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Optical Tomography and Spectroscopy of Tissue VIII
Editor(s): Bruce J. Tromberg; Arjun G. Yodh; Mamoru Tamura; Eva M. Sevick-Muraca; Robert R. Alfano
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Volume Number: 7174
Date Published: 12 February 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7174
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Fourth order perturbation theory for the diffusion equation: continuous wave results for absorbing defects
Author(s): Angelo Sassaroli; Fabrizio Martelli; Sergio Fantini
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Simplified spherical harmonics approximation of the time-dependent equation of radiative transfer for the forward problem in time-domain diffuse optical tomography
Author(s): Yves Bérubé-Lauzière; Vivian Issa; Jorge Bouza Dominguez
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Forward modeling of axial trans-lumenal diffuse optical imaging with a cylindrical applicator using continuous-wave photon-illumination
Author(s): Anqi Zhang; Daqing Piao; Gang Yao; Charles F. Bunting; Jerzy S. Krasinski; Brian W. Pogue
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Applications of delta-P1 and delta-P3 approximations to optical tomography in small imaging volumes
Author(s): Baohong Yuan
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A parallel reduced-space sequential-quadratic programming algorithm for frequency-domain small animal optical tomography
Author(s): Xuejun Gu; Hyun K. Kim; James Masciotti; Andreas H. Hielscher
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Double layer estimation of flow changes using diffuse correlation spectroscopy
Author(s): Louis Gagnon; Michèle Desjardins; Louis Bherer; Frédéric Lesage
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Non-invasive skin oxygenation imaging using a multi-spectral camera system: effectiveness of various concentration algorithms applied on human skin
Author(s): John H. G. M. Klaessens; Herke Jan Noordmans; Rowland de Roode; Rudolf M. Verdaasdonk
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Spectroscopic technique with wide range of wavelength information improves near-infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): Hideo Eda; Hiromichi Aoki; Shigeru Eura; Kazutoshi Ebe
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Multi-wavelength measurement of cytochrome oxidase and water in biomedical tissues using optical topography system
Author(s): Tsukasa Funane; Hirokazu Atsumori; Hiroki Sato; Masashi Kiguchi; Atsushi Maki
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Relative capacities of time-gated versus CW imaging to localize tissue embedded vessels with increasing depth
Author(s): George Alexandrakis; Nimit L. Patel; Zi-Jing Lin; Edward H. Livingston; Hanli Liu
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Angular domain optical projection tomography in turbid media
Author(s): Fartash Vasefi; Bozena Kaminska; Kevin Jordan; Glenn H. Chapman; Jeffrey J. L. Carson
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Imaging of highly scattering media by spatially modulated pulsed light
Author(s): A. Bassi; C. D'Andrea; G. Valentini; R. Cubeddu; S. Arridge
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Three-dimensional diffuse optical tomography of the whole finger: a step toward full hand imaging
Author(s): Qizhi Zhang; Yiyong Tan; Zhen Yuan; Eric Sobel; Huabei Jiang
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3D optical contrast-recovery in MR guided diffuse optical spectroscopy
Author(s): Colin Carpenter; Subhadra Srinivasan; Brian Pogue; Keith D. Paulsen
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Wavelength optimization of the spectral derivative method improves quantification of chromophore values in NIR reconstruction
Author(s): Jia Wang; Brian W. Pogue; Shudong Jiang; Keith D. Paulsen
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Combined hyperspectral and spectral domain optical coherence tomography microscope for non-invasive hemodynamic imaging
Author(s): Melissa C. Skala; Hansford Hendargo; Andrew Fontanella; Mark W. Dewhirst; Joseph A. Izatt
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Image-guided optical spectroscopy in diagnosis of osteoarthritis by combining spectral and spatial a priori information
Author(s): Zhen Yuan; Qizhi Zhang; Huizhu Jiang; Eric S. Sobel; Huabei Jiang
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Absolute near-infrared oximetry for urology: a quantitative study of the tissue hemoglobin saturation before and after testicular torsion in a rabbit model
Author(s): Bertan Hallacoglu; Richard S. Matulewicz; Harriet J. Paltiel; Horacio Padua; Patricio Gargollo; Glenn Cannon; Ahmad Alomari; Angelo Sassaroli; Sergio Fantini
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Spectral imaging of the human breast for quantitative oximetry
