
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Experimental results of a new system using microwaves for vision correction
Author(s): Thomas P. Ryan; Radha Pertaub; Steven R. Meyers; Russell P. Dresher; Ronald Scharf
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Size reduction and radiation pattern shaping of multi-fed DCC slot antennas used in conformal microwave array hyperthermia applicators
Author(s): Paolo F. Maccarini; Kavitha Arunachalam; Carlos D. Martins; Paul R. Stauffer
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Novel microwave applicators for thermal therapy, ablation, and hemostasis
Author(s): Thomas P. Ryan; Peter Clegg
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Treatment delivery platform for conformal catheter-based ultrasound hyperthermia
Author(s): Titania Juang; Jeffery Wootton; I-Chow Hsu; Chris Diederich
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The effect of initial and dynamic liver conditions on RF ablation size: a study in perfused and non-perfused animal models
Author(s): Anna Belous; Ronald J. Podhajsky
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Progress on thermobrachytherapy surface applicator for superficial tissue disease
Author(s): Kavitha Arunachalam; Oana I Craciunescu; Paolo F. Maccarini; Jaime L. Schlorff; Edward Markowitz; Paul R. Stauffer
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Computerized planning of cryosurgery: from model reconstruction to cryoprobe placement strategies
Author(s): Yoed Rabin
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Patient specific optimization-based treatment planning for catheter-based ultrasound hyperthermia and thermal ablation
Author(s): Punit Prakash; Xin Chen; Jeffery Wootton; Jean Pouliot; I-Chow Hsu; Chris J. Diederich
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Control time reduction using virtual source projection for treating a leg sarcoma with nonlinear perfusion
Author(s): Kung-Shan Cheng; Yu Yuan; Zhen Li; Paul R. Stauffer; William T. Joines; Mark W. Dewhirst; Shiva K. Das
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MRI-guided focused ultrasound (MRgFUS) system for thermal ablation of prostate cancer: pre-clinical evaluation in canines
Author(s): Nathan McDannold; Hadas Ziso; Benny Assif; Arik Hananel; Natalia Vykhodtseva; Peri Gretton; Magdalini Pilatou; Steven Haker; Clare Tempany
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Clinical utility of magnetic resonance thermal imaging (MRTI) for realtime guidance of deep hyperthermia
Author(s): P. R. Stauffer; Oana I. Craciunescu; P. F. Maccarini; Cory Wyatt; K. Arunachalam; O. Arabe; V. Stakhursky; B. Soher; J. R. MacFall; Z. Li; William T. Joines; S. Rangarao; K. S. Cheng; S. K. Das; Carlos D. Martins; Cecil Charles; Mark W. Dewhirst; T. Wong; E. Jones M.D.; Z. Vujaskovic M.D.
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Integrated microwave thermal imaging system with mechanically steerable HIFU therapy device
Author(s): Tian Zhou; Paul M. Meaney; Margaret W. Fanning; Shireen D. Geimer; Keith D. Paulsen
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Comparison of iron oxide nanoparticle and waterbath hyperthermia cytotoxicity
Author(s): J. A. Ogden; J. A. Tate; R. R. Strawbridge; R. Ivkov; P. J. Hoopes
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Toxicity and biodistribution of activated and non-activated intravenous iron oxide nanoparticles
Author(s): J. A. Tate; J. A. Ogden; R. R. Strawbridge; Z. E. Pierce; P. J. Hoopes
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An in vivo transmission electron microscopy study of injected dextran-coated iron-oxide nanoparticle location in murine breast adenocarcinoma tumors versus time
Author(s): Andrew J. Giustini; R. Ivkov; P. J. Hoopes
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Iron oxide nanoparticle hyperthermia and chemotherapy cancer treatment
Author(s): A. A. Petryk; A. J. Giustini; P. Ryan; R. R. Strawbridge; P. J. Hoopes
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Iron oxide nanoparticle hyperthermia and radiation cancer treatment
Author(s): S. M. Cassim; A. J. Giustini; A. A. Petryk; R. A. Strawbridge; P. J. Hoopes
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Assessment of intratumor non-antibody directed iron oxide nanoparticle hyperthermia cancer therapy and antibody directed IONP uptake in murine and human cells
Author(s): P. J. Hoopes; J. A. Tate; J. A. Ogden; R. R. Strawbridge; S. N. Fiering; A. A. Petryk; S. M. Cassim; A. J. Giustini; E. Demidenko; R. Ivkov; S. Barry; P. Chinn; A. Foreman
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Efficacy of photothermal ablation using intravenously delivered NIR-absorbing nanorods in colon cancer
Author(s): Glenn P. Goodrich; J. Donald Payne; Kelly Sharp; LiLi Bao; Kristina L. Sang
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Effects of micro- and macro-vascular perfusion during radiofrequency tumor ablation
Author(s): D. Haemmerich; David J. Schutt
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A novel microthermal probe for the measurement of perfusion
Author(s): Ming Yi; Aditya Kausik; Ronald J. Podhajsky; Roop L. Mahajan
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An intrauterine ultrasound applicator for targeted delivery of thermal therapy in conjunction with HDR brachytherapy to the cervix
Author(s): Jeffery H. Wootton; Titania Juang; Jean Pouliot; I-Chow Joe Hsu; Chris J. Diederich
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