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Optical Fibers and Sensors for Medical Diagnostics and Treatment Applications IX
Editor(s): Israel Gannot
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Volume Number: 7173
Date Published: 20 February 2009

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Front Matter: Volume 7173
Author(s): Proceedings of SPIE
Optical fibers in instrumental UV-analytics
Author(s): Karl-Friedrich Klein; Joachim Mannhardt; Mathias Belz; Cornell Gonschior; Hanns S. Eckhardt
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Guided-mode resonance sensors for rapid medical diagnostic testing applications
Author(s): D. Wawro; Y. Ding; S. Gimlin; S. Zimmerman; C. Kearney; K. Pawlowski; R. Magnusson
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Nanoporous thin film platform for biophotonic sensors
Author(s): Suresh Alla; Rina Solanki; Yvette D. Mattley; Harish Dabhi; Mahmoud R. Shahriari
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Polymer optical fiber tapers for biosensing applications
Author(s): Roberto Gravina; Romeo Bernini
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Simulation and algorithm for photothermal imaging of tissue oxygen saturation
Author(s): Michal Tepper; Moshe Ben-David; Israel Gannot
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All-fiber optic confocal microscope with submicron depth resolution
Author(s): P. Nath; M. Buragohain; S. Sarkar; P. Datta; K. C. Sarma
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Implantable optical biosensor for in vivo molecular imaging
Author(s): Thomas D. O'Sullivan; Elizabeth Munro; Adam de la Zerda; Natesh Parashurama M.D.; Robert Teed; Zachary Walls; Ofer Levi; Sanjiv S. Gambhir; James S. Harris Jr.
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Advanced confocal fiber-optic imaging and sensing approaches
Author(s): Do-Hyun Kim; Jin U. Kang; Ilko K. Ilev
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Inner wall coated hollow core waveguide SERS probe
Author(s): Chao Shi; Chao Lu; Claire Gu; Lei Tian; Rebecca Newhouse; Shaowei Chen; Jin Z. Zhang
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Study of laser-induced damage to large core silica fiber by Nd:YAG and Alexandrite lasers
Author(s): Xiaoguang Sun; Jie Li; Adam Hokansson; Dan Whelan; Michael Clancy
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Fabrication of SiO2/AgI/SiO2/Ag hollow glass fiber for infrared transmission
Author(s): Ke-Rong Sui; Xiao Lin; Xiao-Song Zhu; Yi-Wei Shi; Katsumasa Iwai; Mitsunobu Miyagi
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250 um inner diameter hollow waveguide for Er:YAG laser radiation
Author(s): Michal Němec; Helena Jelínková; Mitsunobu Miyagi; Katsumasa Iwai; Yuji Matsuura
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Two-photon in vivo flow cytometry using a fiber probe
Author(s): Yu-Chung Chang; Jing Yong Ye; Thommey P. Thomas; Zhengyi Cao; Alina Kotlyar; Eric R. Tkaczyk; James R. Baker Jr.; Theodore B. Norris
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Miniature Fresnel-based fiber optic pressure sensors for human disc pressure measurement
Author(s): Wei-Cheng Huang; Nan-Fu Chiu; Chia-Chin Chiang; Ping-Kun Tsai; Jaw-Lin Wang
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Evaluation of the CritiView in pig model of abdominal aortic occlusion and graded hemorrhage
Author(s): A. Mayevsky; S. Preisman; P. E. Willenz; D. Castel; A. Perel; D. Givony; N. Dekel; L. Oren; E. Pewzner
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Optical wire guided lumpectomy: frequency domain measurements
Author(s): A. L. Dayton; V. T. Keränen; S. A. Prahl
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The effect of dielectric absorption on the transmission characteristics of terahertz hollow fibers
Author(s): Xiao-Li Tang; Yi-Wei Shi; Yuji Matsuura; Katsumasa Iwai; Mitsunobu Miyagi
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Hollow corewaveguides for radiation delivery and sensing: Monte Carlo, ray tracing computer simulation
Author(s): I. Steinberg; E. Kaplan; M. Ben-David; I. Gannot
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In-bed fibre optic breathing and movement sensor for non-intrusive monitoring
Author(s): Zhihao Chen; Ju Teng Teo; Xiufeng Yang
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Fabrication of hollow optical fiber with a vitreous film for CO2 laser light delivery
Author(s): Katsumasa Iwai; Mitsunobu Miyagi; Yi-Wei Shi; Xiao-Song Zhu; Yuji Matsuura
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Simultaneous irradiation of Er:YAG and Ho:YAG lasers for efficient ablation of hard tissues
Author(s): Tomonori Watanabe; Katsumasa Iwai; Yuji Matsuura
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Noninvasive subsurface analyzing technique using multiple miniaturized Raman probes
Author(s): Yuko S. Yamamoto; Yuichi Komachi; Hideyuki Shinzawa; Atsushi Maruyama; Bibin B. Andriana; Yuji Matsuura; Yukihiro Ozaki; Hidetoshi Sato
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Wide range force feedback for catheter insertion mechanism for use in minimally invasive mitral valve repair surgery
Author(s): Roozbeh Ahmadi; Saeed Sokhanvar; Muthukumaran Packirisamy; Javad Dargahi
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Mode field perturbations and numerical aperture broadening due to angular misalignment in multimode fiber coupling
Author(s): Andreas Rose; Kyle Johnston; Karl-Friedrich Klein; Brian Catanzaro; Luis De Taboada
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