Author(s): Yang Yu; Ning Liu; Angelo Sassaroli; Sergio Fantini
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Development of a dynamic optical tomographic breast imaging system with digital detection techniques
Author(s): Molly L. Flexman; James M. Masciotti; Michael Khalil; Alisha Ling; Rabah Al Abdi; Randall L. Barbour; Andreas H. Hielscher
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Pressure-enhanced near-infrared breast imaging: toward cancer patient imaging
Author(s): Shudong Jiang; Brian W. Pogue; Ashley M. Laughney; Keith D. Paulsen
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An optical tomography method that accounts for a titled chest-wall in breast imaging
Author(s): Yasaman Ardeshirpour; Minming Huang; Quing Zhu
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Optical mammography: improved sensitivity by combined absorption and fluorescence analysis
Author(s): Anaïs Leproux; Marjolein van der Voort; Rik Harbers; Wim Verhaegh; Leon Bakker; Tim Nielsen; Bernhard Brendel; Martin van der Mark
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In vivo studies of 144 breast masses by phase contrast diffuse optical tomography
Author(s): Ruixin Jiang; Xiaoping Liang; Qizhi Zhang; Stephen R. Grobmyer; Laurie L. Fajardo; Huabei Jiang
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Numerical comparison of different penalty modified barrier functions for optical tomography problems
Author(s): Ranadhir Roy
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Implementation of the radiative transfer equation on block-structured grids for modeling fluorescence light propagation in tissue with arbitrary shape
Author(s): Ludguier D. Montejo; Alexander D. Klose; Andreas H. Hielscher
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An information-theoretic treatment of fluorescent molecular tomography
Author(s): Pouyan Mohajerani; Ali Behrooz; Ali Adibi
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A high sensitivity multi-spectral three-dimensional fluorescence optical tomography system for small animal imaging
Author(s): Changqing Li; Gregory S. Mitchell; Joyita Dutta; Sangtae Ahn; Richard M. Leahy; Simon R. Cherry
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Near infrared fluorescence imaging of small animals with simultaneously estimated structural information
Author(s): Nrusingh C. Biswal; John Gamelin; Baohong Yuan; Joseph M. Backer; Quing Zhu
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Sensor optimization for fluorescence optical tomography by experimental design methods
Author(s): Manuel Freiberger; Hermann Scharfetter
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Three-dimensional localization of discrete fluorescent inclusions from multiple tomographic projections in the time-domain
Author(s): Julien Pichette; Éric Lapointe; Yves Bérubé-Lauzière
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Multi-projection based fluorescence optical tomography using a hand-held probe based optical imager
Author(s): Jiajia Ge; Sarah J. Erickson; Anuradha Godavarty
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Near-infrared signals associated with electrical stimulation of peripheral nerves
Author(s): Sergio Fantini; Debbie K. Chen; Jeffrey M. Martin; Angelo Sassaroli; Peter R. Bergethon
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Application of near-infrared spectroscopy for discrimination of mental workloads
Author(s): A. Sassaroli; F. Zheng; M. Coutts; L. H. Hirshfield; A. Girouard; E. T. Solovey; R. J. K. Jacob; Y. Tong; B. deB. Frederick; S. Fantini
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Depth sensitivity analysis of high-density imaging arrays for mapping brain function with diffuse optical tomography
Author(s): Hamid Dehghani; Brian R. White; Benjamin W Zeff; Andrew Tizzard; Joseph P. Culver
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Functional brain tomography using a time-gated ICCD camera
Author(s): Antonio Pifferi; Qing Zhao; Lorenzo Spinelli; Andrea Bassi; Gianluca Valentini; Davide Contini; Rinaldo Cubeddu; Alessandro Torricelli
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Measurement of brain activation difference during different mathematical tasks by near infrared spectroscopy
Author(s): Naoko Okamoto; Yasufumi Kuroda; Britton Chance; Shoko Nioka; Hideo Eda; Takanori Maesako
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Multicolor frequency-domain diffuse optical tomography for detection of breast cancer
Author(s): Anna G. Orlova; Vladislav A. Kamensky; German Yu. Golubiatnikov; Anna V. Maslennikova M.D.; Vladimir I. Plehanov; Natalia M. Shakhova M.D.; Mikhail S. Kleshnin; Ilya V. Turchin
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Time-domain fluorescence molecular tomography based on experimental data
Author(s): Limin Zhang; Jiao Li; Feng Gao; Huiyuan He; Huijuan Zhao
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Fast inverse Monte Carlo simulation for extracting the optical properties of cylindrical tissue
Author(s): Huijuan Zhao; Xiaoqing Zhou; Hao Li; Jierong Ma; Kexin Xu
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Enhancing time-domain optical mammography by relocating optodes
Author(s): Yiwen Ma; Jingyi Wang; Feng Gao; Fang Yang; Huijuan Zhao; Yukari Tanikawa
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A continuous-wave mode elliptic-region-based DOT methodology based on BEM-diffusion modeling
Author(s): Pingqiao Ruan; Yanfang Liu; Feng Gao; Huijuan Zhao; Meng Jin
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Optical tomographic imaging of breast with time-domain detection: methodology and phantom validation
Author(s): Fang Yang; Meng Jin; Feng Gao; Huijuan Zhao; Yukari Tanikawa
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In vivo trans-rectal ultrasound coupled trans-rectal near-infrared optical tomography of canine prostate bearing transmissible venereal tumor
Author(s): Zhen Jiang; G. Reed Holyoak; Kenneth E. Bartels; Jerry W. Ritchey; Guan Xu; Charles F. Bunting; Gennady Slobodov; Jerzy S. Krasinski; Daqing Piao
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Time-resolved polarization-dependent native near infrared spectral wing emission of human cancerous and normal prostate tissues
Author(s): Y. Pu; W. B. Wang; B. B. Das; R. R. Alfano
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Time-resolved fluorescence tomography in cancer research: backward versus toward geometry
Author(s): Laurent Guyon; Lionel Hervé; Jérome Boutet; Mathieu Debourdeau; Nadia Djaker; Anabela da Silva; Philippe Peltié; Jean-Marc Dinten; Philippe Rizo
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Biophysical interpretation and ex-vivo characterization of scattered light from tumor-associated breast stroma
Author(s): Ashley Laughney; Venkat Krishnaswamy; Mary Schwab; Wendy A. Wells; Keith D. Paulsen; Brian W. Pogue
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Visualization of children's mathematics solving process using near infrared spectroscopic approach
Author(s): Yasufumi Kuroda; Naoko Okamoto; Britton Chance; Shoko Nioka; Hideo Eda; Takanori Maesako
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Multidistance probe arrangement to eliminate motion artifacts in fNIRS
Author(s): Toru Yamada; Shinji Umeyama; Keiji Matsuda
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Frequency domain 3D simplified spherical harmonics approximation: development, validation, and implication in bioluminescence imaging
Author(s): M. Chu; A. D. Klose; I. B. Styles; K. Vishwanath; H. Dehghani
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Accuracy of the nonlinear fitting procedure for time-resolved measurements on diffusive phantoms at NIR wavelengths
Author(s): Lorenzo Spinelli; Fabrizio Martelli; Andrea Farina; Antonio Pifferi; Alessandro Torricelli; Rinaldo Cubeddu; Giovanni Zaccanti
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An all-at-once reduced Hessian SQP algorithm for frequency domain optical tomography
Author(s): Hyun Keol Kim; Xuejun Gu; Andreas H. Hielscher
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Optimal modulation frequencies for small-tissue imaging based on the equation of radiative transfer
Author(s): Hyun Keol Kim; Uwe J. Netz; j. Beuthan; Andreas H. Hielscher
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Multispectral and phase-contrast diffuse optical tomography of breast cancer during neoadjuvant chemotherapy: a case study
Author(s): Xiaoping Liang; Qizhi Zhang; Stephen Staal; Stephen Grobmyer; Huabei Jiang
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Three-dimensional diffuse optical imaging of finger joints based on simplified spherical harmonics approximated-radiative transport model
Author(s): Zhen Yuan; Qizhi Zhang; Eric Sobel; Huabei Jiang
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Calibration of redox scanning for tissue samples
Author(s): He N. Xu; Baohua Wu; Shoko Nioka; Britton Chance; Lin Z. Li
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Video-rate near infrared tomography for imaging thick tissue with dynamically varying absorption properties
Author(s): Zhiqiu Li; Venkataramanan Krishnaswamy; Keith D. Paulsen; Brian W. Pogue
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Histologic models for optical tomography and spectroscopy of tissues
Author(s): Rohit Bhargava; Brynmor J. Davis
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Brca1/p53 deficient mouse breast tumor hemodynamics during hyperoxic respiratory challenge monitored by a novel wide-field functional imaging (WiFI) system
Author(s): Austin Moy; Jae G. Kim; Eva Y. H. P. Lee; Bruce Tromberg; Albert Cerussi; Bernard Choi
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